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In this version of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we chat with Alexander Travelbum, a globe tourist as well as travel vlogger who values having regional, authentic travel experiences. We talked to him regarding his experiences traveling the United States by van as well as backpacking with Europe, as well as likewise shares his preferred travel suggestions as well as a lot more. Find out more regarding his top travel destinations as well as where he’s headed following!

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Exactly how did your enthusiasm for travel start?

I can’t identify an exact time or location. What I can think is that it’s just a natural thing for me. I like modification, I like experience, as well as I try to experience whatever brand-new that I can. Travel is naturally all of those things, and so it was an all-natural path for me.

The number of days/weeks are you traveling in any type of

provided year? What are the kinds of locations you such as to go to? Recently, I’ve been taking a trip regarding 8-10 months annually. I’ll spend a couple of months at” house”going to family and friends as well as making additional travel cash. I like experiencing a range of locations, however I choose to go a little off the beaten path where I can have a genuine experience to take with me as well as show my complying with.

You spent the very first half of 2018 checking out the USA by van as well as the 2nd half of the year backpacking with Europe. Can you share a considerable experience from that year of travel that had an extensive effect on you?

Traveling by van truly altered points for me. I would certainly backpacked lot of times as well as took a trip with a luggage, however I had never developed a little house as well as had the ability to bring it with me. The experience enabled me to travel to the far edges as well as reach locations that would certainly have been challenging if I ‘d been depending on the typical: airplanes, trains, buses, as well as taxis|trains, taxis, as well as buses|buses, trains, as well as taxis|buses, taxis, as well as trains|taxis, trains, as well as buses|taxis, buses, as well as trains. I had no routine to stay with, as well as no momentary visa. From this, I discovered that there are lots of methods to travel, a wide variety of locations to see, and that we must all leave our manuals in some cases as well as just roam, since that’s when you’ll stumble upon the genuine treasures.

Traveling the United States by van is something a lot of people imagine doing. What are a few of the benefits as well as difficulties of living the van life? Like I just specified, among the benefits of traveling in a van is that you have your house as well as your transport with you. So you can go where you want, when you want, as well as you do not have to stay with train routines as well as bus stations.|You can go where you want, when you want, as well as you don’t have to stick to educate routines as well as bus stations. It’s simple to leave the ruined course, since you actually simply drive in the various other direction. It’s advantageous to have your bed with you whatsoever times, as well as a consistent supply of food. It’s expense effective since, once you have your van, you currently have lodging spent for, as well as you’re mainly just spending for gas as well as food from grocery stores (which is typically more affordable than eating at restaurants while traveling).

It’s challenging in lots of methods. Residing in a van resembles camping every day. Usually, you have a luxurious container as a bathroom. If you have solar panels for energy to bill your phone as well as cook with, they do not function extremely well in the wintertime, and after that you can not prepare for on your own or go on your phone. Vehicle parking can be tough. It’s really unlawful to oversleep your automobile, so you can obtain a knock on the door from the police officers in the center of night often. Generally, the advantages far exceed the difficulties.

On your channel, you share lots of ideas regarding exactly how to travel with little to no cash. What is your leading money-saving idea for tourists?

Couch browsing. A lot of people are afraid of it. They believe it’s odd or they don’t believe anybody would certainly have them as a guest completely free. However it’s an extraordinary platform.|It’s an extraordinary platform. It’s always my number 1 suggestion since when I first truly began taking a trip, I went to Europe for 6 months with much less than $6,000.

On that amount of cash, I took a trip to 15 nations, took trains, buses, ferries, ate at dining establishments, had nights out, went to galleries, as well as a lot more. That amount of cash would not have actually gotten me with even 2 months if I was paying for lodging every evening.|If I was paying for lodging every night, that quantity of cash wouldn’t have gotten me with even 2 months. Sofa browsing conserved me, and that journey altered my life. * The very best part of couch browsing isn’t the money-saving part, however that’s what this specific concern has to do with!

What do you desire target markets to acquire as well as discover|discover as well as acquire from your job? The main point I try to get across is that everybody can travel as well as should. I have actually had the ability to make it occur on an extremely little budget plan, as an introvert, taking a trip alone, taking a trip in a team or with a loved one, I’ve been to “hazardous”locations, costly ones … It has actually constantly exercised as well as it’s enriched my life. I want everybody to have those experiences. The majority of people have reasons, particularly when it pertains to financial resources, however that shouldn’t stop you. You can navigate that.

On the base level, what I’m attempting to state isn’t regarding travel in any way. I’m attempting to show individuals that it is undoubtedly possible to live your life according to what makes you happiest. In this day as well as age, there’s no requirement to opt for a life that does not totally satisfy you each day. It might be a struggle to get there however that’s what makes it sweeter in the long run.

What are the leading three locations you’ve gone to?

Calling a “Top 3” is difficult, however a few of my faves have been Indonesia, Spain, as well as Vietnam.

