Crit desperately needs a rework, and GP is just the biggest most recent example.

Critically acclaimed, this game has received glowing reception all around, but after four years of play, I can tell you it’s far from flawless. The game has good ideas, but it’s also plagued by major shortcomings; namely, lack of content, all-too-easy pace, and an unbalanced difficulty curve. There are plenty of other issues too, like boring quests/minigames, poor enemy design, and unsubstantial interactions. Heck, the dark humour is kinda grating. Critically, the game is just plain missing something…

Crit? That’s a game that’s been unceremoniously pulled from the App Store over the last couple of weeks. The game was created by a new startup called Fourattic, and got a fairly good reception on the App Store upon release. But, critters fell from the sky and Crit crashed and burned thanks to a variety of issues, including bugs and unresponsive servers. [totally unconfirmed] Fortunately, there’s a bright side to all of this: all of the work that went into Crit has been put to good use in a number of other Fourattic games that are still in operation!

Crit is a hard game to describe. A tower defense game with a focus on platforming, Crit’s core game loop is to defend your base while also picking up and using powerups that allow you to access new areas. It’s a game that relies on intuitive movement and controls; if you’re not in the right place you’re in the wrong place. However, I’ve found Crit to be way too hard for me, when I’m in the right place, when I’m in the wrong place, when I’m in the right place I’m in the wrong place.

TL;DR: Instead of a chance, make crit like Ashe. This smooths out DPS for poor or extremely excellent RNG and prevents crit from being explosively unexpected.

Ashe is the epitome of how crit should be used in this game. Critical strikes are required because they make auto attacks relevant for ADCs (melee or otherwise) late in the game, allowing them to do significant damage against tanks. However, there are a couple issues with how it currently works:

  • Crit chance isn’t genuine — since League utilizes pseudo-rng, your crit chance increases every time you strike and don’t crit. This has been in the game from the start of the rune system, and it’s why the notorious 1% rune exists. This is the league’s clumsy effort to counteract RNG in long battles. However, it performs well in this regard.

  • For single, burst strikes, the crit chance is unbalanced. Gangplank barrels are an excellent example. With the right build, the barrels may easily deal up to 2,800 damage on a crit. On a crit, most barrels will do between 1200-2000. However, the greatest damage builds for the ability to one-shot opponents explosively aren’t always 100% crit chance builds. They utilize a reduced crit chance but a high ad and lethality, so when it crits, the adc jumps off the charts.

  • On BOTH sides, this is a terrible situation. Because of how strongly he scales with crit, when the GP doesn’t crit, he’s essentially dealing 25% of the regular damage. When the ADC crits, he receives one shot; when he doesn’t, they get 30% instead. It’s difficult to land barrels against skilled adcs, particularly ones with long range, and games are won and lost based on whether or not a barrel crits when it reaches the carry. Similarly, whole lanes may be lost or won if an ADC with just one crit item manages to crit a few times in a row on a trade. An old clip of doublelift winning a 1v1 versus a fed Jhin because he critted several times with his IE exemplifies this.

  • When it comes to damage potential vs. squishies, crit is more troublesome. ADCs, melee or not, need large numbers in order to punch through and inflict significant damage to tanks with their protective gear. Squishies with defensive tools, on the other hand, are extremely vulnerable to the whims of fate when it comes to critical strikes; if they don’t get crit, they take significantly less damage and are less likely to use defensive tools than they would be if the enemy critted and demonstrated their ability to do a lot of damage. The reverse is also true.


Make crit boost the damage your attacks deliver by a scaling percentage, akin to the ability haste, and you could even uncap it if you balance it correctly. This offers teams another option to penalize opponent teamcomps who don’t have a strong front line. It should be adjusted such that you have the same DPS at ‘100% chance’ as you have currently. In a game like League of Legends, RNG is not healthy; instead, it should be about skillfully gaining advantages that you can utilize to win and finish the game before being outscaled.

Crit should function similarly to Ashe’s passive in that it increases the amount of damage you do by a constant percentage rather than randomly dealing no damage and then delivering explosive damage that you have no control over.

With worlds right around the corner, I don’t anticipate this to happen anytime soon. But it’s something I’d want to see in the next preseason.

Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy article; I appreciate it.

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For the game League of Legends, write “Crit badly needs a revamp, and GP is just the largest most recent example.”

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