Chaos Knights Warhammer 40K Lore: Notable Moments

Every day, new lore appears that’s not in the official canon. These are some of my favorite moments and events from Warhammer 40k outside of the established history.

Chaos Knights are the most numerous of the Space Marines in Warhammer 40,000 lore. They were created at the height of the Horus Heresy and have been fighting for over ten thousand years. Chaos Knights are known for their color schemes with red being a prominent feature.

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Here are the most remarkable and, at times, terrifying Notable Chaos Knights Warhammer 40k Moments. Long before humans ascended into heaven, the ancient Chaos Knights lineage is supposed to have been anchored in aristocratic homes.

Many are descended from strong and renowned warriors who perpetrated atrocities so horrific that they were lost to time or context.

Only hazy recollections passed down through the centuries by those still alive on the planet have been maintained.

Even then, they can’t always tell the truth because they have no way of knowing how much has been sanitized away over the centuries since they last told their story at rest stops along any road where people might come across it again one day should a chance encounter give rise to new tales besides these old ones.


Notable Chaos Knights Warhammer 40k Moments
  • 1 – M15-M31 Isolation Period
  • M31, Broken Banners, No. 2
  • 3 – M31-M41 Degradation Age
  • M41-M42 – Merciless Conquest

Period of Isolation for the Chaos Knights in Warhammer 40k

  • The Long March (approx. M15) — Around 200 years ago, the Long March was a generation of starships that departed Earth’s system and Sol.
  • These ships were outfitted with STCs, which allowed them to travel across space as readily as, if not more easily, than any other technology available at the time! One group brought several Knight Industries uniforms with them.
  • These first residences arose from what was known as “The First Quartet” period, when a large group of pioneers set out together into new area.
  • The Chivalrous Code – through time, the Chivalrous Code became an indisputable component of life on every Knight World.
  • Devotion and loyalty are fundamental concepts in any genuine warrior’s life; bravery is another attribute highly admired by warriors who risk their lives every day for king or nation while adhering to code standards such as “honest armor,” which compels them to uphold honor at all costs.
  • This chapter explains how throughout medieval times, a system of regulations known as “the chivalric” ruled knights all across the globe.
  • Knight pilots were initially established on Aurelion Major under the Gilded King – The Forgotten Age of Technology.
  • Gold statues portraying Knights and their Nobles are carved into escarpments that circle every mile across the planet’s surface to mark this period in history!
  • Strife (ca. M25-M30) — War has ripped the galaxy apart, but the Knight Worlds have withstood the storm.
  • These societies are conservative enough to weather this storm without too much change.
  • Their people are safe within huge war engines that guard them like ancient guardians until humanity’s hold on space is strong enough to defend them not just from aliens but also from one another.”
  • The Crusade (ca. 798.M30 – 005.M31) — In the Great Crusade, the Knights with their GE engineless tanks proved to be an essential asset, battling for humanity with all they had.
  • The Emperor’s ships would travel across galaxies, unifying Human planets one by one while killing any obstacles in his way, such as other futuristic technologies or species from other time periods like as Orks.
  • Despite the fact that these warriors are robotic creatures developed on Mars utilizing converted Neuro-enhancement systems discovered among captured biological populations undergoing mutation owing to considerably greater exposure, they are natural born humans.

chaos knights warhammer 40kLEGION5551’s Khorne chaos knight champion

Broken Banners, Chaos Knights, M31

  • Horus Heresy (ca. 005-014.M31) — At the height of the Imperium’s civil war, half of the Imperium’s 18 Space Marine Legions launch open revolt against their lawful Emperor in service to evil gods.
  • Corruption quickly swept throughout most of the land, and every guarding home became tainted by chaos, until Knight Houses were no longer immune.
  • The first Chaos Knights join Horus’ slaughters by unbreakable pledges greater than life itself, sworn long ago, even before time started on Earth.
  • “The Titandeath” (006-013.M31) – Battle of Beta-Garmon One of history’s most catastrophic wars took place in the Beta-Garmon star cluster.
  • Entire Houses were destroyed in combat or pulled into strange tractor beams that consumed their engines paragraph by agonizing inch until they were nothing more than burning debris beside the remains of once mighty war machines, with loyalists and traitors alike fighting for control over these worlds.
  • Because it felt like an age until either side gave up, the war zone was dubbed “the Tribulation,” yet even then, many chapters were dedicated to demonstrating their value by triumph at whatever cost.
  • The Warmaster’s fleets sail through the Knight World of Molech, which is governed by Knights from House Devine, in the Battle of Molech (009.M31).
  • They wreck devastation on different towns and fortifications on their approach to Terra until finally arriving at ancient Earth, which was long before vanquished during one such onslaught many millennia ago.
  • Even this familiarity is no longer enough to stop them now that Slaanesh has gained control of these warring Nobles who have completely succumbed to temptation–corrupting everything for all time.
  • The Horus Heresy came to an end when the Warmaster and Emperor were both slain in combat on their flagship during the Siege of Terra (014.M31).
  • Some Traitors flee for safety, but many more are captured by Clubs Coup, who unleash violence across Imperiality as new campaigns begin, while others return home after carving out Tyrannical realms from which they once ruled peacefully before succumbing to ambition just as much as or even worse than those who had previously ruled over them.
  • A tiny band of loyalists stays behind; these soldiers reflect on what has been lost – comrades slaughtered at the hands of one other during a brutal civil war – and determine that there may yet be hope if Machiavellian methods can succeed.

