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For the actresses and sisters Yami and Surili Gautam, the house is always where the other sister is. Of course, film promises mean that they are often shared – Surili works for the film industry in Punjabi and often has to go back to her homeland to make films, promote them, and so on. But the women have lived together in Mumbai since 2016 and have never been divorced for long.

Although Yami and Surili have very different tastes, this rarely leads to large-scale
battles (
Rohan Schresta

But India is the largest economy in the world since the 25th century. March blocked, hoping to prevent the massive spread of the Covida 19 virus. And while Yami-san is in Mumbai, Surili-san, who went to Chandigarh to promote her film Posty, is there now until the country reopens. I kept telling Yami-san to come to Chandigarh so we could all be together, but she kept pushing him away because of meetings and work commitments, and then it got too risky to travel, Surili-san said. When the lockdown was announced, my heart sank. We’re all so worried about her. She’s very strong and independent, but she’s on her own.

Overcoming distance

Of course, the sisters use every possible technology to keep in touch. In fact, Yami made her a chocolate cake for Surily’s birthday and Surily cut it on FaceTime. She always bakes me a cake for my birthday, so why else? Smile, Surily.

I hope the blockade will teach us to save our resources and enjoy things, especially the kitchen appliances! -Yami Gautam

Although Yami-san really wants to be with her family in Chandigar, she focuses on the positive. I try not to think: Oh, I’m all alone. Because it won’t change anything, but it’ll make me feel worse. I’m glad we’re all safe and sound and eating well. Like everyone else, it will pass.

Yami-san’s only companion at home is now his cleaning lady, and the actor does meditation, drawing, yoga, baking and cooking. We’re from the Himachal, and I love Himalayan food. Now I’m learning how to cook delicacies, she says. In Navratri she used the recipe next to ka laddoo surili: She’s still doing Ladoos, and I missed her. So I made them myself, Yami-san says.

Yami-san just started cooking. So when I meet her, I’ll send her straight to the kitchen to fix me something. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the food! – Surily Gautam

She used to cook, but now she’s started cooking too. And it looks so professional, Mr. Surili said. She sends us pictures of what she’s doing, then she calls us and says: Bahut hi swaad bana grove! When I meet her, I’ll send her straight to the kitchen to fix something. At least that’s the proof that eats pudding!

It’s clear they’re fully connected, even though Suriname is an extrovert and Yami-san an introvert. I need a family when I get home from work, Yami-san says. We don’t have a social life in Mumbai We know we’re here to work and we enjoy each other’s company so much that we don’t need anyone else!

She’s still doing Ladoos, and I missed her. So I made it myself – Yami Gautam.

Their ideas about relaxation are different. Yami-san wants me to watch soap operas like Narcos, Crown, Game of Thrones while insisting on watching every Punjabi film! And we both ignore each other’s recommendations, Surili said. When I get angry, she can’t take it at all. Such emotional blackmail works like charm! When we were kids, I asked her to play horse, and she was on all fours and carried me on her back! ”

Yami, who wanted to become an IAS official, got bored growing up; dress, Ona-studio, jacket, sahib and Sunayana
Rohan Shresta
) essay.

Although they have a completely different taste, the sisters don’t really fight, says Surilia. She rarely gets angry, Mrs. Surili said. Even if she did, she’s the one who ends up manipulating me. I’m a man in a relationship! I’ll apologize, even if it’s my fault! And I let them make up for it with presents!

Girls on screen

While Yami has made a name for himself in Bollywood with performances in Wiki Donor (2012), Kaabil (2017), Uri : Surili has chosen for the film industry in Punjabi and is working on her second film. I have nothing against Bollywood. It’s just that I had a good chance. And the industry in Punjabi is now in a very good position, she said. But she wants to play the typical Bollywood heroine. Join me in Barsat 2! I love ’90s movies! I would like to make a romantic movie in a chiffon sari, where my hair blows when I walk in slow motion, and all that with jazz!

It’s her first magazine cover with her sister, and Surilia was a chatterbox between them! Equipment, Zara
Rohan Shrestha

The sisters actually started their careers together. Yami-san and I came to Mumbai together. I got the lead role in the TV series (Meet Mila de Rabba). I was 17 at the time. She’s also worked here and there. But then Yami-san started signing films in the south and Surili-san had to go back to Chandigarh University.

We are a pleasure factor in the lives of others, we are our own detox pills! – Surili Gautam.

Moving from a town like Mumbai to a small town like Chandigar was a big change for me, Yami-san said. The city doesn’t just keep you on the edge, it keeps you away from the people. I don’t think I can survive in this town without Surily. When I started working for regional films, there was no entourage, no director, no one to turn to for help. All I had was Surili on vacation.

We are a pleasure factor in the lives of others, we are our own detox pills! says Suriname. For an introverted person like her, it was difficult to cope alone in a completely new city. I have great respect for what she’s accomplished.

Cracked mirror.

While Surili-san has always wanted to act, Yami-san’s ambition was to act. But Yami-san had the other side of his personality. I looked at people, and then I pretended to be them. You could say I was a stowaway. The dancer in the closet. Stage queen in the closet! Smile Yami.

She locked her room and played scenes in front of the mirror. And I looked through the keyhole of the door! One day I called my mother and showed her what her eldest daughter was doing… But she caught me out of curiosity and since then she stops the keyhole with a crumpled piece of paper!

I try not to think: Oh, I’m all alone. I’m glad we’re all safe and sound and eating well. It’ll pass. -Yami Gautam

How did a shy girl become a Bollywood actress? When I had my first audition, I was 19 years old. And somehow I felt very liberated in front of the camera. I was so focused that everything else disappeared! Yami said.

Yeh kuch bhi karti hai, jee jaan laga deti hai, called Suriname. Once she danced Haryanvi in high school… hai loser, she had a huge bindi and a bright red lipstick, but jee jaan laga diya tha bhi I knew that if she decided to do something, everything would be fine.

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From 19. April 2020


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