Cursed Town Update January 2022 | Bug Fixes | Download Size | How to Update

While we are trying to make our game more stable for the community, there are some fixes that need to be implemented. This update is mainly focused on fixing bugs and reducing the size of updates so they don’t take up a lot of space in your download folder.

The “phasmophobia update today ” is a bug fix for the game. The update includes changes that have been made to the download size, and how to update the game.

The most recent Cursed Town Update January 2022 is now out, and all of the game’s players are quite thrilled about it. They’re all curious about the improvements they’ll see in the game after installing the most recent update. That is why we have chosen to provide you with its patch notes

Here you will find all information about the new Cursed Town Update January 2022, including its comprehensive patch notes what changes you will see in your game as a result of this new patch, the download file size, and everything else you need to know. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the Patch Notes

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The January 2022 update for Cursed Town is now available.

Cursed Town is a fresh and intriguing action-adventure game that has a large following because to its fantastic gameplay and plot. This new game is set in an ancient abandoned town that has been utilized for a variety of reasons from the Middle Ages to the Classic Era.

This game was created and released by the RPG Adventures Team. On October 18, 2021, it was released. This game is now in Early Access, which means that new features are being introduced on a regular basis, as well as frequent updates to patch issues.

The most recent Cursed Town Update January 2022 is now ready for download, and all of the game’s players are eager to get their hands on it. They are enthusiastic about the game’s new features as well as the concerns that will be addressed. The good news is that the thorough Cursed Town Update January 2022 patch notes are now available, which will assist you in understanding the game’s changes.

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Change the file size

Because this is a minor update, the size of the download file will be small. The precise file size is still unknown. You may find out more about it when you update your game to the current version.

What is the best way to keep Cursed Town up to date?

The procedure for updating Cursed Town to the most recent version is straightforward. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade your game to the most recent version. There is no need to manually update this game if you have enabled automatic game updates on Steam.

If you have Cursed Update’s automatic updates turned off, the most recent version of the game will only be checked and installed when you run it on your PC.

This game’s update preferences may be changed at any time using Steam. We suggest that you activate automatic updates so that it may be automatically updated to the current version.

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Patch Notes for the January 2022 Cursed Town Update

Now is the time to learn about the modifications made to this game as a result of the most recent update. To learn about all of the changes made, read the patch notes in their entirety.

30th of December, 2021 (Second Update)

A new game update has been released that includes problem fixes.

22nd of November, 2021 (First Update)

For the first time, a new game update with bug patches has been released.

The January 2022 Patch Notes for the Cursed Town Update will be updated shortly.


Finally, we hope you have learned all there is to know about the newest Cursed Town Update January 2022, including its complete changelog, the upgrade file size, how to update your game to the current version, and much more. If you have any questions or concerns about this tutorial, please leave them in the comments area. We are here to assist you in resolving any queries or concerns you may have.

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The “upcoming game updates ” is a new update to the upcoming game Cursed Town. The update includes bug fixes, download size, and how to update the app.

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