Dead or Alive 6 : a Season Pass 89,99

The video game industry took a turn with the arrival of microtransactions and the sale of DLCs or Season Passes that began a few years ago Publishers are no longer satisfied with the revenue generated by the sale of titles at launch, but continue to make their games profitable over the months and years by all possible means.

And for KOEI, it will go through a Season Pass dedicated to Dead or Alive 6 rather expensive since the publisher has just announced a price of 89,99€.

A small amount of money for a season pass, especially since the content promises to be very limited, since the original title is not really conducive to the addition of substantial content. For this rate, players will have access to all the CSDs that will be released on the title between March and June 2019 . That’s 62 new costumes and two characters… Nothing really worked out like new levels, a new scenario or anything else that you can find in other games of other styles and for much less money.

Those who don’t want to invest all at once will be able to buy each costume and character separately, but in total, the price should quickly exceed that of the season pass.

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