Crisis on the Infinite Earth: here’s all you need to know.

The fourth installment of Crisis On Infinite Earths, the Tour de Flèche for Mega Crossover CW, has just been released, and it seems that some of the characters who thought they were dead are coming back in advance. A few weeks ago, the first three parts of the franchise were released, and of the 14. In January, after a solemn break, the last two episodes of The Endless Earth Crisis were aired.

As of the third part, seven Multivers sponsors have been selected – including Barry Allen/Flash, Kara Dunvers/Supergirl, Sarah Lance/White Canary, Kate Kane/Batman, John-Johnz/Martianhanten Manhattan, Lex Luthor (who stole his orbit from Superman Earth 96 via the Book of Destiny) and newcomer Ryan Choi (who will take over the atomic mantle in the near future) – stayed on because the last of the heroes survived when Earth 1 was transformed into antimatter swallowed up by a wave. This probably caused the loss of all other characters in the arrow, although the new trailer knows very well what can go wrong now.

The new Crisis on Endless Earth trailer shows paragraphs stuck in a limbo-like vanishing point, as Kara says: They’ll bring back everyone we’ve lost. Then Antimonitor announces that all life stops, because many small war scenes are played. Then we see Oliver, who is certainly still alive, after the death of Green Arrow and his impending rebirth as a ghost, pushing an unknown enemy into a building illuminated by a green light, followed by a flashing shot in the eye – the maximum possible.

From there, Killer Frost and Heat, both considered dead in the destruction of Earth 1, ask Black Light (who wants to avenge the lack of family and peace) if he is ready to resume the battle to buy a cartoon vector. The trailer ends with Barry and Sarah uniting with the last heroes. We see that Earth 1 seems to be recovering, which confirms that its destruction has definitively stopped at the end of the third part.

Fans assumed that the destruction of Earth 1 would not catch on, given its reputation as the planet with the most hypotheses within Strelka (the simplest of the superstars and the Black Lightning will eliminate them). It is not yet known how it will be restored, but the Book of Damnation, which changes reality, may have played a role in the hypothesis that Luthor took a web page to break a wave of antimatter.

However, the use of an e-book can lead to madness, as Dr John Deagan demonstrated when he crossed the Alsatian world at the end of the year, so there will probably be a terrible price to pay to reclaim the land.

In any case, the fans can get solutions, while the fourth and fifth part of the crisis takes place on Tuesday 14 without end on earth. In January, CW struck.crisis on infinite earths 2019,crisis on infinite earths episodes,crisis on infinite earths part 1,crisis on infinite earths cw,crisis on infinite earths schedule,crisis on infinite earths part 4,crisis on infinite earths order,which episode is crisis on infinite earths

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