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“Destiny 2 has a lot of community focus and it’s really cool to see some people doing what they think is right.”

The “destiny video game ” is a popular online multiplayer first-person shooter video game The game was released in September of 2014 and has proven to be one of the most popular games ever made.

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Good day, Guardians! How’s it going so far this week? Have you tried out Grandmaster Nightfall which was just released? I’m still working up the guts to undertake one of them, but in the meanwhile, I’ve just completed my first raid of the week. Let me tell you something: my experience would not have been the same if it hadn’t been for the resource we’re discussing in this Community Focus, a resource we believe you’ll find just as beneficial.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to MitchySlaps, the designer of a fantastic Stream Deck input tool for people who may be unable to speak in the heat of combat, as well as those who, like myself, have difficulties memorizing symbols. Mitch work lets you to utilize this programmable keypad for callouts in a Destiny raid if you regularly use it for shortcuts in your streaming applications. That’s it. It’s as easy as that.

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Mitch, how are you? Thank you for taking the time to speak with us; how are you doing? Would you mind briefly introducing yourself, telling us about your gaming habits, and commenting on what you like best about Destiny?

Hello, Bruno. First and foremost, I’d want to express my gratitude to you, Hippy, and the rest of the team for considering me for this position. My name is Mitch, and I’d want to introduce myself (Mitchy or MitchySlaps also works). I’m a spouse, a parent to a gorgeous Little Light who just turned one, and a stepfather to a brilliant young man who sometimes makes me feel silly with his intelligence. I’m also a certified dementia care specialist and a registered physical therapist assistant with a concentration on the senior population. I like putting on my skates, putting on my helmet, and slapping some hockey pucks about. I’m also a cat-dad to… well, too many cats — including a foster cat to whom I’m becoming very devoted.

In terms of gaming habits, I’ve largely been grinding Pinnacle drops and raiding recently (on that search for those Deepsight raid weapons). When I’m not gaming, I’m gazing at my Stream Deck, trying to figure out how to make it better. What’s nice about Destiny in terms of time management is that you can organize a party, play for a few hours by yourself, or simply get on for 15 to 20 minutes and earn a strike or two. There seems to be more to accomplish today than ever before, and the power ascent is accelerating.

I could say that having the Warlock Devour build with the Void 3.0 class change is my favorite thing about Destiny, or I could say something like, “All the people I’ve met over the past five years playing this game.” Yes, it’s corny, but it’s also true for a large number of Guardians. One of the first games I looked for communities to join in order to find others to play with was Destiny. I’ve met a lot of amazing Guardians out there, and I wouldn’t be as committed in gaming as I am now if it weren’t for those clubs and communities.

Let’s chat about your job for a moment. When I told my buddies how I was able to submit raid callouts in chat so quickly, they didn’t believe me. How did you come up with the concept for such a useful small raiding tool?

It began as a means of keeping my raid party alive while putting in callouts. During day two of Contest Mode, we were sitting in the first encounter, puzzling things out, when we decided to start inputting the callouts (also, thank you for actually giving names to the glyphs). However, inputting the callouts caused me to die needlessly, so I dusted up the old Stream Deck and decided to input the callouts using a multi-action macro. It’s a really straightforward procedure, and I’m not the most tech-savvy guy in the world; honestly, anybody could have done it. That is something I say to inspire those who are sitting on projects they don’t believe are worthwhile.

Are you tired of attempting to recall callouts in a game? VowoftheDisciple?src=hash&ref bad-src=twsrc%5Etfw - Community Focus - MitchySlaps

#VowoftheDisciple? Are you passing out while you type the callouts? That is no longer the case! I created a helpful hot key for stream deck that allows you to input a key into fireteam chat with a single press. #Destiny2 #Destiny2WitchQueen #Destiny2WitchQueen

March 8, 2022 — Mitchy Slaps (@MitchySlaps), Destiny 2 Stream Deck Guy

Is there a method to change the wording in your work or adapt it to other languages? Because I know a lot of Spaniards mistake the “Betis” glyph for the “Commune” glyph, which is the name of a local football club. Because of a nearby monument, Brazilians name the “Ascendant Plane” one “Brasilia.” I like the diversity of callouts we have.

a hundred percent There is a method to personalize it. You may change the title that will appear on the button. I chose to utilize thumbnails of the glyphs that already had the English name on the photo since it was easier to read and I didn’t have to fill in a title for each button I created. If you want to add a title in a different language, I recommend putting the title heading at the top of each button so it doesn’t overflow the English at the bottom of the thumbnail.

There are other options for modifying the output. Simply open the Stream Deck program, select a button, and all of the hotkeys will appear. As an example, we may utilize Fireteam Chat input. There are three hotkeys:

  1. Enter. This activates the fireteam conversation.
  2. This will be the text that appears in the fireteam conversation.
  3. Enter once again. This gives your fireteam the text from step two.

