Coffee Machine With Grinder: Selection of Models According to Your Needs

Coffee aficionados often set their sights on Coffee beans Discover the best automatic machines of their kind.

The coffee machine with grinder, also called “automatic coffee machine”, grinds the coffee beans before serving the coffee. This type of machine offers several advantages over other models (classic coffee maker or pod machine). On the one hand, it is aimed at the most demanding coffee lovers, since freshly ground coffee exalts stronger aromas. The automatic coffee machine, even if it is more expensive to buy than other types of machines, saves money. Coffee beans are cheaper than coffee powder or capsules. From an ecological point of view the automatic coffee machine also has its advantages: it avoids the multiplication of household waste. Increasingly popular, this coffee machine is offered by dozens of brands. The choice is made according to the following criteria:

  • The grain tank: The bigger it is, the more cups of coffee you can make. There are several types, such as the double bean tray, for serving two types of coffee, or removable.
  • The crusher: A distinction is made between the more expensive and quieter ceramic mill and the steel mill. A machine offers several positions, for a more or less fine grinding.
  • The features : Some automatic machines can serve several drinks with milk (flat white, cappuccino, latte macchiato…) and are therefore more sophisticated.
  • Connectivity: More and more coffee machines with a grinder are being connected. This makes it possible to control them from a smartphone or tablet. Applications include beverage customization and ease of machine maintenance.




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