City Council Passes Proposed Increase to Wastewater Rates •

A City Council has passed a proposed increase to wastewater rates.

The City Council passed a proposed increase to wastewater rates. The new rates would be based on the zip code of the property.

National Foster Care Awareness Month will be observed in May 2022 in Atascadero.

ATASCADERO— On Tuesday, May 10, at 6 p.m., the Atascadero City Council had its regularly scheduled meeting. The hybrid meeting took place in the City Council Chambers and was followed by a private session of the council.

The council delivered a proclamation declaring May 2022 as National Foster Care Awareness Month at the commencement of the meeting. 

Specialists in Child Welfare Program Evaluation The proclamation was presented to Rosario Depew and Mikayla Anderson of the San Luis OBISPO COUNTY Social Services Department in the City Council Chambers. 

We’ll make it through this together, Atascadero


“We’d want to thank the Atascadero City Council for sending this proclamation to the Department of Social Services,” Anderson added. “We are very delighted to commemorate all of our county’s foster and adoptive families, as well as all of the county’s personnel and community partners that assist these families, throughout the month of May.”

The Consent Calendar received unanimous approval.

Following that, the council convened a public hearing on Weed Abatement. Chief Casey Bryson of the Atascadero Fire Department presented the findings. 

He said, “This is the second of three processes in our weed abatement procedure.” “The first was when you [the council] deemed weeds to be a fire danger or nuisance in April. Then, tonight, take the time to hear any complaints if individuals are opposed to removing their land, and then, near the end of the summer, confirm the cost of the abatement procedure.” 

According to Bryson, 3,194 inspection notifications were given out, which is roughly 300 higher than previous year. Residents have until June 1 to get their weeds cleared, after which the 3,194 properties will be reinspected and the abatement procedure will commence with the help of a contractor. 

“If a property is tagged for you to have a contractor come out and perform the weed abatement, but the owner knows they’re going to be charged and rushes out and does it before the appointment time for the contractor to come out, are they still on the hook for any costs?” Councilmember Mark Dariz enquired.

“There is no price as long as it is completed between June 1 and when the constructor arrives,” Bryson said.

The motion to allow the fire chief to continue with the abatement work was overwhelmingly approved.

Proposition 218 Majority Protest Process Relative to Proposed Increases in Wastewater (Sewer) Rates received a second public hearing.

The suggested increase was submitted by Public Works Analyst Ryan Betz. The subject was first discussed during the March 8 meeting, when a rates study was examined and the date for the Public Hearing was established for May 10. Between meetings, public notices were distributed. 

Increased from $34 to $40.46 per similar housing unit is planned (EDU). 

Because there was just one demonstration, the number of protests received in Bali was insufficient to create a majority protest. 

The new wastewater tariffs were unanimously accepted and will take effect on July 1.

Atascadero Police Chief Bob Masterson submitted a resolution to the council addressing AB481-Military Equipment Policy, which the council discussed briefly during its April 26 meeting. The measure stipulates that police departments must disclose military-grade equipment and get City Council permission before using it. It also stipulates that police departments have a policy in place, which must be approved by the council.

The council voted overwhelmingly to accept the policy and continue using military-grade equipment in Atascadero. 

On Tuesday, May 24, at 6 p.m., the Atascadero City Council will meet again.

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