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Numerama is proud to present season 2 of Cyberguerre, its digital cybersecurity e-zine.

As the Lille International Cybersecurity Forum opens to detail the educational, economic, geopolitical and social stakes of computer security, Numerama is proud to write a new chapter in the history of Cyberwar. In 2019, we made a bet: to propose a media vertical with an obsessive editorial line, dealing with IT security in all its forms. Because the references are missing in French on the web, we thought that this place was to be taken.

The idea behind Cyberguerre’s editorial line is simple: to impose Numerama as a media capable of bringing these complex subjects related to digital security issues to the general public. For this vast theme is everyone’s business. From the protection of personal data to cases involving states and billionaires, through the new means of law enforcement the overflowing imagination of hackers and the challenges posed by tomorrow’s infrastructures, the web and information technology have become battlegrounds combining public and private interests.

La une de Cyberguerre

Cyberwar front page

On Cyberwar, Numerama’s mission is, as for all the subjects we cover, to offer, in the same space, expert and rich angles, pushing the reflection with reports, interviews and surveys and practical subjects, allowing to enrich the uses of our readers. All this, without forgetting a coverage of current events through original and strong angles and polished iconographic choices (see the front page of this article).

You can already find this promise in recent or less recent topics published on Cyberwar.

  • Timeline for understanding the Jeff Bezos case: between murder, spyware and stolen text messages
  • 250 million of Microsoft data leaked: what are the consequences?
  • Hacking, child pornography, digital arsenal…: what is the daily life of a cyber-policeman like?
  • Can we hack… satellites?
  • SIM swapping: how do hackers do it, what dangers, what protections?
  • Windows 10 flaw: NSA wants to avoid a “WannaCry” disaster at all costs

New site, new journalist, same model

We took advantage of this season 2 to review the readability of the section. The changes are minor, but bring a real comfort of reading: the background is no longer black (it used to tire the eyes on long articles), the titles are much more readable and the layout has slightly evolved, allowing to include tables for example. For 2020, we plan to associate a SecureDrop with Cyberguerre and to create several enriched articles on strong and new subjects. A Facebook group dedicated to our readership’s questions on IT security and joined by more than 1,600 members completes the editorial offering.

François Manens, a journalist trained at Numerama who has since worked on the economic side of tech for La Tribune, is in charge of maintaining and enriching the editorial line full time. Together we aim to reach one million readers by the end of 2020.

The Business model we were testing in 2019 does not change: Cyberguerre’s advertising space is occupied by a single partner. After Bitdefender in 2019, it is ExpressVPN that will be partnering vertically for 2020. The advertiser thus benefits from a contextual space to promote its services, in particular thanks to advertising banners designed for the site and well integrated into the mock-up.

Since transparency is written into the DNA of Humanoid’s media, a pledge of the trust our readers give us, this article will be pinned in the Cyberwar navigation bar, allowing anyone to retrieve this information. Of course, ExpressVPN has no influence on the editorial line, the choice of topics or the content of the articles (except for any clearly identified sponsored articles). And if we trusted him, it is also because, in the numerous benchmarks carried out by the in-house editorial staff, he is one of the few consumer VPN providers who do not skimp on the means implemented to secure connection data, maintain a quality, up-to-date application and offer numerous and advanced configuration options. In short, qualities that were consistent with our idea of an exclusive advertiser for Cyberwar.

In any case, we hope that you will find on Cyberwar the demanding and original journalism that we try to propose day after day to make Numerama your reference reading to anticipate the future and understand the present.

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