Choosing the Best Atelier Game

a big fan of the studio’s games. Since then I discovered games quite late, as my first game was Atelier Rorona. So far, there are 22 main games and 7 side games following the first Atelier Marie game: The alchemist of Salburg.

I haven’t played Roron’s Atelier yet, but many people have asked me what my favorite Atelier game is. This is a really hard question, I feel like I have to pick my favorite child! What I can do is exchange thoughts with you about the different games I’ve played and choose the ones I liked best.

As I said, my first game was Atelier Rorona, and when I realized there were so many games already waiting for me, I felt like Christmas had come early! Since then, I’ve played most of the games created by developer Gust and published by Koei Tecmo. Generally, the studio games are offered in groups of three, each set in the same universe. Like Atelier Rorona, it was part of the Arland trilogy with Atelier Totori and Atelier Mereru. The nice thing about a series like this is that there are a lot of familiar faces and it feels like you’re following old friends. Gust recently added a fourth game to the Arland series, about Rorona’s daughter, Lulua.

All three Arland games are available on the Nintendo Switch.

Each game is different from the previous.

In every game, Gust tries to make the gameplay a little different. Different fusion systems, different combat modes. Older games had a timed game mode where you, for example. B. had three years of play to accomplish your goal. This made the game very uncomfortable, as everything definitely took its time. Especially the synthesis. You’re afraid of wasting too much time making this or that product.

The world map in Ayesha Workshop

Or if you have travelled around the world map: no time for long detours, don’t forget your time constraints! This made the control part of the game a bit more interesting, but can also be boring. For example, I had major problems with Atelier Ayesha, because after two years of playing it, I found out that I could never finish the game within the allotted time. And I had to start from scratch. This changed with Atelier Sophie, which was not in time, but in a great adventure.

Atelier Firis, Crafting RPG, Sim RPG, portable tent

Atelier Firis was the first game to use the open world concept. There is no home base to return to every time, but there is a portable studio tent that can be set up anywhere. I liked it, it was more of an adventure for me.

Older games also had turn-based battles where you could figure out which move to use next. I liked it too, it’s my kind of fight! And while it may sound strange, I loved making the best bombs and healing potions to take into battle, even though I knew I could only use them for a limited time.

Battle in Sophie’s studio

With Ryza’s Atelier, many important changes have been made to the games. There is still fighting, but combined with the action. You don’t have time to think about your moves, because the enemy won’t expect it. Your bombs and such are now base items, they are infinite if you generate enough base charge to use them, but I miss making the best ones myself every time.

Battlefield in the Ryza studio

Heroines positive in general

They all have one thing in common: Studio games are also synonymous with good plots and discovering the motivations of the main character. Most of the characters are teenagers on the threshold of adulthood, looking for their way in the big world. Some are nice and reasonable, like Ayesha. Absolutely one of my favorite heroines.

Others are much more candid and confident, like Sophie. Most of them have one thing in common: they are extremely confident, and since this is a game series, their self-assurance brings positivity to the story!

Although the main character of Ryza Atelier is Raisalyn Stout, her circle of friends is much smaller. In other games, heroines are always surrounded by characters who fight alongside them and help them in their quest. But in the Rise games, the friends have their own life stories to unravel, making them more real than real.

Two leading roles

There were three games where you could choose between the two main characters. It was fun in the Escha & Logy studio, playing as a man (like Logy) was a new experience. I loved the bickering between the two, and the difference in their synthesis.

It can’t be easy for Logy to be with women.

With Shallie Atelier, Gust has managed to bring you the same plot from a completely different angle. You can play as Shalistera, the daughter of a small village chief. Shalistera was a shy and quiet girl, but very determined to do the right thing. You can also play the role of Shalotta. As she had no knowledge and experience, she could only accept small jobs to earn money. But she was determined and dreamed of success and making a lot of money.

Choosing my least favorite studio game is easy

There was a game with two main characters that I didn’t like at all. He even went so far as to end the game early. Atelier Lydie & Suelle is the third game in the Mysterious series and comes eight years after Atelier Sophie and Mysterious Book and four years after Atelier Firis and Mysterious Journey. I loved watching Sophie change from a good, nice girl to a capable, kind woman, and I cheered for Ayesha in her search for her little sister.

Then came the twins, the reserved but caring Lidi Malen and the eccentric and carefree Suelle Malen. Her mother had died a few years ago, and it seemed that her father had not stopped losing her. Absent and leaving their daughters at large, the twins’ childhood cannot have been easy. But I didn’t like the way they made fun of him and gossiped behind their friends’ backs. A bunch of brats!

I’m sorry, uh… Dummy Daddy?

Lydie can’t accept Hagel’s male temperament?

You can applaud too!

Princess Mireya is drunk. ????

Shake Up with Ryza Studio

Over the course of the year, changes have been made to the last two games, and they break the mold of the Atelier game more than once. Both games, Atelier Rice: Eternal Darkness and the Secret Shelter and Rise Atelier 2: The lost legends and the secret fairy are the same girl, Risa, and her friends. Outside of the fusion and battles, these games bring more to Ryza. Set up the studio where Ryza works, ride a mountain, catch bugs and fish, and explore a sprawling city. I love both games, and the second is even better than the first, thanks to the added dungeon mysteries.

But, to add a point of criticism: There seems to be a lot of fanservice in the games. It used to be teenagers dressed exotically, some more outrageous than others. But now, the first picture we have of Ryza is from his waist up! And don’t get me started on the little bottoms! Who can dress like that for a fight?

Skimpy Shorts

What is better?

To choose the best one, I think it depends on several elements of the game. I mean, I liked the character of Ayesha, the open world of Atelier Phiris was cool. The addition of Plachta (a book in the shape of a woman!) was interesting. I loved the synthesis in Atelier Sophie and Atelier Firis, but I also loved the complicated type of synthesis in Atelier Ryza.

Synthesis in the Phiris studio

I preferred the battles in the pre-Ryza games, but the ability to unlock new recipes in the Ryza studio is great. There, you see? It’s impossible to make a real choice….

But if I had to pick my favorite Atelier game, it would probably be Ryza 2: The lost legends and the secret fairy. This game is the most complete of all and takes a big step forward by adding more simulation elements. The storyline is great, the extra secrets in the dungeons add interest and the world is so big!


How do you load…

frequently asked questions

What is the best studio game to start with?

Studio Rysa 2 : Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy is the best studio game for beginners. Until early 2019, Sophie’s Atelier was the topper in Atelier games on all systems it played on.

Do you have to play the RYZA Workshop games in order?

It is not necessary to play 1 earlier. This is actually a direct sequel set 3 years later, but you can follow the story even if you don’t know what happened in Atelier Ryza 1.

Should the studio be played in order?

Each game has its own story, so you can jump into each one, but if you don’t want to miss references to old characters and plot fragments, you’ll have to play in order. … I’m currently playing: Shally Workshop, Tales of Xylia.

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