Celtics’ Legend Paul Pierce Details How He Was Almost a Maverick

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Paul Pierce, former defender of the Boston Celtics.

The Dallas Mavericks were number one in 2007, losing to the State Golden Warriors in six games. Team Warriors of We think it’s the first team to win the MVP competition in the first round.

Maverick forward Dirk Nowicki was appointed MVP for the 2007 regular season. Kevin Garnett still wants to know how Dirk won the MVP prize in 2007, even though he didn’t make it to the first round.

Last month, All-Star Weekend in Chicago hosted the All-The-Smoke podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson and told them that according to Garnet, the criteria for playing in the first round was to play in front of Novitsky.

How did Dirk [Novitsky] win the MVP title that year?  They don’t know, but the MVP for Dirk had to leave the first round to be considered as MVP, otherwise they would have given it to someone else. Then the Mark Cuban effect comes into play. If your host fights for you and defends the Partners Council on your behalf, and that should have come into play at some point, Garnett said. Because when you did [Warriors 2007], you blew a hole in the plan that had to happen. It shouldn’t have happened, now all those losers come here and do things they shouldn’t have done.

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Paul Pierce says he wanted to move to the Mavericks after theseason 2007.

Garnet’s future teammate Paul Pierce has shown interest in joining the Mavericks after the Mavericks’ defeat at the Warriors in 2007. Pierce signed a contract with the Celtics and discussed a possible deal with Dallas with the Boston owners. Pierce was a guest at All The Smoke on Thursday and showed it to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

People don’t know I almost left Boston. I talked to the owners and told them it didn’t work. That’s the year before we had KG [Kevin Garnett]; that’s the year Kevin Durant was in college and we lost 18 years in a row. I feel that we are weak; I am in the prime of my life, and right now we are weak. It’s like I’m in my prime and we’re losing; we’re not going to make the playoffs, Pierce said.

I think you should trade me in, recruit Kevin Durant, score a year and get a foothold. I really tried to go to Dallas; some people don’t even know that I really tried to go to Dallas with Dirk [Nowicki] because they were upset and I felt I could help them across the border. It was a good excuse to say I can help this team. They wanted to win 50 games, they just needed me. I had an appointment with [Mark] Cuban. I came to Dallas.

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