You will find below the best offers of the moment for ADSL or Fibre Internet access from the four main French Internet operators and their low-cost subsidiaries.

Let’s start with Bouygues Telecomwhich offers 3 deals with the Bbox Fit, Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym with reduced rates the first year ranging from €14.99 to €24.99 per month, whether in ADSL or Fibre technology. Please note that for every subscription to one of these boxes you’ll currently get6-month subscription to Spotify Premium(€9.99 per month thereafter)!

Bouyguesoffers a special promotion with theBbox Fitfibre subscription at just €14.99 per month for 12 months, then €26.99 per month thereafter with a one-year commitment and the rental of the box included. You’ll enjoy speeds of up to 200 Mbps downlink and 100 Mbps uplink, as well as unlimited calls to landlines in metropolitan France, overseas departments and more than 110 international destinations.


Same thing on fiber packages with theBbox Must (500 Mb/s / 300 Mb/s) offer at only €19.99 per month for 12 months then €34.99, or the Bbox Ultym (1 Gb/s / 500Mb/s) offer at €24.99 per month for 12 months then €41.99 which includes Canal+ Series or another bonus of your choice. 

Please note that Bouygues will pay up to €100 in termination fees from your previous operator for any one-year commitment.

Sosh also offers on its internet package the Sosh box proposed at19,99 € per month the first year instead of 29,99 € for the Sosh Fibre box, that is to say 10 € of reduction per month and this without commitment. This rate is also applicable with the ADSL offer. Please note that this offer is only valid for new Orange and Sosh customers.

The Sosh Fibre box offers very high speed access to fibre on the Orange network up to 300 Mbps for downloading and 300 Mbps for sending with the free fibre connection (a technician will come to your home) and a Livebox 4.

As far as telephony is concerned, you have unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France, French overseas departments and more than 100 international destinations. However, if you want unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland France and French overseas departments, you will have to subscribe to an option at the price of €5 per additional month.

And if you want a TV decoder with 160 channels, it will cost you another €5 per month.


Finally, Sosh offers to refund up to €100 in cancellation costs if you are still with another supplier. 

Orangeoffers Livebox Fibre and Up Fibresubscriptions at reduced prices of €22.99 and €30.99 respectively instead of €41.99 and €49.99. 

The Livebox Fibre bundle offers a fibre connection up to 400Mbit/s (download and upload), Livebox Play, Orange TV up to 160 channels and unlimited calls from landlines to landlines.

The Livebox Fibre Up package is similar but offers a download speed of up to 2 Gbps shared (1 Gbps per device) and 600 Mbps upload, the new Livebox 5 as well as the possibility on request to access a 2nd TV set-top box, or Wifi repeaters to extend your coverage throughout the house. In both cases a 12-month commitment is required.


Free also offers various packages ranging from €9.99 for the Crystal Freebox (for 12 months then €24.99), to €14.99 for the Freebox Mini 4K (for 12 months then €34.99), to €19.99 for the Revolution (for 12 months then €44.99), to €49.99 for the Delta Freebox.

Finally, let’s end with, the offer which, on paper, is clearly the most interesting and the most complete currently in France, namely RED (SFR) which offers a very strong promotion on its Fibre or THD RED Box Internet subscription valid until February 3, 2019 and proposes without commitment at 23 euros per monthand without price increase after 6 or 12 months as generally offered by the competition. Attention, this week you will get 1 month free subscription!

You will have unlimited internet access with up to 1 Gbps for downloading and up to 400 Mbps for sending as the Debit Plus option is here offered (normally charged €5 per month). This offer also includes unlimited calls to landlines in France and more than 100 destinations (number presentation, voicemail,…), but also unlimited calls to mobiles in France (option normally charged €5 per month but here offered).

All this for only 23 € per month and with no price change after one year!


Finally, let’s end by specifying that, if you are not eligible for the Fibre or THD offer, you can take advantage of this same offer via ADSL technology at a reduced rate of €16 per month with the first month’s subscription also free.

SFRoffers the SFR Fibrepackage (displayed at -50% but the price is regularly the same, so don’t take it into account) which includes the rental of the box plus the 4K decoder, access to 160 TV channels, internet up to 400 Mbps in download and upload, unlimited calls to landlines in France, and 10 GB cloud storage. The price is19 euros per month for 12 months with a 12 month commitment, the price then comes down to 38 € per month.

You can also take advantage of the SFR Fibre Power to offer 29 € per month for 12 months and then 45 € per month, should satisfy you with the same services as before with a few variants with 200 TV channels (instead of 160), a 100 GB cloud storage (instead of 10 GB), unlimited calls to landlines but also mobiles and last but not least a 1 Gbit/s download speed (instead of 400 Mbit/s).

Also note the presence at SFR of a offer dedicated box 4G+ at 35 € per month without commitment for those who do not have access to ADSL or Fibre and who want to surf with speeds up to 220 Mb/s for downloads and 50 Mb/s for uploads.

Finally, SFR offers a DUO promotion with a fiber offer associated with a mobile package offer (those described above).

You will be able to buy even cheaper the following offers:

  • SFR Fibre (400 Mb/s upload and download) + 2 hours 100 Mb at 19 €/month for 12 months (instead of 43 €/month afterwards)
  • SFR Fibre (400 Mb/s upload and download) + 60 GB flat rate at €29/month for 12 months (instead of €63 per month thereafter)
  • SFR Fibre Power (1Gb/s and 400 Mb/s) + 60 GB flat rate at €39/month for 12 months (instead of €70/month afterwards)

In conclusion, without any possible hesitation, we can only advise you, if you are elligible, the Fibre de RED offer which clearly wins this week the prize for the best internet package, with a rate of 23 € per month without commitment and without increase after 1 year for a 1 Gbps & 400 Mb/s Fibre access, the first month of subscription offered and unlimited calls to fixed and mobile phones. When all the options are available, as is the case this week, this subscription clearly has no competition. Not to be missed!

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