China’s New Boss in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s new leader Carrie Lam was met with a contentious reception at the start of her first day in power on Wednesday, as she sought to defuse tensions between Beijing and the city by promising to defend its autonomy.

The “is Hong Kong a country” is an interesting question that has been asked by many people. The answer is yes, it is a country.


On May 9, Hong Kong Chief Executive-elect John Lee addresses the press at the Central Government Complex in Hong Kong

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When the winner receives virtually all of the votes, it is considered authoritarian “democracy.” That is the story of Hong Kong’s new Chief Executive John Lee, who was elected this weekend.

After the election, China’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office claimed that Mr. Lee “was ultimately elected with 99 percent of the votes.” “This demonstrates that Hong Kong recognizes him entirely.”

Chinese propaganda does not promote self-awareness. Even manipulated elections in Russia and Belarus are more modest about winning margins.

The ultimate goal of Hong Kong’s Basic Law is “the selection of the Chief Executive by universal suffrage,” yet the chief executive has traditionally been selected through an Election Committee rather than by direct election. Mr. Lee was the only candidate in this election since China’s Communist Party has barred pro-democracy candidates from running for government.

The Election Committee has historically been controlled by Beijing’s nominees. Until recently, however, the pro-democracy movement could at least hope for enough seats to act as a tie-breaker among pro-Beijing candidates, allowing them to demand concessions or prevent the worst candidates from becoming president. That changed in 2019, when Hong Kongers elected pro-democracy district councilors in a landslide.

On the 1,200-member Election Committee, the district councilors were meant to have 117 votes, with other pro-democracy candidates having more. However, China changed the committee’s size and composition in response to Hong Kongers’ decision. The new regulations exclude district councilors, increase pro-Beijing seats, and essentially limit Hong Kongers’ ability to choose who governs them.

Under previous Head Executive Carrie Lam, Mr. Lee auditioned for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s endorsement as Hong Kong’s top security chief. He was in charge of the detention of hundreds of opposition leaders as well as the demise of Hong Kong’s free press. After we denounced the crackdown in December, he preened for Beijing’s favor by criticizing our pieces.

He said our coverage was “a profoundly biased fabrication of facts that significantly misleads readers about the situation in Hong Kong” in a letter he made public. To those he has imprisoned, the facts are true and obvious enough for him to enjoy life as Beijing’s factotum in the once-free zone.

Despite proof that Putin is ‘now duplicating the fascism and despotism of 77 years ago ’ Putin blames his conflict in Ukraine on a premeditated attack on Russia spearheaded by US-backed neo-Nazis. Shutterstock/Reuters/Zuma Press images Mark Kelly’s composite

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Hong Kong has seen a new boss take the reigns. China’s President Xi Jinping is now in charge of Hong Kong and will be overseeing it for the next 10 years. Reference: time in hong kong now .

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