Chernobyl, Silicon Valley, Irresponsible: the 8 Sries Catch Up on Ocs This T

You have subscribed to OCS but are not sure what to watch this summer? Want to take full advantage of your free trial month? Here is a small selection of series that are essential to get the most out of your subscription.

Numerama offers selections of series, films and documentaries to watch during the trial periods of the various SVoD services or to catch up on during the holidays: a good way to find out if you like the proposed selection and the in-house productions. You can find the Amazon Prime Video version of this article here.

No, it’s not just Game of Thrones on OCS. The SVoD platform catalogue is actually quite well supplied, thanks to a full partnership with HBO and the Hulu series. There are some beautiful nuggets, dark or funny. Here’s our selection of series to catch up on this summer – because why go to the beach when you can sit on your couch shivering with images of nuclear disaster?

If you are not tempted by OCS, we have also made a small selection of the best Netflix series or series on Canal + Séries. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to cancel your subscription, we’ll tell you how to do it here.


Chernobyl // Source: HBO

As its name suggests, this series of 5 episodes of about one hour each deals with the Chernobyl disaster. In April 1986, the Ukrainian nuclear power plant exploded in the middle of the night. No one really knows why, and more importantly, no one seems to think it could be really dangerous.

It is not for nothing that Chernobylhas been propelled to the highest rated series of all time on Allociné or its American equivalent IMDb. In addition to being enriching (even if all the facts are not perfectly true) and carried by good actors and actresses, it proves to be particularly captivating. Once the play button is pressed, it is very difficult to stop before the end.

Number of seasons : 1

Binge-watcher time: 5 hours and 50 minutes

Game of Thrones

Capture OCS

Game of Thrones S08EP06 // Source: Capture OCS

If you want to see the whole Game of Thrones it will take you 106 hours, a little over 3 days (including night), without stopping. It can be done. We’re not saying it’s desirable, but it’s doable. And it will allow you to catch up with one of the most watched and commented series in the history of television and finally understand all that goes on around Snow John.

Number of seasons : 8

Estimated time for binge-watcher: 3 days, 1 hour

The Handmaid’s Tale


The Handmaid’s Tale // Source: Hulu

This series is based on a novel written by Margaret Atwood and published in 1985. It’s a dystopia that plunges you into an ultra-patriarchal fascist society. In Gilead province, men have the power and rule as masters. Women are silenced or enslaved and suffer all forms of violence.

The Handmaid’s Tale is particularly hard to watch. It is particularly not recommended if you are sensitive to scenes of sexual violence If you take that away, the first seasons are real cinematic gems. The last one goes too far in horror in our opinion, to the point of making us doubt her feminist side and doesn’t advance the scenario much. Elisabeth Moss who plays the heroine is really amazing and the casting is overall very successful.

Number of seasons : 3

Time to expect for the binge-watcher: 1 day and 6 hours



Irresponsible // Source: OCS

An unpretentious humorous little series,made in France, which is neither creepy, nor clichéd, nor badly played, nor problematic? Bingo!Irresponsiblehas all the makings of agood surprise, with Sébastien Chassagne playing the role of a loser in his thirties who must… take responsibility. Just when he finds out, in the same week that he loses his umpteenth job, that he has a son. Fourteen years old. In short, the pitch is good, the direction is great and the actors play well: we like it.

As long as we quote seriesmaison, don’t waste time onMissions (we go from the nice SF to the bogus and useless conspiracy theory from episode 2) andNu, which, despite a surrealist pitch (everybody is naked) is… a bad series, not funny for a penny and very badly interpreted.

Estimated time for the binge-watcher: a few hours.

True Detective


Excerpt from the credits of the first season of True Detective // Source: HBO

A series that ends at the end of every season? It’s ideal if you don’t plan to renew your subscription! And on the crime fiction side,True Detective sets the bar very high. Prefer season 1 with Matiou MacCojsxcnoisdondoijneugiei if you only had to choose one.

Estimated time for binge-watcher: 1 day

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects is one of the series that we have (to our taste) not talked about enough. It is true that the beginnings are frankly slow, bordering on laborious. But once the series accelerates, it’s impossible to let go.

The story begins with the disappearance of two teenage girls in the small town of Wind Gap. Camille Preaker, a journalist as dark, cold and mysterious as can be, is sent to cover the event because she grew up there. We quickly understand that she is not only going to look for the two children, but above all to look for herself, and try to understand her past.

It would be difficult to say more about this series without breaking the suspense that makes it so interesting. But I promise, it’s worth hanging on beyond the first episode, if only for Patricia Clarkson’s very good acting – which won her a Best Supporting Actress award at the 2019 Golden Globe.

Number of seasons : 1

Estimated time for binge-watcher: 8 hours

Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley // Source: HBO

If you want to fully enter the caste of people who think thatBig Bang Theory really sucks, you should definitely watchSilicon Valley. The series, extremely well written, is a portrait of the world of technology as fair as it is cruel. It’s very nice to be able to see the series in real time, since it’s based on the tech modes of the moment, but you’ll still laugh from the first season if you read Numerama daily.

And take a good look at the credits.

Binge-watcher time: 21 hours and 27 minutes



Counterpart // Source: Starz

science fiction without lasers and spaceships, in which a man is a prisoner of a reality that is not his own, all signed Starz?Counterpart is an excellent surprise for 2017/2018 and it remains an excellent series to see in 2019. That’s all we’re telling you.

Binge-watcher time: 18 hours and 40 minutes


OCS isn’t just a series. The Orange channel offers films with an excellent selection, mixing mainstream works with auteur cinema without falling into elitism. We can laugh withProblemos and cry withCall me by your name. It is also on OCS that you can findYour Name,Pina,Mother,The Thing,Fantastic Mister Fox,The Son of Saul.The catalogue is also full of movie classics (you have to go to the bottom of the general list to find them).

Article originally published on 20 May 2019

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