M31-M41, Chaos Knights Degradation Age

  • The Idolaters Rise (ca. M31-M36) – Since their discovery during the first battle against mankind, the Chaos Knights have remained undefeated.
  • Some in the Imperium believe this is because their power is linked to great leaders like Horus, or it could simply mean that these units are more loyal than others, but this is despite being defeated by Traitor Guard forces on multiple occasions and Mars itself being attacked by malignant machines known as mammoths made out of organics bloodletters zombiesorks mankillers monstrosities horrors.
  • The dark Mechanicum continues to delve further into its unholy skills, distorting the throne mechanicum’s old technologies by powering catastrophic warp powered devices. The Inquisition learns about a new kind of corruption that has been circulating throughout Knight Worlds for some time.
  • It’s a mystery how the Fallen noble houses got their hands on these tech-savvy idolaters and transformed them from faithful Battle Computer programmers into ruthless destroyers.
  • Psychic Reign (about M34) – After learning of humanity’s existence, the Cacodominus, an enormous and powerful cyborg regarded as the creator of all dread storms, uses its telepathic abilities to gain the services of seventeen roaming Chaos Knights.
  • Each member has been assigned a distinct mission: one must locate a sunless planet where they expect to discover an old technological wonder buried, while another has been assigned solo protection against any dangers that may develop inside this unusual environment as a hermetic responsibility.
  • Daredevil tasks include riding it indefinitely so that future generations will not be reminded. The creature’s last telepathic scream reverberates throughout space, distorting even our own reality.
  • Behind all fleets, there is a guiding light. The Astronomican is swaying until a massive outcry finally puts a stop to it. Many starships were lost, and whole sub sectors were ravaged by warfare; nonetheless, some people managed to escape.
  • Wounded Prey – While on way to Warzone Kilda, the cargo ship Dark Cloud is lost in the Warp. A complete lance of Imperial Knights with Gellar Field protection awaits it until big items crash and destroy their hull, producing pandemonium across all locations where energy begins to flow internally from the outside.
  • The subtext reads: “The Mass Transport Barge’s really powerful,” as perceived by a shiny eyed Officio Pre Sekrementalist observer who has just experienced this occurrence firsthand. A fleet of corrupted spacecraft is attacking the Dark Cloud.
  • Its last-ditch fortifications have been demolished. The Knights who go out onto the barge’s exterior face combat against formidable foes in order to purchase time for those still trapped within, who need additional energy-based weaponry before being safely removed using Air Support skills such as Rocket Launchers or fighter aircraft.
  • Even these things may not be enough if you’re stranded at sea with no hope.
  • The Fortune’s Reward – At first appearance, it seems to be similar to any other Imperial planet that has escaped the ravages of time. But what happens when nine Knight Worlds are corrupted in a single solar decade?
  • This isn’t something that can be overlooked, and these locations raise concerns about what occurred on their individual worlds during the Age Of Strife millions of years ago. Manat was the head of an ancient family and served many powerful people.
  • He was said to have amazing abilities among the Noble houses, and he frequently vanished after serving one family for a period of time before reappearing with information on what had happened while they were gone or whether they were still alive–only adding to the confusion as everyone wonders where this “hero” could have gone!
  • The Hatred of Krastellan, a dreadblade and fallen knight from House Hawkshroud, landed to the planet Oumbo with the goal of attacking the planet’s Agri-capital city.
  • However, when they came into contactless range for communications and received no response, they decided to fire on one point within the siege walls in the hopes of causing some sort of damage or at the very least forcing them to return to negotiations until a more thorough examination could be conducted.
  • However, this action paid off, as Anomoeans got instruction via techpriest counsel while waiting patiently after sending out an astropathic distress signal (which Dominus Telemetenos Vrae directed all surrounding forge planets to cease sending out).

