Cdiscount Mobile – New Plans and How to Change Your Existing Plan

This package includes Unlimited Calls SMS, MMS in France, a data envelope of 30 GB in 4G in France, but also 10 GB of data roaming for Europe (30 countries + 8 Overseas).

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How do I choose a mobile plan?

There’s no shortage of mobile plan offers and promotions, and that’s just as well: we don’t have the same needs, requirements or budget. Some people are looking for the lowest price for what it costs, others are looking for a maximum of mobile data, a no-commitment plan, limited for the youngest, the possibility to buy a new smartphone… To find the right shoe, it is essential to go through the box: what do I really need and what are my financial limits?

If your budget is tight, it may be better to go for a limited offer that will allow you to make a first choice between favouring call time or the amount of data available. You should also consider whether or not it is better to opt for a blocked formula to avoid additional charges and surprises on your monthly bill, such as exceeding your package or subscribing to paid services and purchases. Prevention is better than cure, especially for parents looking for a package deal for their children.

Are you greedy in your data consumption? If you are rather in a fairly reasonable use of the data, there is no point in taking more than 100 MB. This is more than enough to check his e-mails or surf the web from time to time. To check out sites daily and enjoy some streaming music or video, it’s best to look at offers of up to 30 GB per month. Finally, if you use your smartphone as a real small pocket computer (sites, streaming, social networks online games) you should think about investing in a package starting at 50 GB or even 100 GB.

Finally, not all offers have the same accessibility or follow-up. There are packages that cannot be purchased in-store, but only through the Internet. Often, these formulas do not have as efficient or simple access after-sales service as SFR’s RED or those of virtual operators.

How can I change operator while keeping my number?

The RIO (Relevé d’Identité Opérateur) is a unique identifier, composed of 12 characters (letters or numbers), which will be requested by the operator with whom you wish to subscribe. To get it, just call 3179. A voice server will then tell you your end date, as well as the RIO number of your line. Note that an SMS will be automatically sent to you with all the information communicated by the voice server.




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