You may enter anything you want into the middle hotkey to be input into fireteam chat, thus it’s entirely configurable and can be used for a variety of purposes in the game.

I notice that your tool has evolved significantly, and you now include callouts for a variety of additional Destiny actions. Could you tell me more about it and how it may be used outside of the raid?

I’d want to express my gratitude to the Destiny community, as well as the gaming community in general, for their unwavering support. I was ecstatic to read so many favorable reviews, but I also got some fantastic criticism, such as “This is fantastic, but what about console players?” The other three input methods arose as a result of this.

On GitHub, I discovered a plugin for Stream Deck that enables you to contact a Discord channel directly through webhooks, which delivers magnified photographs to that channel. To utilize them, you must first provide rights, however these unique callbacks are really useful and enable you to effortlessly transfer requests from one app to another. If you want to view bigger photos of the callouts as they’re put into Discord, this technique is ideal. It’s also wonderful since you can play it on the same computer as Destiny without it interfering with the game. The Readme file on my GitHub has all of the instructions for setting this up. People have told me that they put their phone in front of their TV to view the Discord callouts.

Discord may also be used with the other two ways (as long as the Stream Deck is plugged into the computer running Discord). Connect your Stream Deck to the Discord-enabled PC. Simply go into the Discord channel where you want to communicate with your team and start clicking buttons on the Stream Deck. Stream Deck inputs its command, and it’s instantly transmitted to that channel via the macro, whether it’s an image or text. Because you have to tab out to get into Discord, I don’t advocate utilizing these techniques on the same computer you’re playing on.

Outside of the raid, I opted to include Gambit, and I’d want to add Trials and PvP maps in the future. I’d want to hear from you about which callouts you’d like to see included. It’s a very basic layout for Gambit since I couldn’t think of too many callouts except where the invader is (although I did include a time-to-bank input for all those Guardians collecting 15 Motes when there are already 97 in the bank). Wink, wink, wink, wink, wink, wink, win (Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, Drifter is ravenous!)

UPDATE 3/23/2022!

There are four different ways to submit data in this update, including:

— Mitchy Slaps (@MitchySlaps), Destiny 2 Stream Deck Guy 1506814052416294920?ref bad-src=twsrc%5Etfw - Community Focus - MitchySlaps

24th of March, 2022

Do you have any suggestions for folks who want to create their own accessibility tools or share them with the community?

Accessibility may take many different forms. And it can assist a large number of individuals, even if you aren’t sure who it will aid at first. If you have a tool idea, go ahead and create it anyhow; you may be surprised. Personally, I use the tool to raid since my mind has a hard time concentrating on everything that is going on at once, and anxiousness may seep in. “It’s not about the concept, it’s about execution,” my raid companion CyborgSasquatch commented. You also have a fantastic beard.” At the end, I may have exaggerated a little. But it calmed my nerves since I didn’t think I deserved all of this attention for something so insignificant, but I had completed the task. I’m also going to presume that I’m not the first or last person to utilize the Stream Deck for accessibility considerations. Play around with the tools you have at your disposal. I’m sure there are individuals reading this who have already created something, whether it’s macros, maps, or anything else that helps you with your gaming experience. Please share it. By doing so, you can only benefit others.

I didn’t realize how accessible this project was until I began reading the responses. The fact that individuals said they were able to engage in mechanics rather just being the ad- clear because of the feedback tool made me feel that the project had actual worth. Some Guardians have been losing out on Destiny adventures, and I’m glad to be able to help them participate and grow in a game I like.

One of my aims as a therapist is to make the world more accessible to my patients, and one of the most effective ways to do so is via adaptable equipment (walkers, canes, wheelchairs, etc.). The Stream Deck might be considered adaptive equipment for players, making the world of Destiny more accessible.

In terms of software, this application was created using just Elgato’s Stream Deck software, which is available for free download. A Stream Deck is required (or the app on your phone to use the software). I’ve never attended any programming courses and don’t know how to code. My friend Clarksy, on the other hand, has successfully created a workaround to add webhooks to the Deck’s profile. There are still several stages to complete, and I’m now working on making the guide more user-friendly.

Last February, Liana/Hippy performed a Community Focus with Steve Taylor, the Blind Gamer, for those of you interested in gaming accessibility. I guarantee it’ll be well worth your time.

When we initially chatted, one of the things I observed was that you are a proud Warlock main. How have your builds changed after the release of Void 3.0? I’m having a lot of fun with Contraverse Hold and my ‘buddy in robes.’