chaos knights of death warhammer 40k AshGreenX’s Knight of Death

  • The House of Kreen Scar Herpetrax is a prominent and old house that has been at battle for ages.
  • They have control over a large number of systems, ranging from planets in the galactic south that span 100 light years to nearby stellar suburbs just east of Ultima Thule, where their armaments are manufactured before being shipped out here along with other supplies needed by whatever forces are in need at the time.
  • They’re the Adeptus Mechanicus or Astra Militarum! Despite this concentrated defensive effort, we continue our march to triumph because one thing always takes precedence over everything else. Thousands of people are killed every year as a consequence of the technique, crushed under ferrocrete slabs or buried in catastrophic cave-ins. However,
  • Long-forgotten ruins found by fallen noble rulers on various planets demonstrate that not all hope is lost for the people of these worlds—the discovery might lead them to independence! The Knight has a massive weaponry previously cherished by the Emailith Empire. During the last years of the Second Edition.
  • This belt’s Imperial manufactorum planets become known as “the Kreen Scar” as these weapons are misdirected into deep space where they can do no damage while their slave populations are wiped out by massed orbital bombardments from above.
  • Betrayal (ca. M36) – News of Goge Vandire’s death has traveled across known space, the man who was formerly High Lord and Ecclesiarch until he revolted against His own monarch.
  • Those who are devoted to him begin spreading devastation on a number of fronts, including burning shrines dedicated exclusively to our rescues and murdering any Saint figureheads they come across in this region alone! But that wasn’t enough for them; they hoped that if someone competent enough appeared in life again, their souls would be saved by such brutality.
  • Lances from five Fallen mansions are besieging the Webway connection within a drifting moon. The link connects directly to Seyahmva’ar, an Oritarian Commorragh outpost governed by the Drukhari’s Kabal Opaque himself – but instead of aiding in repelling the newest onslaught on their home-point, they unplugged it, allowing everything to be ripped apart.
  • The Renegades Astra Militarum infantry forces lay siege to Graggen Keep, a large stronghold on the Death World of Friggenswald, on the Death World of Friggenswald. Despite their debilitated position, which stems from their closeness to just one big population and a scarcity of food caches.
  • These invaders are hampered by two factors: first, they are dissolved by the sludgy corrosive river that surrounds them, making mobility and firepower impossible without boats or other ways of crossing these “corrosive” waters. Second, and maybe more critically, Knight Unflinching Steel unleashes limitless hail into close-range ranks while also shooting Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon rounds from behind barriers to defend himself.
  • The Lucaris Knights stormed into Graggen Keep and utterly demolished it. They walked through the acid flows that encircled them, leaving no opponent alive to stop these war machines from annihilating all in their path!
  • Unflinching Steel’s previous residence was torn down and mutilated, yet the team was not annihilated. Instead, its broken chassis was returned to Morda Prime, previously known as Fallen Knight World, in search of vengeance!
  • The Knights of Barragon spread out in search of their King, who had been captured by a chaos cult. They tracked him down and went inside the reality-bending tower, where they were changed into Crystalline statues until another member appeared — live people who opened fire on sight!
  • Tellerax Combat – The Dreadblade Litany of Destruction rises proudly in the midst of battle, wielding a fearsome weapon that can rip heretics and xenos apart. Only an elite detachment headed by Captain Phaegus Layard himself can bring the tense, sometimes torturous combat to a close.
  • With regular Orbital bombardment and land-based strikes, both sides strive for control until Without Remanence comes with word that a nearby Space Hulk will supply enough supplies to sustain them through any length campaign–if they can reach there before it self-destructs next week. The Litany of Destruction gains the upper hand, eliminating its Loyalist adversary and prepared for a devastating attack.
  • The struggle between these two strong warriors has been going on for quite some time, but it is only after an hour that we witness any serious damage being done; eventually, after many minutes with no apparent win, the Knight Paladin Ever-Stalwart appears to help both sides in their desperate battle!
  • The Litany flees in rage, threatening to return and annihilate these interfering fight practitioners with their own blood.
  • Abaddon the Despoiler’s 13th Black Crusade (999.M41) – Chaos’ armies assemble for Abaddon the Despoiler’s 13th Black Crusade. The Warmaster initiates his assault on many fronts, marching against Space Marines with dread lances in pitched engagements throughout known space.
  • Many members of an elite 5th Company known as the “Howling Griffons” are hunted down and killed by those from House Khomentis. The Dreadblade Bleak Dawn’s massive army slams into Belismar, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.
  • The Narsine 18th Infantry is no match for these Heretic Astartes warbands, and they are quickly wiped out, leaving only corpse stumps where once there was a large city filled with combat.
  • Soldiers from many houses valiantly risking their lives to halt Chaos knights’ progress into booming industrial areas, which now contain billions more people than ever!
  • Armageddon (ca. 999.M41) — Following the emergence of a massive Warp Rift on Mars’ surface, an enormous Khornate demon spawn appears, ravaging Orkoid communities and Imperial forces equally. Shortly after these troops resurrect from their ashes, the Dreadblade Incarnate Slaughter appears with them.
  • One ghastly fist gripped around a bleeding sword!

