Chaos Wastes and Quality of Life

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The “chaos wastes vermintide 2 wiki” is a wiki that has information about the Chaos Wastes in Vermintide 2. It also includes information on how to get rid of them, and what they do.

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Suggestions Prattling Chaos Wastes Quality of Life

Blah blah, I adore the game, the mode, and Fatshark; now listen to me and support my extremely uninformed ideas on game creation.


  • The Boon List is difficult to utilize since the icons aren’t visually different enough to be readily recognized.
  • It would be a major improvement if they were separated into talents and boons, then sorted by rarity and listed as Icon + Name pairings.
  • In both the game and the lobby browser, some indicator of the current map location, as well as the current level’s modifiers and chest state, would be quite helpful.
  • Please make tagging them explain which is which in conversation if the potions are all the same color.
  • It’s difficult to figure out who has which boons in a party; I don’t have a good proposal for how to list them other than by rarity, but it’s a hassle to attempt and synergize with teammates without voice coms or a lot of typing as it is.
  • It would be wonderful to have more insight into your team’s currency counts and boon/weapon prices.

Gameplay in General


  • Weapon randomization is entertaining, but being trapped with an utterly inappropriate weapon for your build for an extended period of time is really frustrating.

    • Remember those weapon-switching chests at the beginning of the level? Is it possible to get them back? Or how about a bench with white versions of all your weapons that you may swap to at the beginning of the level?
    • If that fails, maybe conducting weapon swaps/upgrades/etc. at shrines, or even on the map between each level, ideally with a few randomizer charges, would be wonderful. What I’m thinking here is leaving just the boons on the level and the weapon switching on the map.
    • If it’s not possible, how about a low-cost means to re-randomize your weapon, or maybe simply re-roll its stats using all those lower-tier upgrade points that everyone ignores?
    • Or, as with the chest, simply offer us options on random upgrading shrines, or create a new shrine only for it, with three weapons of the same tier as the present ones.
  • Weapon power in the wastelands is strange. Remember that in 75% of current normal gameplay, everyone has the same level of strength, thus having it move up and down in wastes is an inconvenient inconsistency. I’d much rather have power determined by the player’s current level, with weapon levels based solely on attributes and qualities.

  • +Pilgrim Coins is a thorn in my side. Please, if for no other reason than my own sanity, remove it or make it more probable to roll, since a +20 percent green or blue coin on the first level has such a disproportionate influence on the total game that attempting to get one has become a painful gambling addiction. Please, the attraction of econ bonuses is too strong (and don’t even get me started on rolling it at the citadel…)

Weapons with a long range

  • I simply want to point out that ammunition has become such a strange idea in recent years that it’s not uncommon to find whole organizations that don’t use it at all. This is due, at least in part, to the fact that ammunition cannot be restocked in arenas or the final citadel, therefore any ranged build that depends on it must rely on skills to replenish. I’ll keep the rest of my griping about this in the Balance section.


  • If you’re going to attach boons to consumables, make sure the final arenas have guaranteed spawning.
  • I don’t like for “percent probability not to use a consumable” boons; it’s not an intriguing kind of randomness to me, and it’s an irritant because it never seems to happen at a convenient moment. A percent chance of throwing two bombs, or doubling potion duration, or just giving a ranger-like bonus that says your NEXT bomb/pot is free would make determining whether or not to risk your sole remaining consume on it functioning less stressful.
  • It would be wonderful if there was a better visual differentiation between potions and bomb kinds.
  • I’d give everything for the ability to “consume potions without the awful animation.”
  • Shrine consumables are entertaining, but they definitely require a balancing pass, as well as a rethinking of whether or not they should interact with dupe and RV’s free explosives.
  • Rampart’s decision to develop on explosives, including Morgrims, was made by a jerk.


  • Line repetition has begun to grate on my nerves, particularly when some of the “oh look, corpses” ones aren’t quite suitable for the scene in which they’re used, and the wastes discussions don’t always line up appropriately. Actually, all of the next items will be about repetition, so you may just need to add checkboxes to enable/disable particular sorts of lines, and you can skip the rest.
  • “Looks grungy and awesome. Rat with a black coat. Looks grungy and awesome. It isn’t a case of bugmen. Here’s some ammo. A WARRIOR OF CHAOS. It isn’t a case of bugmen. A WARRIOR OF CHAOS. A WARRIOR OF CHAOS. A WARRIOR OF CHAOS. Here’s some ammo. Looks grungy and awesome!”
    • In all seriousness, spam-tagging is realistically required, which is an issue in and of itself, but could we at least minimize the VOs in tandem? Please, just the ding and a text line? Even the enemy-spotted VOs may be left alone; they at least serve a function, but the consumable VOs become meaningless in the spam.
  • Friendly fire lines are becoming more vexing, particularly as they trigger the empathy curse as well as things that don’t really do harm, such as standing in Coruscation pools.
  • Is there any way to get rid of the “hit it in the head” line? Outside of new players, no one needs to hear that, so it’s simply the characters moaning passive-aggressively that you definitely missed the head on purpose. I’m not stupid; I’m simply inept!

