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Commentary: Saint Lucia’s PM independence message, still a lot of work to be done

Commentary: St Lucia PM's belated New Year’s address a torrent of half-truths, misrepresentations and outright lies: What world is he living in?

Melanius Alphonse is a administration and improvement advisor, a long-standing senior correspondent and a contributing columnist to Caribbean Information Now. His areas of focus embrace political, economic and international security developments, and on the newest information and opinion. His philanthropic pursuits embrace advocating for group improvement, social justice, economic freedom and equality. He contributes to particular programming on Radio Free Iyanola, RFI 102.1FM and News Now International evaluation. He can be reached at [email protected]

By Melanius Alphonse

Celebrating Saint Lucia’s 40 years of independence is a historic achievement measured on the size of human resource achievements, socio-economic improvement and geographic advantage.

Even so, it’s a uncommon second of fact as written in prime minister Allen Chastanet’s independence message that, “There’s still a lot of work to be done in the areas of crime, schooling, health care, agriculture, housing, surroundings, and within the eradication of poverty.

As a grown-up nation of 40, we’d like to be daring and assured, to be disciplined, family-oriented, present maturity and above all remain humble. When individuals assume of Saint Lucia we must be seen as innovators, a country of excellence, a nation that is peaceable and God-fearing.

On the attainment of independence, the political adorn squandered a large benefit then to unlock financing and economic improvement crucial to building a path ahead that helps economic progress and prosperity. And now, tapping the potential sectors wanted to forge ahead with modifications to develop the nation’s competitive advantage and national interest heralds a dismal efficiency.

Comparable, decision-makers have tolerated doing little to change structural energy, typical considering and the political paperwork. Meanwhile this hasn’t helped; the tendency to secrecy has subdued the best way ahead, letting others do this for us.

The actual challenge is a path forward for financial improvement, and meaning it’s time to take back the country from the plutocrats and a ragtag cadre of an ill-defined administration.

Why not, in the midst of the erosion of democracy that perpetuates corrupt governments and rigged economies enjoying with philanthropic foundations, offering phoney solutions?

Adapting to numerous situations whilst considerations are raised on an formidable infrastructure program throughout Saint Lucia and the worst penalties that the nation is being used as a ‘gamblers paradise’, among other issues can’t entry the best markets and investments.”

One might probably peel off the mental and ideological aside but within the formation of an isolationist country, ongoing political gamesmanship and socio-economic inequality, the prime minister’s independence tackle acknowledged that “We must be ready to pilot the restoration of the economic and social fortunes of our country.”

That stated, the administration has given up management of constructing a country that we envision and the dividends derived positioned beyond the shores and attain of Saint Lucians. Thus, squandering another opportunity to drive our financial system, branding the best way we envisage, and develop in a most eco-friendly and sustainable approach.

Such has benefitted solely a privileged élite who argue appropriately “All-In”, as ruled by the colonial dynasty, dwelling a marvelous life, while the center and working-class individuals are disadvantaged of primary human necessity.

And so, right here’s further fact to the declare of diminishing returns at 40, the consequence and the challenges Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s independence tackle espouse.

“We are painfully aware that too many Saint Lucians are living in less than ideal circumstances” leaving out that his administration has made it troublesome and lots of have seen their high quality of life deteriorate to beforehand unthinkable levels.”

“We need to provide proper health care for all our people; we need better housing; we need to establish an education system that meets the demands of the modern workplace.”

Yet, St Jude hospital and Owen King European Union (OKEU) hospital is yet to be commissioned, never-mind a growing lack of sympathy, the prime minister continues to snubbed protest motion. Worse still, both hospitals are stated to be heading into overseas management, in lower than ultimate affordability, underpins dwelling requirements.

Clearly, the federal government of Saint Lucia is bogus, specifically to adherent narratives by the prime minister pretence and superficial platitudes.

“As we mirror on this journey, we should also take into account the issues that bind us together: our faith, our values, our group, our shared accomplishments, our families.

