Chicago Bulls Twitter Posts The $5 Million Challenge: Score Against Michael Jordan 1-On-1 Or You Can’t Listen To Music Ever

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We all know Michael Jordan was unstoppable. When he wanted to go to the edge of the field and score against his opponents, nothing could stop him from getting those buckets. He was a great striker, with great tools to score those points. Trying to stop was a nightmare for everyone, even if you were a great protector.

Have you ever dreamed of playing Michael Jordan? The Chicago Bulls tried to put the NBA fans in distress, which was a challenge for the bravest of them. The Bulls Twitter Bill launched an appeal of $5 million on Friday, but even that didn’t convince people to accept the appeal.

The package is very clear. You can win $5 million if you can score in a hypothetical one-on-one match against Michael Jordan. You’ve got ten chances, but it’s against the Jordanian prime minister. If you fail, you may never hear music again.

They’re offering you $5 million for a 1-1 goal against Michael Jordan. You’ve got ten chances. This is Prime Minister M.J.

If you fail, you’ll never be able to hear the music again.

Could you tie yourself up?

– 17. Chicago Bulls (@chicagobulls). April 2020.

The fans loved it and were convinced they could only do their job in one game, while others said they would do anything to score a goal for Mike for that money.

$5M ? Look at this.

– 18. ThrowbackHoops (@ThrowbackHoops) 17. April 2020.

I scored the first game on this site

– Gerard Kalonji (@Elavationn) 18. April 2020.

I’m on line 3pt: Hey, Mike, is that the casino/cigar house they’re building there?

M.J: * Turn around fast *


– Joshua Natoli (@JustJoshinYa845) 17. April 2020.

On my first 9 shots I throw the ball up and Jordan doubles the bet by laughing6 on the ass and I come in with a slightly down.

– 16. White Sox Series X (@Chisox4ever) 17. April 2020.

I just started with 103 and I was hoping everything would be okay.

– T ☄ ® (@Im2Evil) 17. April 2020.

Free agent Isaiah Thomas also answered the call. He said he’d score at least once. They weren’t computers that ran out of trouble, so you know he would have done something for the game in that imaginary game.

I’m sure I’ll win it someday

– Isaiah Thomas (@isaiahthomas) 17. April 2020.

Jordan wasn’t afraid to put people in vans. We’re talking about the greatest of all who were at their peak; it’s anything but an easy job. So the question now is whether you’re going to answer the call.

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