M41-M42, Merciless Conquest

the chaos knightJudicator02’s Chaos Knight

  • 999.M41 – Great Rift The cosmos is a tumultuous and tumultuous place. Throughout the Great Rift, tremendous warp storms rage, merging into an even more terrible Cicatrix Maledictum, where countless Knight planets are devoured by these devouring monsters that pour out of this gash in reality; but, there is hope for those who have answered.
  • The scary divide at the top indicates all of the unfortunate loyalists who have gathered beneath the flag of their rightful lords, which can only bode good things!
  • Nachmund (M42) – Imperial envoys were sent to Dharrovar, a forgotten planet formerly thought to have been destroyed during the Horus Heresy.
  • These ambassadors were uncovered within one of Cicatrix Maledictum’s few known tunnels and petitioned for protection from what they believe is captivity beyond the Great Rift, which has been shut off by a lightening-fast Astronomic spacecraft known as “The Sun” or simply “the stars.”
  • However, noble Kaligius had succumbed to too much disorder, and his throne Mechanicum was infected with demonic presences, thus their demands were met with bloodshed.
  • The White Scars 6th Company faces an invading horde of Slaaneshi daemons atop the gas giant Rho Zapphire in the Conflagration of Zapphire (M42).
  • Even as more wicked beings flood into realspace, shrieking their way to their appointed purgatory for all eternity with friends at every turn–the Space Marines race forward to seize these vital derricks suspended high within the planet’s thermosphere before they are seized by enemy forces below who would prevent them from returning.
  • The possibility of reinforcements appears, but it is just a glimmer of optimism. The Knights instantly commence fire on the Space Marines as they march onto their platforms and unleash fire on them indiscriminately.
  • They’re just seconds away from death, so there’s no time for planning! The Imperial Navy’s armada of ships came to refill the aether-derrick above Rho Zapphire, but not before completely overburdening it. Depending on how much fuel was supplied, the core reactants within each spacecraft went off in varied degrees.
  • This ignited everything around them, as a scorching flame broiled over kilometers of land for seconds, sending toxic smoke rising up into chaotic clouds that no man could live without protection – even if they were military personnel prepared for such situations!
  • Infernus (.M42) – Two Freeblade Knights were sacrificed when the Master of Possession Vorash Soulflayer and his acolytes turned a massive manufactorum complex into what is now known as Infernus Daemonsport.
  • They heroically repelled a Chaos onslaught on Nemendghast while doing so. 
  • With all they had left, they defended their home world. Only to discover it was too late when transcripts showing how perversely strong this new workshop was arrived in civilization centers around Canon Rift.
  • Their dedication to their creator almost cost them everything, but it was ultimately worth it. They slaughtered both modes and names with a last surge of vigor before being dispatched on their own travels by Vorash, who renamed each sword after what he saw within its owner.
  • Bale Star was awarded for his devotion to his Knight-utch complex, while Hand Of Mourning was created as a memorial to one warrior’s death until another can take up arms against unknown opponents. In order to rescue one of their own, the Hand of Mourning has been provided information concerning a Daemon Prince.
  • They must now chase down this formidable beast and bring it back for research, but first things first: if the Baroness is still alive when Bale arrives, they must murder her!
  • Stomping Grounds (M42, unknown year) – As hundreds, if not thousands, march towards you, the sound of cobblestone breaking under your feet, the grind-and-clangor fill your ears. A force so massive that it can be seen from kilometers away appears out of nowhere.
  • Their flags flap in a wind that no longer exists because there isn’t time for anything but action here — both sides understand that this war won’t stop until one side has been forced back far enough to create space between them again, and victory willingness is crucial.
  • Dysephamine (M42) – The Company of Misery was a gang of bandits that roamed the Dysephamine System in pursuit of any psykers they could locate. They’ve been on this planet for a long time.
  • But not before requesting assistance from their home sector; unfortunately, it was too late since all available boats were already engaged in combat!
  • The Hatred foresaw what would happen sooner than expected—the capture of the renegades led straight into our campaign narrative line, in which you play one of two sides in a battle to halt the wicked Space Marines once again.
  • Sir Hekhtur, the famous Freeblade, was challenged by the faraway sword terrible canis rex. On Dyseph IX’s lone moon, the so-called “Chainbreaker” awaits him, along with Hatred krastellan, in a conflict that will determine who will govern the cosmos.