“However we must admit there have been occasions when it seemed we had lost sight of our objectives; our aspirations. We began to see ourselves as victims and in the process gave up control of our own future. As an alternative of sticking together as a small island threatened by a new world order, we permitted ourselves to activate one another. To tear one another down.

“Allow us to additionally cease blaming others; let us as an alternative acknowledge our own shortcomings. Only then will we be in a position to begin overcome them.

“Now at 40, we have now no selection however to settle for our duties, the first being to assure ourselves, and people who rely on us, a better now and tomorrow — regardless of impediments; come rain or shine. We will not afford to be distracted by small-mindedness and selfish issues.

“Even as we celebrate our achievements, we must also look back on our shortcomings; on the past actions that made our national goals that much more difficult to achieve. We must now recognize the difference between difficult and impossible. With united determination, we can reverse negative trends and get back on the road to national fulfillment. It is never too late to recommit ourselves.”

Bemoaning an overhang is extensively a public relations stunt of convenient fact to injury management hitherto, greater than mirror setbacks “to stand up and play our part in pushing our country forward”. Nevertheless, celebrating our national heroes and “our troopers of patriotism, “authorities stays pre-occupied with the Saint Lucia national trust, and proceed to undermine establishments none aligned with the evils of the standard suspects.

Against this, to rigorously not advocate for medical look after all, minimal and/ or livable wage, the prime minister continuous superficial narratives simply make it extra apparent his accord with the status quo.

“In fact, authorities has a position to play. However no government can be successful with out a individuals, united in the commitment to others, a devotion to charity, to obligation and to patriotism. It’s that humility; that group spirit, that “All-In” mindset that strengthens us to work for the great of Saint Lucia.”

“Success will only be achieved if we work harder and smarter as a country. And we must do so, together”; is opposite to an administration that repeatedly trash the constitution and the rule of regulation, and on the permeable floor bear true faith and allegiance to it, says with a straight face, “Above all, it will take a united effort between government and all Saint Lucians to guarantee safety and security for all.”

The very cause security and security influence is catastrophic to most elementary features of nationwide security and an array of other new technologies to intelligence failures, extensively ignores finances allocations, coaching and gear for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Pressure (RSLPF) after 40 years of independence. The exception decries the value of independence and the primary perform of governance to its individuals.

As all the time, ill-defined administrations political and economic insurance policies are the exact opposite of the spoken word, actions taken and desired outcomes.

These actions compliment the cooperation of extortionist and most of the time exploit the angst and worry of working-class individuals via deprivation and sophistication warfare.

So, how might one help such a government irrespective of ideology and an ever-growing record of defectors for regime change that seems decided?

Politics is the artwork of the potential. The calculus has changed and there’s a realization that that is a do-or-die second within the country.

Many analysts say attrition is on the rise and the prime minister’s independence message “leaves much to be desired in content on what’s next on the horizon. This likewise “underscores a miserable exhibition of platitudes and unrealistic empty phrases”, void of policy and monetary commitments succesful to inspire current and future generations.

In earnest reflection, at 40, and a authorities with little to showcase and inspire, distinguishing ends from means, decision-making is only political and contingent on political loyalty to preserve help.

Spending without restraint to rejoice 40 years has given cowl to corruption that blur the difference between expenditure and investment that increase value and profitability.

So far, poor considering has easily double Saint Lucia’s overseas debt, whereas exploiting national belongings and assets, deepening the prevailing financial disaster.

In the mild of selections being made plutocratically and privately shaping Saint Lucia, by way of enterprise arrangements and market arrangements, the prospects for change is probably going to take on even more significance that resembles pre independence angle.

Additional, with less than superb governance and an growing quantity of detractors amidst the deterioration of the properly being of Saint Lucians and Saint Lucia, at 40, the prime minister’s comportment and sense of optimism are somewhat extraordinary.

This critically leaves most unsure on whether to snigger or cry, or to get nervous as to the type of model being defined for Saint Lucia. At 40, this is the time to take a deep breath, quite late, than never.

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