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Right now the developer of Gridiron Champions, iMackulate Vision Gaming introduced that it has entered right into a definitive agreement with Flonamix, Inc., the mum or dad company of Matrix Athletic Membership. IMV Gaming is trying to convey back NCAA Football to the digital gridiron and this can be a move to secure funds for improvement.

Underneath the phrases of the agreement, Flonamix plans to contribute $5 million for an approximate 10% fairness stake in the partnership, which will probably be used toward the event of IMV’s flagship product Gridiron Champions.

Commenting on the acquisition, Adham Rashawn, CEO, stated, “The acquisition with IMV was carefully vetted and chosen because of the company’s robust potential and plans for public offering, as well as the opportunities presented to overlap resources, networks, and Flonamix partners to create enhanced revenue streams.”

Rashawn additional added, “There is an undisputed demand for IMV’s flagship product. With that in mind, I feel strongly that now is the time for prominent athletes and celebrities that have spoken out to bring back a college football entertainment product to finally step up and support bringing back greatness. We are proud to be one of the first to do so and confidently believe in IMV’s ability to produce a AAA quality product.”

Alex Lewis, Chairman and CEO, also commented: “We see an attractive market growth opportunity for our company, which is why IMV chose to partner with Flonamix. We firmly believe that the cross-pollination of resources, assets and networks will be extremely mutually beneficial. We look forward to collaborating with the leadership of Flonamix on our company’s journey to create high quality, innovative, and engaging entertainment products.”

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