Dead By Daylight’s best Exhaustion perks, ranked

Players have a lot of options when it comes to picking perks in Dead By Daylight The game is all about running away from the killer and evading death, so these perks are very important for every player’s survival strategy.
The purpose of this blog article is to analyze the best Exhaustion Perks for players who want more out of their experience with the new Survivor perk system.
It will be divided into three parts: Pros, Cons, other thoughts on each perk

“Dead by Daylight’s best Exhaustion perks, ranked” is an article about Dead by Daylight It ranks the best exhaustion perks in the game. Read more in detail here: dead by daylight best perks .

To avoid being knocked down and put on a hook as a Survivor in Dead By Daylight, you will need to employ all of the tools at your disposal. Some of your best perks will provide you a significant boost in exchange for the Exhausted condition, which prevents you from repeating the ability many times until it recharges. Here are the rankings for all eight Exhaustion perks in Dead By Daylight.

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Dead By Daylight’s Best Exhaustion Benefits

Vigil deserves special note (Quentin Smith teachable)

Vigil isn’t technically an Exhaustion perks, but it does help you recover faster from Exhaustion (among other statuses). It also applies to adjacent Survivors, so you should consider donning it to increase your chances of using the perks listed below.

8. Proper Landing (Nea Karlsson teachable)

Dead-By-Daylights-best-Exhaustion-perks-rankedBehaviour Interactive provided this image.

To make any sense of Balanced Landing, you’ll need to utilize it on a map. You’ll need to play on a map with a lot of long drops. You gain a sprint boost and your stagger and grunt are lowered when you land, but there aren’t enough maps for this to be one of the perks we suggest wearing.

7. Go for it (Jane Romero teachable)

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Although Head On is fairly situational, it can be played on any map. To use it, you must first stand in a locker for three seconds while waiting for the Killer to approach. If they are near enough, you run out of the locker and shock them. The issue is that if you’ve been in the locker that long, the Killer is unlikely to notice you, and the perk will not trigger if you’ve been there long enough for crows to expose your position.

6. Burst Sprint (Meg Thomas teachable)

1652129776_223_Dead-By-Daylights-best-Exhaustion-perks-rankedBehaviour Interactive provided this image.

Sprint Burst provides you a significant speed increase as soon as you start running, making it an excellent perk for moving around fast. The issue is that you may mistakenly activate it while attempting to flee, and then you won’t have it when the Killer approaches. While it increases your speed, it also slows you down since you must store it.

Lithium (Feng Min teachable)

1652129777_349_Dead-By-Daylights-best-Exhaustion-perks-rankedBehaviour Interactive provided this image.

After you rush leap over an obstacle, Lithe gives you a big sprint boost for a few seconds. This may be useful for putting distance between you and the Killer, but it might be difficult to know when to utilize it.

4. A rush of adrenaline (Meg Thomas teachable)

1652129778_500_Dead-By-Daylights-best-Exhaustion-perks-rankedBehaviour Interactive provided this image.

If you make it that far, adrenaline is definitely the greatest benefit for pushing you to the finish line. You heal a health condition and run faster for five seconds after the escape gates are powered up. If you play against Freddy Krueger, you will wake up quickly from the Dream World, and this perk will override any other Exhaustion timer you have set.

3. Hit Smash (Yun-Jin Lee teachable)

1652129779_16_Dead-By-Daylights-best-Exhaustion-perks-rankedBehaviour Interactive provided this image.

After you shock the Killer with a pallet, Smash Hit provides you a much-needed speed boost. Not only will they be temporarily halted, but you will have a better opportunity of escaping their sight and hiding.

2. Survive (Jonah Vasquez teachable)

1652129779_881_Dead-By-Daylights-best-Exhaustion-perks-rankedBehaviour Interactive provided this image.

Take a blow from the Killer and maintain your speed increase for a few seconds longer using Overcome. This is a useful advantage on its own, but when combined with other options, it may make escape a pursue much simpler.

1. Dead Serious (David King teachable)

1652129780_942_Dead-By-Daylights-best-Exhaustion-perks-rankedBehaviour Interactive provided this image.

Dead Hard distinguishes out from the other Exhaustion bonuses since you may use it anytime you choose, and any damage you would have received otherwise is negated as you sprint ahead. In a crisis, this may be a lifesaver for fleeing the Killer’s clutches.

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