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Chance the Rapper’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chance the Rapper’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chance the Rapper

  • Net Worth: $33 million
  • Birthday: April 16, 1993
  • Instruction: William Jones Preparatory High School


Chance the Rapper (Photo by Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Pictures )

With a net worth of $33 million, according to Forbes, Chance the Rapper is often  on lists of the highest paid hip-hop artists. As an independent artist that hasn’t sold any bodily records throughout his career, Chance makes most of his cash from streaming audio, concert tours, and lucrative endorsement deals.

Chance the Rapper Net Worth is $33 million

The musician, whose real name is Chancelor Jonathan Bennet, made it his goal to be a successful rapper from a really early age. He started rapping when he was in 6th grade, but it had been in high school in Chicago that his dream began to take shape. Throughout a ten-day suspension from school, Chance started to work on his first music project, which would debut a couple of decades later. He termed the mixtape “10 day” in honor of the suspension period. The project was included in Forbes’ cheap tunes column, which called it “a noticeably strong first effort from a member of a thriving young hip-hop scene.”

Nowadays, with influences from the likes of Michael Jackson and Kanye West, in addition to from Jazz and Gospel, the rapper’s music has countless streams on several different platforms. 

Chance’s style of earning money is out of the standard, and streaming his songs for free has given him respect from his audience. He’s also developed a relationship with his fans because his songs contain profound social criticism. He dedicates his time and money to helping others too, and he is extremely open about his political opinions.

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1. He Profits From His Music In an Unconventional Way

Recording artist Chance the Rapper accepts the Best Rap Album award for ‘Coloring Book’ onstage through The 59th GRAMMY awards at STAPLES Center on February 12, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)

Among the aspects that sets Chance besides other musicians in the sector is that he’s not signed to any record label. The musician has released his songs at no cost on streaming services like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify. He told Vanity Fair, “I never wanted to sell my music, because I thought putting a price on it put a limit on it and inhibited me from making a connection.”

This path hasn’t prevented Chance from becoming incredibly profitable. His next official mixtape, “Acid Rain,” earned a diamond certificate from mixtape distribution platform DatPiff, which is just given to people who collect over one million flows. His subsequent work, Coloring Book, debuted at number 8 the US Billboard 200 graph due to was streamed over 57 million times on a single platform during weekly. Both albums received ample critical acclaim.

On Spotify, he’s 9,586,590 yearly listeners. The average payout to artists is between $0. 006 and $0. 0084 per flow. For his record “Coloring Book,” Chance had an exclusive deal with Apple Music for initial streaming rights. He had been paid $500,000 for exclusive streaming rights for the first few weeks. Many fans were upset about the move (although Apple did provide it at no cost, even to non-subscribers), since the music was not published on SoundCloud for fourteen days. Chance reacted by stating: 

I think artists can get a great deal from the streaming wars so long as they stay in charge of their own merchandise. If you encounter opportunities to work with great people, pick up money and maintain your ethics I say do it.

He’s reportedly turned down 10 million offers from record labels to keep streaming his songs at no cost, and even rejected an offer from his mentor, Kanye West. 

Chance has made a name for himself by collaborating with other musicians. In “Acid Rain,” he had the support of artists like Childish Gambino and Vic Mensa. His third mixtape featured Kanye West, 2 Chainz, and Young Thug, amongst others. He worked alongside Kanye West in his record “Life of Pablo,” in which Chance co-wrote various tunes. He’s also appeared on other people’s work, such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s record “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made,” and in Skrillex’s tune “Show Me Love.” Each of these collaborations have led to Chance’s fortune. In 2015, he appeared in Forbes’ 30 under 30 music record. He was also featured in two Forbes lists in 2017: he had been amount 5 in the highest paid hip-hop artists in the entire world list and amount 15 in the celebrity 100 newcomers.

Chance’s ability was rewarded multiple times. Most importantly, he has won three Grammy awards for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance, and Best Album. Streaming albums were considered for Grammy awards for the first time in 2017. He also shared an Emmy nomination with the cast of Saturday Night Live because of their functionality of the tune “Last Christmas.”

2. He Makes Many of His Cash From Tours and Merchandise

Live shows are Chance’s favorite way to interact with his fans, and they’re also among the best ways to promote his songs. In 2017 that he headlined Lollapalooza in Chicago. His operation was widely acclaimed, and it’s been believed to have drawn among the biggest audiences because the festival’s revival in 2005. Other excursions include the Magnificent Coloring World Tour and the Be Encouraged Tour, which have taken him to various cities in the united states and Europe. The Be Encouraged Tour brought at least 500,000 in ticket sales every night in cities where amounts are available. 

