Dark fantasy turn-based tactical villain RPG ‘Iratus: Lord of the Dead’ is out now.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead from developer Unfrozen and publisher Daedalic Entertainment left Early Access with full support for Linux. Disclosure: GOG.com and the publisher both sent a copy to GOL.

With very elegant graphics inspired by Darkest Dungeon, Slay the Spire and Dungeon Keeper, he offers you a position as a Necromancer. You play on the dark side when you try to escape from prison. You can say the opposite of Darkest Dungeon, even if it’s much more, and it’s sometimes damn hard, but it’s very nice to play and fail.

One of the most important characteristics of Iratus: Lord of the Dead is how you build your team. You don’t have any heroes, and you don’t recruit anyone in the tavern. You’re a necromancer, so you’ll raise the dead. Whatever. You don’t grow anyone or anything in particular, but you are a collector of body parts and you create creatures for your party by combining different parts in different rarities. After all, there are many creatures, including zombies, vampires, skeletons and more. As you move up the career ladder, you can flatten every living being and improve their basic statistics and skills. There’s plenty of room for a fancy party, just the way you want it.

You can also build a Necromancer with artifacts to get extra special skills. Some can only survive one fight, others can only offer you a permanent fan. There are also talent trees that can be developed: Alchemy, Magic, Madness and Destruction to give you extra spells that you can cast directly on your enemies or your own followers.

Functional overview :

  • Handmade followers made from the body parts of your defeated enemies.
  • Advanced combat system: To win, you need to know both the strengths and weaknesses of your troops and your enemies.
  • Iratus can not only kill his enemies with magic or claws, but also steal their spirit!
  • Each follower has six unique skills, for a total of almost 100 skills you can master.
  • Four talent trees that will change your game: Alchemy, magic, Irish and destruction.
  • Elements of Roguelica : Fans who die disappear forever, and the game saves itself automatically, making every decision irreversible.
  • Detailed 2D graphics and dark fantasy atmosphere.
  • Different levels of difficulty for all types of players, from beginners to the most experienced.

The battles alternate, so if you’ve played some kind of board game, you know what to expect. But it’s not exactly a standard approach. If there are the usual suspects of aggression, defense, amateur and debauchery, magic and so on, you also have to deal with the system of reason. You can scare the enemies away and cause them other problems if you lower them and their health.

It’s miraculously different. Since it is a matter of deceit and constant death, don’t cling to these mindless servants, since they have been destroyed, they are gone forever. Being able to create something makes eternal death so different, because you are constantly collecting the details to make more. It still sucks when your sweetheart turns to dust.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead offers an incredibly fascinating combat loop. Build your little army, explore and rehearse. It has been simplified in a certain way and at the same time has enough depth to keep some descents interesting. It’s easy to get in and enjoy, so I’d recommend it. I can imagine playing all weekend.

You can buy Iratus: Lord of the Dead by GOG, Humble Shop and Steam.

Now that it’s out, they’re working on additional content with the Necromancer’s DLC Wrath, which seems to be quite multifunctional and full of new features. No exact date, except this year.

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