Covid expert says vaccinated people should be able to see each other

Sylvia Newsom and her daughter Kay Fossett, who haven’t seen each other since December, are delighted with their first visit (Photo: PA)

People who have received the Covid 19 vaccine should be given the chance to be reassessed, the expert said.

Professor Tim Spector said that there is no real science to prevent this and that we need to move into this new area.

The situation in the UK is much better than expected, so attention needs to be paid to people’s mental health and the needs of older people, said Professor Spector, who leads the research on the Covid Symptom Tracker app.

A professor at King’s College London told the Press Association: I think we’re in much better shape than many people claim, and I’m not too worried about what’s happening abroad.

I think we need to start talking about when vaccinated people can start seeing other vaccinated people.

And there’s no real science stopping me from seeing my mother vaccinated in a nursing home or, you know, wherever she lives.

So I think we need to start taking the next step and realise that our plan is working and we are making good progress.

Professor Tim Spector thinks vaccinated people should be able to see each other (Photo: Getty Images)

People line up for Covid 19 vaccine (Photo: Getty Images)

Professor Spector asked if this meant that such meetings would take place before the roadmap was dismantled: If we were guided by science, we would.

But it’s not, it’s politics that guides us, and I can understand the argument for not splitting the country in two.

At the same time, given the mental state of many people and the needs of the elderly, I think it should be looked at the same way.

A woman receives the vaccine Covid 19 (Photo: Getty Images)

He explained that, at best, both people would receive two doses of the vaccine.

Professor Spector said: But the danger after a dose is not something that sends you to the hospital.


You can get a benign disease, maybe in very rare cases, but you know they will always be very rare.

I think ideally you should indeed wait for both vaccines, but I think once you get past a month from the first vaccination, most people will definitely see Covid-free and self-vaccinated people.

His comments come as the next lockout rules are lifted in England on Monday.

Groups of up to six people will be allowed outside again in the coming days, including in private gardens.

Outdoor sports facilities such as tennis courts, basketball courts and outdoor swimming pools will also be allowed, while organised sports, including amateur football leagues, will be reinstated.

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