  • When two warriors meet in fight, the myth says, it’s not only about who has greater abilities or strength, but also about mental fortitude, since success is determined by how much bravery each person has – even if they’re alone against the whole cosmos.
  • Hunting (M42) – The Kroot are a warrior race from Garlakta’s forests. They’ve long been recognized as ruthless assassins that serve any fallen noble or warlord willing to pay enough money for their services.
  • Which, by the way, includes consuming everything they can get their hands on with no concern for life values! On this particular day, however, one stupid choice would lead not just him, but also two others to their deaths while seeking across huge seas for somewhere else to go.
  • The tree marks conveyed a narrative that would only be revealed with time. A swarm of Khommite Knights emerged out of nowhere to assault their prey, pursuing them across warp space in order to exact retribution on the dreaded enemy who had mistreated them so many years before.
  • After discovering of a room filled with ancient forgotten knowledge, the Gilded King has set out on a trip to find this hidden storehouse and eliminate its defender, the Freeblade known as Green Knight.
  • The Great Game for Supremacy overflows into realspace, culminating in a series of horrible wars throughout the Imperium Nihilus’ planets. Vigrid (M42) –
  • The Fight of Vigrid was an epic battle in which vast armies from each Ruinous Power fought to the death, while Greater daemons fought with all they had.
  • There was nothing left on either side as Horrors grabbed onto doomed soldiers before being ripped apart by opposing gods’ desperate warriors who refused to give up no matter what was thrown at them till the end arrived. The contest’s nightmarish howl burst across miles-long tanks, primarily made up of souls lost forever when their brains were melted beyond repair within seconds after seeing images so horrible that few have ever lived to speak about them.
  • Four Lucaris Knights fought combat against Khorne’s, Nurgle’s, and Slaanesh Champions in the Iconoclast mansion, a bastion of power.
  • They were victorious, but only for a short time, as it became clear that they had received a piece of Tzeentch’s fate bending gift, allowing them to turn their enemies’ weapons against themselves in open combat once more before finally escaping with much-needed patents on how to best use these sorcerous gifts!
  • False (M42) – The Knight Rampager’s Death, coated in a thick covering of torn flesh and putrid fat, has taken the lives of its most deserving foes for over two centuries.
  • Thousands of Necron Flayed Ones have emerged from their dark reality to acclaim this mighty blade as divinely blessed, as the insane warrior slays all with an unending passion that has earned them new followers among an even stranger group – the Necron Flayed Ones have emerged from their dark reality to acclaim this mighty blade as divinely blessed!
  • When a crazy Human slaughtered the Flayed Ones’ devotees, they soon sacrificed their own lives to honor him. Death’s Sabre was so engrossed in its vengeance that it didn’t even identify these new xenos thralls as foes until it was too late!
  • Indomitable (Unknown Date.M42) – The Fallen houses waged a terrible civil war against the various vessels of the Indomitus Crusade.
  • While more voracious families and Dreadblades darkened planets following behind each Fleet of smoker ships in an effortful display that would soon be known throughout all briefing rooms acrossabwe space for generations after this era had passed, Chaos Knights used their dread lances to strike worlds where Imperial reinforcements were on their way, challenging them head-on.
  • Despite the fact that they knew they couldn’t prevail, the fallen Houses gladly engaged one another with astounding passion.


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The “new chaos knights 40k” is a new faction that was introduced in the 7th edition of Warhammer 40K. This article will cover some of the notable moments from this faction’s lore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do chaos Knights have pilots?

A: Chaos Knights are not sentient creatures, they are robots. They do not need pilots to operate their weapons or navigation systems.

Do chaos Knights have houses?

A: Chaos Knights have no houses. This was changed in an update to the game as some people were not happy with this decision and many had hoped that they would get a house at some point, but it never happened.

How was chaos created 40k?

A: In order to create a world of chaos and disorder, one must first have the knowledge of creating that chaotic state. Chaos was created by an ancient Egyptian god called Ammit, who ate all souls that had been judged unworthy for eternity in his stomach.

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