PHZ 12h05 24/08/2006

I’m at Free with an unbundled ADSL line and because of my distance from the connection node I experience a 57 dB attenuation, but which usually gave me a downlink rate of 1.7 Mb/s. considered normal (in my opinion).
Recently, I’ve been shooting at 450/500 kb/s.
Yesterday I did several consecutive tests (via the Free tester) which showed sometimes 450, 500 and even at the lowest 140, 170, all in the same time slot, while the upload flow was at 700, 800 or even 1,100 (normally, I did not exceed 500).
It seems to me that the downward flow has deteriorated in inverse proportion to the upward flow.

Since virus or Trojan checks have so far been unsuccessful, is there any way to ensure the reliability of the line before incriminating the ISP?

Thank you for your help.

Good morning, sir,

It is nevertheless surprising that the upward flow is higher than the downward flow. Have you tried testing with another tester? I recommend you the one of 60 million consumers, the link is on our ADSL Test page.

Do your tests by unplugging all other devices connected to the telephone jacks and checking for the presence of adsl filters. Another little trick that can disrupt the line: Adsl capacitor

PHZ 12h05 26/08/2006

Thank you for your answer, sometimes the 60millions tester doesn’t work anymore, I sent them a mail for that, no answer.
I use simultaneously the Free tester itself and another one I found here > ,but their values go from simple to double of each other.
With the Free test alone, I run 3 concecutive tests that give me respectively 450, 900, 600 and this from about ten seconds to the other.
I seemed to understand that Free was doing some work to deploy lines that were disrupting the network but I could not get confirmation of this information.
When I ask them if my line is OK from their side, they tell me to do a hard-reboot, remove the capacitors from my FT jacks and stuff like that.

PHZ 14:00 29/08/2006

My email probably had something to do with it then!

In what sense are you saying that? Email does not count in this test.

If you have problems, try to access it with another browser.

PHZ 21h52 29/08/2006

Sent by alphega’ post=’133367′ date=’29/08/2006 at 15:28:
In what sense do you say that? Email does not count for this test.

If you have problems, try to access it with another browser.

In the sense that they would have reacted to my e-mail alerting them to the malfunction.
Anyway, it’s still not working from my place.

PHZ 23:05 31/08/2006

Tonight, I’m going home > 146 kb/s.
I turn, I turn, I decide to check my capacitors, there are none (the house is less than 3 years old).
I decide to do a hard-reboot, result: 1.7 Mb/s.
If anyone has an explanation…
Thank you for your investment in helping me resolve my concern.

Try to see, using your normal pc, if an application does not take all the bandwidth with the TCPView software.

PHZ 12h43 01/09/2006

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Try to see, using your normal PC, if an application does not take all the bandwidth using TCPView software.

I can’t access it: HTTP Error 403.1 – Forbidden: Execute access is denied.
Internet Information Services (IIS)

Sent by :
Internet Information Services (IIS)

I don’t see why this component is installed. Maybe that’s what’s causing your problem. Uncheck it in start / control panel / add or remove programs / add or remove windows components / uncheck Internet Services (IIS) / next…

PHZ 21h03 01/09/2006

Sent by alphega’ post=’135356′ date=’01/09/2006 at 14:16:
I do not see why this component is installed. This may be the source of your problem. Uncheck it in start / control panel / add or remove programs / add or remove windows components / uncheck Internet Services (IIS) / next…

There’s nothing under that name where you told me to look, not even in the details subheading…
I tried to find it with the search function but nay!

two neurons 22h36 01/09/2006


I’m also at free and I’ve already had this problem with the same answer !!!
My flow returned to normal on its own, I just had to be patient twice.
As far as the 60 million consumer throughput test is concerned, I have the same problem as you do, and the same goes for the TCPView download. I have, however, managed to download it by entering its name in the google address bar, there are plenty of sites that offer it to you (problem circumvented.)
As for the option to uncheck Internet Information Services (IIS), it is however unchecked in my case.

PHZ 11h13 02/09/2006

Thanks for your help.
For me no Internet Services on the other hand by browsing the FAQ of the 60 million tester, I saw that I had to load the latest version of Java and since the tester works at home.
Free doesn’t seem very clear to me at the moment and it doesn’t communicate on these subjects although today I’m happily typing 1.7 Mb/s.

two neurons 12h15 02/09/2006


I do have the right version of java, but no test possible, maybe it’s because I’m supposed to have more than 10Mega !!!
Have a nice day.