Chrome: 2 Vulnerabilities Put Your Pc at Risk, Install the Latest Update Quickly

Google has identified two critical security holes in Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Both of these breaches are actively exploited by hackers to gain control of computers. Google therefore recommends that users urgently install the latest web browser update to protect themselves.

Google has just revealed the existence of two security flaws of type 0-day within Chrome on its official website. Recently identified by two Kaspersky cyber security researchers, vulnerabilities allow an attacker to easily grant himself administrator privileges on a remote PC.

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Chrome: Google discovers a flaw, install the latest update on Windows 10, Mac and Linux

According to Google, a hacker could take control of yourcomputer, and execute malicious code without your knowledge, simply by relaying you to a trapped web page Apparently, hackers are currently using this technique to infiltrate PCs.

Unsurprisingly, Google has not disclosed too much technical information about these two breaches while users are still at risk. “Access to the details of the vulnerabilities is restricted until a majority of users have been able to install the update with the patch” emphasizes Google in its report.

Google was therefore not long before deployed a patch to close both flaws. The Mountain View firm urges Internet users to install Chrome Update 78.0.3904.87 as soon as possible on Linux, Mac and Windows.

We advise you to schedule automatic updates by going to “About Google Chrome” and check “Update Chrome automatically for all users”. As a reminder, this is already the third time in a few months that Google launches an emergency update on Chrome.





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