Dalgona rice: Your everyday lunch gets a glam makeover – fashion and trends

When you stay indoors, people come up with new and unusual ideas and cooking enthusiasts take the opportunity to create innovative recipes. One of these cuisines, the Dalgonese rice, conquers the hearts of networkers because they express their love for refined dishes, even with the most elementary ingredients.

Attractive Dalgonese rice can become your favourite dish in its forties as you discover the fresh grapes of the popular Indian dish Dal Chawal, which has recently been cooked.

Poet and gourmet Abid Zidi says: I’ve already tried that… with black lentils, rice and a little coriander chutney (after the ice cream is served like this). When this trend started with Dalgona coffee, I remembered my first works.

Good old curry rice is even more tempting!
Photo: Twitter/@gkbattery

Another Twitter user, Siddhartha Bhatter, also tried to give a new face to the good old curry-riz combination and posted a photo online. I was very fascinated by the coffee version of Dalgona, so it clicked and I tried this rice version of Desi Dalgona. It was beautiful and I liked it, he said.

The Dalgona rice recipe is cooked on a firm base of steamed rice, covered with lentils of your choice, vegetables and mint chutney, all of which are poured layer by layer into a glass or pot. Some gourmets have also suggested adding golden fried onions and dolls’ cheese or butter to allow for more variety. And various glass objects are also used for a more aesthetic service.

Aalok Singh, a computer expert from Delhi, comments on this whim: Dalgon rice is nothing special compared to what we have been eating for centuries, but its attractive and fresh appearance makes it a popular dish with the younger generation.

I used a glass of brandy to try the Dalgon Dal-ris combination. Aesthetics combined with excellent taste undoubtedly make it possible to prepare and serve perfectly. I’m sure he’ll stand the test of time, and I prefer to call him the glamorous avatar of our very own Dal Bhat’s fast food, says Singh.

Masonry cans can decorate any
dish (
Photo: Twitter/@rohank01

Rohan Kachalia, who lives in Mumbai, has also published a photo of Dalgon rice in a glass jar. We all like to do unusual things to make our lives happier and less everyday. So why don’t we make a less interesting combination of valley-risk? And so the idea for Dalgon’s rice came about, Kachalia said, adding that it was his wife’s idea to use the can to get better performance.

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