GettyChance the Rapper play with a soulful and low-key set for NPR’s Tiny Desk series, published on Wednesday (Getty)

On a smaller scale, Chance had a tour around several American schools in the collapse of 2014, visiting institutions like Poly Pomona, St. Louis University, University of Kentucky, and Virginia Tech, among others. This tour propelled the thought for a significant source of revenue for the artist: his product line. Throughout the tour, Chance and his group sold locally-themed products. Ever since, Chance’s ingenious merch has turned into a pillar of his connection with his audience. He sells products such as hats, t-shirts, lighters, and stickers on his web page also.

“I make money from touring and selling merchandise,” Chance once told Vanity Fair, “and I honestly believe if you put effort into something and you execute properly, you don’t necessarily have to go through the traditional ways.”

Chance also gains from the VIP packages he started to promote in his spring trip of 2017, which provide experiences like a hand-paper-scissors tournament with Chance for $75 or selfies to be tweeted from his private account for $250.

3. He Understands the Power of Endorsements

Chance’s picture isn’t just used for his own product. The rapper became the face of the #ThankUObama clothing line launched by Canadian merchant Joe Fresh. The lineup pays tribute to Barack Obama and his loved ones. The musician has a long history with the former president–his father worked with Obama when he was a senator.

Chance has partnered with Dockers, teaming up with the firm for its Get Ready string. He also starred in H&M’s ad campaign for their 2016 Kenzo collection. Furthermore, he was a part of Nike’s effort “Unlimited Together,” honoring USA Basketball players. The musician created a first tune to be featured in a brief film released by Nike as part of the campaign. His earnings for all these deals are unknown. 

He’s also club ambassador for the Chicago White Sox. Aside from engaging in actions for the club advertising, the musician designed a limited edition line of hats, which sold out “within minutes.” The White Sox vice president of sales and marketing stated They had picked the musician for this effort because its objective is to “talk to those who are […] younger, to develop interest from the Hispanic and the African-American markets. Chance resonates with them.”

4. Despite His Fame, He’s Been Deemed One of the Most Humble Artists In Hip-Hop

Not much was reported about the manner Chance spends his luck when it comes to private matters. His most well-known expense is the purchase of his home in 600 Fairbanks Court, Chicago. The downtown property was recorded for a little more than $4 million, but Chance sealed the bargain for $3.7 million. According to NBC Chicago, the two-bedroom property steps 4,500 square feet, has big glass windows with views over the Chicago skyline, and comprises three decks, a fitness center, a spa, a soundproof library, a bar, and a sauna.

Not much else is known about his spending habits, as he goes out to Chicago clubs or expensive restaurants, and spends time at home with his girilfriend and their daughter.

He’s expressed his feelings regarding cash in his song “First World Problems,” which he debuted on The Late show with Stephen Colbert. In the song, Chance compares record label offerings to the apple tree that tempted Adam and Eve in paradise. The lyrics also speak about the the truth that money can’t offer you spiritual peace and cannot make you a fantastic father.

5. As a Socially Conscious Citizen, Chance Invests In Giving Back

Chance has been engaged in a variety of charitable causes focused on Chicago. He based Social Works, a nonprofit organization whose goal is “to empower youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement while fostering leadership, accessibility, and positivity within the youth throughout Chicago.” This company has raised $2.2 million for public schools in Chicago, including to the $1 million Chance contributed in 2017. Chance along with other musicians met with president Obama to talk My Brother’s Keeper Challenge, an initiative aimed at assisting “younger generations of blacks and other minorities stay on the right path.” He also partnered with The Empowerment Plan, a humanitarian organization. Chance declared his Warmest Winter Initiative to increase $100,000 to supply the displaced people of Chicago with coats for the town’s harsh winter.

Although he considers himself an independent voter, Chance has supported Obama on numerous occasions and generally leans towards the democratic side of politics. He volunteered for Obama’s reelection effort in 2012, and in 2017 he played at the Obama Foundation Summit. In the newest presidential elections, Chance offered his aid to Hillary Clinton, asserting he sensed a “certain sincerity to her” and that he believed she’d be dedicated to assisting Chicago.   As matter of fact, he led the youths of the town in a march to the voting polls after having performed a concert for them.

Although he’s been very vocal about his disapproval of President Donald Trump, Chance generated controversy for defending Kanye West, who voiced his allegiance to Trump. But a few days afterwards, Chance took to twitter again to apologize and explain that he had acted out of a protective instinct of Kanye but he would “never support anyone who has made a career out of hatred, racism and discrimination.”

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