Scaling of Difficulty

  • I’d boost a game from champ to legend virtually every single champ run around halfway through, since opponent difficulty just doesn’t keep up with player ability. I realize that voluntary difficulty increases aren’t the solution, since those who aren’t seeking for a challenge will end up disagreeing with teammates who are, but some reworking of difficulty scaling appears necessary.
  • Extra level affixes like “All slave-rats are clan-rats” or “twice as many shielded clan rats” or “slave-rat health doubled” or “hordes contain elites” or themed special affixes like “gas rats have twice the radius and spawn twice as much as other specials” or “hordes contain elites” or “hordes contain elites” or “hordes contain elites” or “hordes contain elite Let’s see what “Rampart Berserkers” does to a run if you add boss affixes to weaker adversaries… or maybe not.


  • Non-grudge bosses are difficult to climb.
  • Grudge monsters scale in an unpredictable way, with certain affixes canceling out whole damage categories, some synergizing heavily when paired, and others just being thrown out. For the most part, this is merely a balancing problem, but if we’re talking about affixes that oppose whole playstyles, knowing they’re coming a level or two ahead of time would be fantastic.


  • I have no clue how many boxes of what characteristics I have, and I see no need to open them since they have no influence on Chaos Wastes, and that’s exactly how I want it. Wastes is enjoyable enough that I play it just for the sake of getting a strong build started, but Fatshark’s retention will most likely be insufficient.
  • Either tying loot back in or devising a different reward system (even if it’s simply shills) would be a wonderful idea.

Levels of experience and personality

  • To be honest, they are really rudimentary at this stage, and do nothing except make it difficult for new players to have fun. Personally, I’d scrap the whole system, at least for wastes, since it’s more of a “Haha, you get 6 fewer boons because you’re a novice, git gud scrub” than anything else. Of course, given that this is meant to be a key retention mechanism, that won’t happen, but I don’t believe such an anti-fun feature should be given a pass, regardless of what the monetization/retention team says.

Placement of the boon and shrine

  • The placement of boons and weapons may be frustratingly out of sync with currency placement.
  • Nobody has ever commented, “I’m pleased this map includes six green weapon shrines.”
  • Having distinct sorts of boon shrines take from different pools, whether depending on rarity or general boon type, would at the very least lessen the aggravation of receiving an unsuitable blessing.
  • To be honest, if random boon shrines offered you the choice of declining the boon in exchange for half your gold or +10hp, I’d choose it nearly every time.
  • The map-shrines may be very inconveniently located and type-wise.
    • Nobody wants a Fortune as the next-to-last level, and I’ve played so many plays where getting a Strife is almost impossible that I’ve given up on the immensely entertaining ranger bomb spec.
    • Couldn’t we simply make all three shrines convergence points? Or do you want the map to begin with them revealed? Or maybe rethink what the shrine kinds’ function is in the first place.

Varieties of maps

  • While the present approach of map reorganization is adequate, it would be wonderful to see more of the standard VT2 maps incorporated into wastelands to provide variation and allow those of us who have lost interest in the usual game style to re-play them.



I was going to sit here and attempt to compile a “boon tier list ” but it would almost certainly be a waste of time. Instead, I’ll just state the following:

  • Ammo pickup boons are worthless for a significant variety of weapons, specifications, and every playthrough without a Ranger’s ultimate level. If you had any form of tracking, I’d expect “15hp on ammunition pickup” to be the sole option that people routinely choose above everything else since it allows you to fully heal using ammo boxes.
  • Aside from ranger veterans, I’ve never seen anybody believe a bomb boon to be beneficial.
  • I’ve never heard of someone thinking a healing item boon is a good thing.
  • Ability-related boons synergize insanely effectively, and don’t account for the difference in CD between low and high CD skills.
  • The “on crit” boons combine even more crazily, and a severe bias towards rapid weapons develops. All non-rampart/non-relentless bosses in a run are negated by an engineer with explosive crits.
  • To improve the possibilities of insta-wiping runs on that one Slaanesh curse, the meme barrel boon should be increased to 1000 percent. It’s a requirement of the meme gods.


