Between 2015 and 2019, an estimated  32% of all couples began their relationship online, according to research by the Imperial College Business School. That number is set to rise to over 50% come 2025. Online dating is becoming a lot more relevant. If you’re single and ready to mingle, the internet may be the place to do it. 
However, there can be quite a few hoops to jump through when making a dating profile. If you’re relatively  new to the dating game, here are the three basic elements you need to create the perfect online dating.
Steal The Show With A Winning Photo
It may seem obvious, but physical appearance is a key factor for many online daters. In fact,  49% of people looking for love online say that your image is the most important consideration. That is why it is important to  enhance your profile with quality photos and include shots of you enjoying your interests too. Not only will this add personality but also show app users a preview of your life.
A Concise Yet Informative Bio
When writing your profile description, it’s vital that you don’t under share. Apart from pinned photos, your bio description is where you will express your personality. Note that this doesn’t mean mentioning any intimate details, such as your personal address or where you work. Think of it as making a first impression through text. The information included in your bio should encompass all the basics. 
For the introduction, give basic personal info such as age, hobbies, and ethnicity. The meat of the section should express what kind of person you are. Show readers your dominant traits and interests that define you. This can be anything from being a train aficionado or someone who has a passion for skydiving. Adding a few emojis helps too, as it suggests playfulness and comfort with modern socialization.
Link Up Your Social Media
Once you’ve crafted a captivating dating profile, it’s highly likely that anyone interested will want to know more about you. That’s why it’s a great idea to link your social media to your profile. For example, Spotify lets prospective partners get a handle on your music tastes. Meanwhile, Instagram lets them look at how you visually log your experiences. 
For those new to the online dating game, it can be a very intimidating beast. If you get these three basic ingredients down, however, you’ll be reasonably fit to take dating head on. 
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