Color laser printer: which model to choose?

Color laser printer: which model to choose? Laser printers are preferred by businesses for their speed and lower refill costs compared to inkjet printers. But as with their counterparts, it is difficult to find one’s way through the abundant supply.

Suitable for both professionals and private individuals, the laser printer offers fast and economical printing. Laser printers are 5 times faster than those with inkjet technology. In addition, they are often multifunctional (scanner, but especially photocopier). Their main advantage? They are more reliable and cost much less in the long run: instead of using liquid ink cartridges, they contain toners, i.e. large powder ink cartridges. Unlike their liquid counterparts, these toners do not dry and do not require maintenance. Their capacity is much higher, allowing you to print a very large number of pages before you need to replace it.

In order to choose the ideal colour laser printer, it is first necessary to target your needs. Laser technology is particularly suitable for more than 1,000 prints per month. Do you need other functions? A multi-function printer, integrating scanner and copier may be required. Then, the choice of the printer will be made according to a number of criteria: printing speed (in ppm), printing resolution and quality, connectivity (ethernet, USB, Wifi, NFC…), sheet tray capacity, printing size (A4, A3…), or cost per page (based on toner price). Other criteria, such as the noise produced by the printer, its power consumption or a duplex function may also influence your choice. Our advice? A good colour laser printer should have a resolution of at least 1200 dpi and a print speed of at least 20 ppm.