Nezarec’s Sin, 2x Elemental Ordinance mod, 2x melee Wellmaker mod, 1x Bountiful Wells mod, Volatile rounds mod, and a Funnelweb mod are all included in the Void 3.0 subclass (still chasing that god roll). To be honest, I don’t believe I’ve ever taken this construct off. You’ll virtually always have your powers at your disposal as you cycle from grenade, melee, and a Void companion rift. You can get two Void pals out at once if you’re fast enough. That’s hilarious. I also want to run a similar loadout on Titan with the Cuirass chest piece, but because to time restrictions, I’m only raiding with my other two classes right now.

We are incredibly proud of our Old Gods’ Child! Now, let’s look forward to the future: What changes do you anticipate for your class as a result of the upcoming Solar and Arc updates?

Solar, as a person who gravitates toward healing classes, seems to be the ideal occasion to do so. With Devour, Void 3.0 focuses heavily on self-healing. I’d want to be able to create a loadout that prioritizes shielding, healing, and boosting others. Yes, Titans can overshield their comrades and Hunters can render others invisible, but a genuine team healing loadout would be fantastic. Maybe any loadouts that work well with Lumina? Or, similar to Divine Protection for your grenades, an attunement/fragment that allows you to throw/shoot your Rift to other areas. Who knows, I’m a simple guy who will most likely be content with anything they come up with in the studio. Check out Void 3.0. What more could you possibly want?

In terms of Arc. I want to move quickly. I want power to be available everywhere. The Storm grenade is, in my view, one of the greatest animations. Allow me to take on the role of Thor. From above, there was lightning. Electricity pools may be found below. Allow lightning to flow around me, stunning everything in my path while also fueling my skills.

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We all have a desire… a want for speed! But for the time being, let’s take things slow and steady. You undoubtedly know a lot about it as a physical therapist assistant. Many of our Guardians, I’m sure, would appreciate hearing about some exercises and stretches to undertake after a long raid or Trials session. Could you give me some free advice?

It reminds me to straighten up a bit every time I chat to someone about posture. Make sure you’re hydrated, taking breaks, and taking a break every now and again. Pay attention to your body. Get outdoors and “touch some grass,” as the youngsters nowadays say. Maintain 90 degrees at your ankles, knees, hips, and elbows during your setup. If you’re using a mouse and keyboard, keep your wrists neutral. A gel wrist rest is something I like to utilize. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a difficult condition to recover from. If you intend on working for lengthy periods of time, I also suggest using a standing desk (however you should ignore the 90/90 rule for hips and knees if you’re standing). You’ll simply look ridiculous bending over for no apparent reason). I just purchased a converter for my present desk, which allows me to sit or stand, and it has been a game changer. It’s energizing to stand up and play. I would suggest listening to your body when it comes to stretching and exercising. Go from there by looking up a few stretches for each muscle group. On YouTube, there are some very simple yoga lessons for beginners. Staying flexible and maintaining appropriate posture might help you avoid some of the usual problems that come with lengthy gaming sessions.

Okay, after reading all of your comments, I believe I have a lot of work ahead of me. Is there anything more you’d want to say before we say our goodbyes and I adjust my whole setup?

I’d want to express my gratitude to a few individuals. @Danfinity, first and foremost. Dan is a fantastic guy. You’re all aware of it. That is something we are all aware of. Dan is well aware of this. Because of Dan, my effort began to acquire traction, and I’ll be eternally thankful because it has allowed me to assist others. Thank you to the Bungie employees who have indicated that they use this tool or that this initiative is beneficial. It’s incredible to imagine that this device is being used at the studio. Stay wonderful, those who are striving to make gaming accessible to everyone. Thank you to all the Guardians I’ve met as a result of the Potato Thumbs Podcast, Guardian Down Cast, and Guardian Hub. (Also, listen to those podcasts; they’re all great.) And thank you to everyone who promotes Destiny and creates wonderful communities in which to communicate, as well as providing many individuals with safe places to call home and feel accepted. I’m sure there are many more wonderful communities out there, but these are the ones I’ve personally experienced.

Streamers, podcasters, artists, and musicians, to name a few. You create Destiny a one-of-a-kind adventure. Guardians, go out there and make something.

Thank you one again, Bruno. You made it through your first Community Focus, congratulations!

That’s right, I did! Phew, I was a little scared, but thankfully that’s not visible in words. Anyway, thank you for your time and effort, Mitch. It’s always nice to get some excellent counsel from a Warlock. Please check out MitchySlaps’ work and follow him on Twitter.

This is another another example of the fantastic Destiny community. It is, without a question, the greatest in the gaming industry. You continue to create tools that benefit people in a variety of ways, which astounded us at Bungie. Thank you very much.

For future Community Focus pieces, we’ll continue to search for folks that contribute to a better Destiny. Are there any tools, plugins, or extensions that you think we should know about and feature? Please let us know as soon as possible! Meanwhile, why not read about the amazing artist Omni Props in last week’s Community Focus?

“Hasta luego!” exclaims the narrator.


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