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I’m not a big fan of summer in the real world.

I don’t like the heat, I have an irrational fear of sunburn and I hate the feeling of chlorine in my hair.

Still, I enjoy watching my Sims blossom in the summer. More a case of vicarious living through my sims, but that’s a conversation for another time.

The Sims 4 already has so many elements that make for a great summer. But I’ve compiled a list of CC items that will really get your summer started.

From clothing to food, your Sims will live their best life.

1. Summer on the mountain Komorebi by Joliben

Look at this CC

Now I know what you’re thinking. Mount Komorebi is the smallest summer of all the worlds available in The Sims 4.

And you’re right.

But the creator of SS Jolibin has done something wonderful with this tutu.

They took their love of Japanese dramas with them and proved to be a successful addition to Snow Escape.

There are plenty of possibilities, including a new top with twenty-five motifs, a skirt with twenty motifs, sandals with ten motifs, CC hair and a hat with seven motifs.

2. Summer Floral Collection (inspired by H&M) by Quirky Introvert CC

Look at this CC

I’m homesick for it!

If you’ve been following along with The Sims for a while, you probably remember the iconic Sims 2: A fashion pack from H&M.

Quirky Introvert CC has created an amazing collection of twenty-two items for men and women that will have your Sims looking good all summer long.

There are six hairs (three for men, three for women) with eighteen patterns each, as well as eleven garments for women and ten garments for boys.

The designs are all cheerful and summery and would make a great photo shoot for your Sims if their outfits matched.

3. Kumikia Summer Basics Collection

Look at this CC

Even though I don’t like summer, I love shorts.

I usually wear my Sims shorts all the time, even when playing in the fall or winter. That’s why this package is a winner in my book!

Kumikya has designed a fun collection of shorts and tank tops to keep your Sims cool all season long.

In addition to three denim shorts with nine patterns, there are also three different ribbed tank tops with eighteen patterns. So you have a lot of options.

4. Gorololo Shorts by Trillyke

Look at this CC

I n’t make a list of things for summer without these shorts from Trillika!

Personally, I use these shorts all the time in my game, not even just in the warmer seasons!

With fourteen solid colours and eight patterns, they are incredibly versatile. I used them not only for summer, but also for workouts and pajamas.

5. Trillike Bikini Golf

Look at this CC

I just couldn’t decide on one Trillika article, so here we are again.

This is the bikini I always use, and honestly, it’s one of the best I’ve found.

This is a set of two elements, which allows you to mix and match colors with other elements in your game.

What’s more, there are ten designs in beautiful solid colours, so you can combine them with almost anything.

6. Dead or Alive Swimsuit Set 2 Astya96

Look at this CC

One of the best things about Sims 4 CC is that you can add all your other favorite fandoms into the game so your Sims dogs can enjoy them too.

This Astya96 swimsuit set is also good on its own. But the fact that it’s based on Dead or Alive costumes makes it even better.

Even if you’re not a fan of DOA, you can still enjoy these swimsuits because they are so, so pretty!

The set consists of eight pieces in total, each with a different number. And it even comes with an incredibly well-made, sheer, low-cut accessory shirt that makes a great headpiece.

7. Cardofe Summer Gardening Kit

Look at this CC

Now that you have a few good options for your summer clothes, let’s move on to a fun place to hang out.

This CC summer garden, created by designer Cardofe, consists of eleven pieces of furniture made mostly from pallets, which is incredibly chic!

This set would be perfect outside your Sims’ homes, or could even be used in a park for your cities.

8. Emmibuke Summer Short

Look at this CC

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do in the game is pretend that the outfits I put on my Sims were bought with their own Simoleons.

I also like to use different patterns to show that my sim changes clothes from time to time (don’t you?).

When I found these shorts, I imagined Sim working hard to dye his jeans!

If you want your Sims to stand out in the sun, these summer shorts are perfect. Because they have 50 of the coolest designs I’ve seen in a long time

9. Summer in Sulanis her package by Wild Pixel and FiveSim

Look at this CC

We can’t talk about clothes all the time and ignore our Sims’ hair.

This gorgeous CC pack contains nine hairstyles that look like they came straight from the beaches of Sulani.

They are sunny, cute and just perfect.

10. Littlbowbub Blowtorch

Look at this CC

This designer has brought us so many great additions to our games, and this Bubble Tea is perfect for your summer outings!

This is a ready-made item that you can get in any refrigerator. And all this for the low price of five simoleons!

Plus, there are five delicious flavors, so your Sims can really enjoy this drink day and night.

11. Trip to Hawaii with a Hodiernus

Look at this CC

One of the best additions we got with Island Living (at least in my opinion) is the ability to use the floating pool both in the ocean and in the pools!

My Sims look so relaxed when they swim, and it’s really enviable.

This beautiful floating lounger in the color of Hodiernus offers your Sims six of the most beautiful designs they can enjoy. Personally, I love the ice cream cone monster!

12. Summer Blush part 2 Miiko

Look at this CC

One of the many reasons I spend so much time in CAS is the amount of makeup I have for my Sims.

And I definitely have that summer red in my game.

There are three cute options, shaped like a smiley face, a heart and an orange wedge. That is so sweet!

They can also be used as face paint or blush, if you want to pair them with something else.

13. Necrodogmtsands4s Fair Trade Package

Look at this CC

When I think of summer, especially as a kid, I always think of going to the fair.

And this Necrodogmtsands4s freak show thing is awesome.

You made and put together an entire theme park in front of your city. And I really can’t believe it’s real. This can add a lot to your game!

Can you imagine a first date at a carnival?

Or a family outing?

Sign me up.

The fragments in this pack can also be used elsewhere in your game, so the possibilities for summer carnival fun are truly endless.

14. IcemunCotton Candy Machine

Look at this CC

One of the best parts of the show is the food, right?

Icemunmun has created a functional cotton candy machine that your Sims can enjoy both in the amusement park (from the previous pack!) and at home.

This item can be found in the Build/Buy mode in the Wrong Devices section, it has nine monsters and ten flavors.

Each flavor even has its own mood, so try out different flavors and see which one your Sims like best.

15. Functional Pet Bed House by Readheadsims

Look at this CC

We’re adding to this list with an article for your furry family members

This adorable pet bed from Redheadsims has a built-in place for food and water bowls and is also covered. This allows your animals to enjoy the outdoors without overheating.

Just for your information, it is only for small cats and dogs. So maybe if you have a large breed, see if they are puppies or kittens!

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