Countdown to saying goodbye to the Gallaghers has begun

Shameless fans are preparing to say goodbye to their beloved Showtime family. With only four episodes left of season 11, viewers are dreading the series finale. According to Hollywood News Daily, there are big changes in the Gallagher family. Spoilers for Sunday the 21st. March 2021, and upcoming episodes reveal a climactic conclusion for viewers.

All shameless fans agree that we’ve seen more than enough dysfunctional family moments crushed over the past 11 seasons. But season 11 is different for fans. Viewers have watched year after year as Frank Gallagher’s dysfunctional parenting methods have killed his six children.

Despite his alcoholism and drug addiction, Frank has survived a liver transplant, numerous accidents and several assassination attempts. But in season 11, Frank is plagued by something he can’t control: alcoholic dementia. His health is now deteriorating rapidly. This time, Frank’s confused state seems to affect his children even more.

Shameless finds Gallagher kids showing more feelings for Frank.

The family is very patient and tolerant of their sick father. After the doctor says Frank’s condition will worsen, his children seem to be more understanding. Among the family changes, Lip takes over the house and puts it up for sale. It was a big fight between the siblings, mainly because Deb wanted to keep the parental home.

Debbie fears that selling the house will tear the family apart. Lip has already moved in with Tami and Freddie, Ian and Mickey, and Carl is still planning to live alone. Liam is afraid of becoming homeless. But Lip reversed his decision and told Liam he would stay with him after the house was sold. Oddly enough, no one mentioned Fiona’s phone call about selling the house.

Is the house not in his name?

Mickey shows great emotion after the death of his abusive father Terry. Although Ian was very supportive, he found it difficult to understand why Mickey was so upset.

Frank’s health is deteriorating rapidly

In next week’s episode, viewers wonder if Frank will take a wrong turn and meet his creator.

Gallagher’s death is also expected, but not the most obvious.

Possible spoiler rumors include the possibility of Carl being shot in the line of duty. Chances are Lip’s involved in a dangerous relationship with the mafia. I mean, Fiona. It is barely mentioned, and deaths have been linked to COVID. Is there any chance that Fi contracted the virus and the family was notified of her death?

What happened to Fiona?

The death of the Gallagher family is not certain. Showtime does a good job of teasing the audience. The family can resolve it and move on with their separate life plans. Maybe they should decide that Frank needs 24-hour care and put him in a home. Showtime could also give viewers a big surprise finale for Shameless that leaves open a possible reunion.

The next three episodes will be a blatant conclusion to the series. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

The countdown to season 11 has officially begun. Only four more episodes before we have to say goodbye to our favorite dysfunctional family. Are you ready to say goodbye to the Gallagher family?

Shameless Season 11 Showtime Sunday at 9:00 PM


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