Corsair Expects Graphics Cards to Return to Normal Prices Soon, Maybe Even Below MSRP

The graphics card market has been hit with a lot of problems lately, and these have only increased in the past few weeks Prices are still expected to fall further as we head into October, but everyone is hopeful that prices will soon return back to normal for consumers.

The “will gpu prices drop in 2023 ” is a question that has been asked for a while now. Corsair thinks that the price of graphics cards will return to normal soon, maybe even below MSRP.

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Corsair has announced its financial statistics for the first quarter of 2022, along with optimistic statements from the company’s leadership, who feel that the outrageous graphics card shortages and markups that have afflicted enthusiasts for the last several years are finally coming to an end. Andy Paul, the CEO of Corsair, for example, believes that graphics card prices will soon return to normal, even suggesting that they may fall below MSRP—a plausible theory given how quickly the next generation of GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD approaches, and how some manufacturers and retailers may be looking for ways to clear out existing stock. Corsair has anticipated a significant growth in self-built gaming PC activity commencing in the second half of 2022, based on the favorable prognosis.

“While we experienced challenges in Q1 with inflation, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis and high freight costs, we continue to observe solid underlying growth patterns in the gaming hardware industry,” said Andy Paul, Corsair’s Chief Executive Officer Even with this premium, gaming PC build activity was slightly higher than pre-pandemic and pre-GPU shortage levels during Q1. GPU cards, the most expensive item in a gaming PC, were still at a high premium, roughly 150 percent of MSRP, and even with this premium, we saw gaming PC build activity slightly higher than pre-pandemic and pre-GPU shortage levels. When compared to Q1 2020, the final quarter before the pandemic, our components segment expanded by 6% in Q1 2022. The rise in activity we witnessed during the shelter in place period does not seem to have resulted in a pullback in construction, but rather an influx of new players who are creating for the first time.”

“We anticipate GPU cards returning to MSRP in the near future, maybe at a price below MSRP.” We anticipate a boom in self-built gaming PC activity in 2H22 and 2023 as GPU and CPU products become more widely accessible and affordably priced. Peripherals are seeing a similar upward trend. While the market looks to be down 15 percent to 25% from its peak last year, it is still much higher than pre-pandemic levels. We increased by 77% from Q1 2020 to Q1 2022, and as we said in our Investor Day presentations, we believe the peripheral market will continue to expand at a rate of 20% to 25% annually. We also expect that we will continue to gain market share with our growing iCUE control software and creative new product pipeline. Our newest market share statistics from the United States and Europe for Q1 reveals that we are #1 in every major category of component that we sell that is used to create gaming PCs, and that we are far ahead of our closest rivals.”

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The “graphics card shortage update ” is a recent report from Corsair that reports the company expects graphics cards to return to normal prices soon. They are even expecting prices below MSRP.

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