Chris Eubank Jr produces dazzling display to outclass Liam Williams

In the early rounds of their heavyweight fight in Manchester, Eubank Jr. was able to utilise his stamina and athleticism over Williams to dominate a grand total of five rounds.

Chris Eubank Jr produced a dazzling display to outclass Liam Williams. The fight was the first time Chris had stepped into the ring since he lost his world title in December 2017.

Chris Eubank puts Liam Williams downChris Eubank has only lost twice in his professional career.

Chris Eubank Jr put on a spectacular performance, demonstrating that he is a class above Welshman Liam Williams on his way to a world championship opportunity in 2022.

Eubank down Williams three times in the first four rounds, proving his pre-fight confidence with an undoubtedly career-best performance.

Williams fought valiantly until the 11th round, when he was knocked to the canvas for the second time.

Eubank made a unanimous judgment on the cards, 116-109, 116-108, and 117-109.

“I’m pleased with the performance; I wanted to teach that guy a lesson; he said some fairly frightening things to me leading up to this battle,” Eubank stated.

“I intended to chastise him.” I wanted to punish him rather than knock him out in one round.

“I’m shocked he didn’t get disqualified for headbutts and headlocks.” But, like a man, I took it in stride and punished him as I had promised. It had been a good time.

“I believe I demonstrated a different side of myself to some of my detractors.” There was no risk; he would have been gone if I had stepped on the gas at any time during the struggle.

“This game has many levels. Don’t have a big tongue with men who can injure you.”

Williams does not benefit from having a home edge.

For the first time since the heyday of one of Wales’ best fighters, Joe Calzaghe, who drew sold-out signs for a WBO super middleweight championship defense against Mario Veit in 2001, the Motorpoint was packed to capacity for the largest indoor arena boxing extravaganza in Cardiff in almost 20 years.

In the first big boxing performance of the year in the UK, the atmosphere was electrifying in Cardiff, with a live rendition of Delilah cranking up the intensity to 11.

Eubank was greeted with boos as he entered the stadium, but he seemed to enjoy his role as the bad guy in Cardiff, as he seemed cool and comfortable during the pre-fight introductions, with Williams prowling and growling.

A cautious opening round erupted when Eubank caught Williams with a jab, causing the Welshman to lose his feet and accept a standing count, and things quickly deteriorated for Williams.

After the first round, Williams’ corner was massaging his left leg, but Eubank floored the Welshman in the second round with a left hook that caused Williams’ legs to collapse and his left leg to entirely give way.

Williams, to his credit, answered the count again, and he had an equal share of the third round until getting rocked by a Eubank shot after the bell, which enraged his corner.

However, after a clever combination in the fourth, Eubank knocked Williams down again, as a tired Williams attempted to persuade the referee not to call the game off.

In the later rounds, Williams reacted and improved, but he still had a mountain to climb on the scoreboards.

Chris Eubank Jr

Eubank has a brighter future ahead of him.

After much trash talking leading up to the fight, this was a real grudge match, with two fighters who plainly don’t get along going to settle their differences, but the stakes were bigger than that, with the UK’s number one and number two middleweights meeting for the first time.

Both boxers understood that the winner will almost certainly go on to greater and better things in 2022, as two warriors who had come up short on the grandest stage attempt to make apologies with another world championship shot.

Both Eubank and Williams had a lot to prove after losing their greatest battles to date, but Eubank can now look forward to a crack at the world championship later this year.

Eubank, who had taken complete control of the fight owing to a series of early knockdowns and sliding away from Williams’ best blows, teased Williams throughout the fight and again floored him in the 11th round, despite Williams’ futile appeals that he had slipped.

Eubank received some boos in the last round for his showboating, but there was no question that he was the obvious and definitive winner.

Former British and Commonwealth welterweight champion Chris Jenkins returned to fight on the undercard, defeating former world champion Julius Indongo by a clear 78-75 points decision, while stablemate Rhys Edwards also won.

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