Dead Cells The Queen and the Sea Weapons and How to Unlock Them

Dead Cells is a 2D platformer roguelike (sort of like Rogue Legacy, but with permanent death) that has been receiving rave reviews for its high production values and fun gameplay. One thing the game does differently from many others in this genre is its weapons system: players can upgrade their gear to make it more powerful and unlock new abilities as they play through different levels.
In order to unlock these new upgrades, Dead Cells asks you to find hidden secrets throughout every level which not only gives an incentive for exploration but also helps keep what could be an otherwise monotonous task fresh. This guide will help beginners get started on finding all the secrets so that they can start unlocking better equipment sooner rather than later!

The “dead cells wiki ” is a website that has information on all the weapons and how to unlock them. It also includes a list of all the enemies in the game.

Cells that have died The Queen of the Seas and How to Unlock Her Weapons

One of the most appealing aspects of Dead Cells, and indeed any roguelite game, is the sheer amount of weaponry available. The weapon kinds in vanilla Dead Cells are roughly 50, yet because to the game’s quality and effects systems, those 50 types branch out into endless permutations. But, even with the metric ton of weaponry present in the game, I wouldn’t say no to some DLC-provided extra weapons. The following is a list of all the new weapons in Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea, as well as how to get access to them.

The Queen and the Sea adds nine new weaponry to the Dead Cells armory, all of which are just as flexible and unpredictable as the originals. To make these weapons available in later runs, you’ll need to collect the blueprints for them and unlock them using Cells; some of these blueprints are discovered in certain places, while the majority are dropped by specific foes.

Cells that have died The Queen of the Seas and How to Unlock Her Weapons

The following are the new weapons in The Queen and the Sea:


  • There is no need for a Blueprint to find this item in the Lore chamber of Stilt Village.
    • In the Prisoner’s Quarters, locate the Fisherman’s Letter, then deliver it to the Fisherman in the Toxic Sewers. He’ll lead you to the Lore chamber in Stilt Village, where you’ll face an Elite Armored Shrimp.
    • Please be aware that locating the Leghugger will instantly install it in one of your slots, displacing anything that is already in that space.
  • Surprisingly adorable for a parasite with just one eye.
  • Summons a friendly Leghugger to attack surrounding ground opponents, inflicting critical strikes to any enemy that are bleeding.
  • When triggered, it inflicts Bleed to opponents in its vicinity.
  • The Leghugger will grow into a bigger and stronger version after attacking 100 times.

Bombard scavenged

  • Pirate Captain foes in Stilt Village drop a blueprint.
  • When you need a lot of devastation but don’t need it right away, this is the weapon to use.
  • Deploys a massive cannonball-firing cannon. The blasts have a low rate of fire and a small range, but they do splash damage and stun for 0.5 seconds.
  • While you’re standing near it, your other strikes will do more damage.

Deck of Death

  • Armored Shrimp foes drop Blueprint in Infested Shipwreck.
  • Weapons made of cards? What exactly are you up to, Gambit?
  • Three times, he throws sharp cards in distinct randomized patterns. 
  • The fourth toss summons all of the cards, causing critical damage to any opponents caught in their way.

Trident of the Abyss

  • No Blueprint needed; found in closed Lore chamber in Infested Shipwreck.
    • Random foes will drop four map pieces that, when assembled, lead to an X-marked spot that holds the Forked Key. The Trident is unlocked in the storage using the Forked Key.
  • Charge first, then ask questions.
  • The first swing is a standard assault, while the second is a rushing strike that may hit up to 20 times. The first five strikes inflict regular damage, while the last five inflict critical damage. You can halt the surge with a third strike that both pauses and causes critical damage.
  • The rush is accelerated by speed boosters, but the damage does not disrupt adversary strikes.

Hand Hook

  • Armored Shrimps drop a blueprint in the Infested Shipwreck.
  • Is it cliché to say, “Arrr?”
  • Attacks with a three-hit combination. The last strike in the combo will pull an opponent behind you, knocking back any adversaries they hit. If the pulled adversary collides with a wall, they will be critically injured.

The Deep’s Maw

  • Mutineers dropped a blueprint in the Infested Shipwreck.
  • It’s a full-fledged shark wielded like a broadsword.’ Enough said.
  • Performs a three-hit combination strike, the third of which hurls the shark for a ranged assault. Any foes attacked by the shark are stuck in place for 4 seconds and afflicted with Bleed.

Yumi, gilded

  • Servant Euterpe dropped a blueprint. It’s worth noting that only the final Servant you kill in a run will drop their weapon Blueprint.
  • Imagine the amount of shoulder strength required to pull this monster back.
  • A bow that shoots a single big arrow that pulls any adversary it strikes away. If the arrow strikes a wall, the opponent will experience critical damage, and if it hits another enemy, both foes’ critical damage will be halved.

Ball of Wreckage

  • Servant Calliope dropped the blueprint.
  • Allow physics to fight your battles for you!
  • Performs a four-hit combination that is exceedingly sluggish yet devastatingly effective. The first swing strikes you straight in the face, the second swing hits you both in front and behind you, the third stroke throws the ball a medium distance in front of you, and the fourth swing recalls the ball, delivering critical damage to any enemies it hits on the way back.

Tonfas with blades

  • Servant Kleio dropped a blueprint.
  • The elbow is said to be the most dangerous area of the human body…
  • Performs a three-hit combination in front of you, with the damage scaling up according on your current speed stat. 

Rapier of the Queen

  • The Queen, the new final foe included in the DLC, drops Blueprint the first time you fight her. During the credits, you’ll find it.
  • It’s so razor-sharp that it cuts through space like butter on a hot knife.
  • Every swing tears a short swath through reality, causing critical follow-up damage to any opponents you hit. 

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Dead Cells is a fast-paced, rogue-like action game. The Queen and the Sea map is one of the many weapons in Dead Cells that can be unlocked. You must play through the game to unlock it. Reference: dead cells queen and the sea map .

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