  • The crit synergy concept also applies here. A weapon with a heal or stagger on crit characteristic may be insanely strong, reinforcing most players’ usual tactic of spamming quick weapons for procs.
  • The booby prize in wasteland will always be +damage to race/berserker/armored.


  • Agility potions would benefit from features such as “can’t dodge off ledges,” “dodges go through foes,” “dodges knock back,” or anything else that would make them more helpful than kiting monsters.
  • Poison potions are good, but they’re seldom worth carrying, and it’s hardly worth the trouble to find one, exchange potions, drink it, then pick up the old potion and figure out where your squad went. It’s a shame there isn’t a method to just run over them and obtain the benefit that way, or to add more potion slots.
  • I’m not clear what the difference is between the two damage pots, or how they vary from the strength pots that my grail-bot spits out all over the place. I simply drink one and press the buttons, and since there are no damage statistics, I have no notion what the true difference is until I check the buff description.
  • Morgrim’s lack of friendly fire is incredible, and it makes me wish ordinary bombs behaved the same way.
  • Dupe 🙁


  • Potion and treasure curses are the most beneficial of the Slaanesh curses. It’s strange, to be honest. Empathy is a curse, but it’s more due of how obnoxious all the FF voice chatter is than because of the difficulties.
  • The miasma is a continual irritant, particularly given the layer of rotting filth that smears over the camera every time you go outdoors. Nurgle’s poison curse is a reasonable challenge, and truly horrific on the citadel and arena levels, whereas the miasma is simply a constant annoyance. Anyone possessing “on special kill” boons gets an endless supply of free kills thanks to the ghost.
  • Except for the eggs, which are cheap to farm after you have a solid boss-killing spec up and going, Tzeentch’s curses all seem quite difficult. It would be great if the bots didn’t stand in the way of the lightning.
  • Khorne’s champions are entertaining, despite their odd absence from various arenas and the last citadel, since they appear to favor roving mobs. Skulls of Khorne are also entertaining, providing both danger and the potential to gib your opponents. Tornados are similar to bombs in that they don’t affect the adversaries, they frequently interrupt exploration with boring waiting or random damage, and they’re both excessively opaque and prone to spawning quietly behind/under you.

Affixes to Levels

  • Hordes is a pain to deal with. Yes, it adds a level of difficulty, but it also slows down the game far more than any other affix.
  • -specials on a Slaanesh treasure map implies you’ll be broke, which is terrible.
  • +monsters may be almost imperceptible.
  • +healing things are a bit of a letdown.

Affixes/grudges/whatevers for the boss

  • Rampart, relentless, and shield-shatter are all full game-changers, which is a fun challenge but seems unjust when your whole build/class gets obliterated. Knowing it’s coming is one thing, but building up a superb boss-killer spec over the course of the game just to have the last level toss two enemies who expressly counter you is very terrible.
  • Stopping explosives with the Rampart is still a pain.
  • When combined with other protective affixes, Invuln isn’t exactly enjoyable or straightforward, and it may be quite annoying.
  • To find out what most boss affixes accomplish, you’ll need to consult the wiki.
  • When boss affixes synergize, such as a rampart regenerating Stormfiend, it doesn’t seem like you’ve been smacked by an angry RNGrimnir, but rather like you’ve been smacked by a vengeful RNGrimnir.
  • What happened to “lightning enchanted”? This precise taste of nostalgic agony is what I desire!


  • I’m not going to make any demands about balancing occupations to accommodate the wastes, but please at least consider us, since Salt and Sienna, in particular, seem to be under-represented in groups. Of course, he’s a huntsman, but he’s accustomed to it.
  • I wish I had the ability to change occupations at different levels. I don’t think it’ll ever happen, but I die a bit inside every time I get “exploding ranged crits” on an ironbreaker.

Notes on the End

I like Chaos Wastes so much that I consider it the finest thing since Vermintide 2’s first release that I have no desire to play conventional maps since they are so uninteresting. It’s like Risk of Rain 2, except with rats and up-and-down staircases, which is exactly what I’ve always wanted. I could go on and on about how much fun it would be to muck about with rotating seasons of boons/curses, or additional challenges a la deeds, or what crazy builds might be kludged together utilizing other occupations’ skills, but this is already way longer than it needs to be.

(Especially because, no matter how entertaining it is to write, no “list of game changes, devs please read” article has ever done anything.)

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