Provide us your ‘Top 5’listing for one of your leading 3 destinations. Like a to-do or a mini-guide listing of kinds. It can be anything from your preferred resort, finest

location to

  1. have lunch, finest taking in the sights, and so on. Vietnam Most likely to Hanoi, a fascinating, busy city as well as fantastic jump-off factor prior to seeing the remainder of the country.
  2. See Ha Long Bay by boat. This is among my leading 3 views anywhere in the world. The landscape is extraordinary.
  3. Hit the alleyways of Hanoi, Hoi An, as well as Ho Chi Minh City to discover the very best bhan Mi, one of the most well-known sandwich of Vietnam
  4. Go to Mui Ne. Less travelers go right here, as well as it’s fantastic exactly how the landscape modifications. You’ll see white sand dunes, red dune, as well as Fairy Stream, a stream that you’ll walk along jungle, orange desert sand dunes, as well as finish off with a waterfall as well as a small village.
  5. Try the street food. Vietnam is among the very best countries in Southeast Asia for road food. I would certainly call them, however there are a lot of as well as you ought to simply try it all. It’s likewise extremely budget plan pleasant, with dishes ranging from half a dollar to 3 bucks.

The number of nations have you checked out thus far?

I’ve gone to somewhere around 24-28 nations.

What are your top 3 preferred cuisines?

  1. Arancini in Naples, Italy
  2. Eco-friendly chili burger in New Mexico, U.S.A.
  3. Pad Thai on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand

What is your preferred dining establishment on the planet?

Normally, I don’t go to the exact same location twice. I have tried numerous dining establishments, so I do not have any type of faves. However one that I regular in your home is El Farolito in San Francisco, CA.|One that I regular at house is El Farolito in San Francisco, CA. It’s just a hole in the wall surface dining establishment as well as the food is fantastic. According to several resources, this location serves the very best burrito in the US.

What meal do you suggest there? You need to try the very burrito. I suggest carne asada. What is

your preferred travel motion picture? Into bush. Although his life ultimately ends, it’s motivating exactly how he made a decision to leave whatever behind as well as endeavor out right into the wild to totally take care of himself as well as see what people are truly efficient in.

What is your preferred worldwide flight terminal?

Singapore, the very best flight terminal on the planet.

Which city had the friendliest individuals?

Dublin, Ireland That is your preferred travel companion? The very best buddy is a regional since they take you to the very best locations, instruct you regarding their food, culture, as well as lifestyle. You simply discover so much greater than taking a trip together with one more vacationer.

What is the very best method to pass the time while taking a trip?

Well for me, it’s modifying video clips. I extremely suggest taking lots of photos as well as taping video clips, even if the video footage is just for yourself. Then, when you have downtime, undergo it, modify as well as organize it.|When you have downtime, go with it, edit as well as organize it. This way, you reach invest even more time with the important things that you most likely just saw when you were passing by swiftly.

What is one of the most exotic location your occupation has taken you? Myanmar. I traveled there a couple of years back, as well as tourist is expanding a great deal currently, however during that time it was terrific communicating with residents that really did not see lots of people from outside their country.

What is your finest little bit of travel recommendations for somebody who wishes to, or is about to, embark on a life of travel?

Open yourself up as well as value brand-new experience over anything else. Attempt the foods that you would certainly never ever have touched previously, speak to individuals that look various than you, go locations that you hadn’t become aware of. It remains in these moments, where you’re totally open as well as prone|prone as well as totally open, that you find the very best aspects of travel.

What are 4 things you could never ever travel without?

My video camera, a great set of boots, ordinary white Tee shirts, travel underclothing.

What is your utmost desire location? India. I have actually wished to experience this location my

entire life. Thankfully, I’m considering flights now.|I’m looking right into trips currently. What is your preferred

travel quote? This isn’t my preferred, I have lots of as well as can never ever keep in mind when it pertains to it, however, for now, this will certainly do: “Life ought to not be a journey to the tomb with the objective of showing up safely in a quite as well as well maintained body, however rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, completely consumed, absolutely worn, as well as noisally declaring ‘Wow! What a Trip!'”– Seeker S. Thompson.

This quote states to take dangers, live quick, have a good time, experience things, as well as do every one of the important things that make us human, instead of selecting comfort as well as the security of house as well as people we already understand. This thought is exactly how I prepare my travel experiences.

Where are you headed next?

I’m currently reserving flights to a couple of locations: India, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico. I am likewise getting a brand-new van to ensure that I can drive around the states of Washington, Oregon, The Golden State, Idaho, Montana, as well as dip right into Canada.


I’m Alexander Travelbum, a travel vlogger showing people the globe with my cam. My objective is to obtain even more individuals outside to experience the world, get out of their convenience zone, as well as eventually to discover joy. I attempt to reveal people exactly how to travel on a budget plan as well as exactly how to have genuine experiences beyond vacationer traps. I’m originally from San Francisco, CA as well as have actually been taking a trip considering that I was extremely young. I don’t prepare to quit anytime quickly. I believe travel ought to be a part of everybody’s life, just as health and wellness, education, as well as interacting socially are. Growth occurs when you go out there as well as experience points you have actually never ever done before.

For more information regarding Alexander Travelbum as well as his experiences around the globe, sign up for his YouTube channel as well as follow him on Instagram!

| Traveling the United States by van is something a great deal of individuals dream of doing. Provide us your ‘Leading 5’listing for one of your top 3 destinations. I’m Alexander Travelbum, a travel vlogger revealing people the world with my cam.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexander Travelbum

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