Cases lodged for sharing videos, names of positive patients on social media

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| Mumbai | Published : 30. April 2020 3:52:11

Coronavirus, coronavirus in Maharashtra, names of coronavirus patients shared on social networks, coronavirus cases in Maharashtra, doctor in Maharashtra, Indian Express News Chief Inspector of Mulunda Police Station, Ravi Sardisay, said that they had seized the mobile phone of a man who was filming a video with the doctor and that they would soon arrest him. (Representative photo)

MP Mihir Kotecha recently released a video stating that the local police have recorded the complaint against unidentified persons who have filmed and widely distributed a video of the man who was taken in an ambulance.

The man is a doctor who treated patients with KOVID-19 and subsequently received a positive test result. Someone took a video of him driving an ambulance and posted it on social networking sites where it went viral. At that time, two Mulunda patients tested positive for KOVID-19, one of whom was a doctor.

I would ask people to think about the crime they commit before sharing such videos. At the Mulunda police station, the FAR recorded the person who filmed the video and those who shared it said Kotecha in the video.

Despite the fact that the Department of Health and Family Welfare has issued an expert opinion calling on people not to disclose the names or details of those affected or quarantined on social networks, several cases have been reported where people have disclosed the names of those who have had a positive response to COVID-19 on social networks. While some states gave the names of people who tested positive in order to encourage contact at an early stage of the epidemic, the Government of Maharashtra, with an increasing stigma, decided to adhere to the rules of confidentiality regarding the confidentiality of their personal information. The Maharashtra police have registered the RAP against the foundlings.

In addition to the community news and those spreading misinformation about COWID-19, a cyber-police officer said there have been cases of people in their communities or local WhatsApp groups broadcasting videos or news to inform others about people who took the test.

On the day Kotecha released the video, another person in Uttana filmed a woman who tested positive and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. When a family member of the woman found the video at her WhatsApp school, he reported it to the woman’s husband, who contacted the local police station in Uttan Sagari where the FIR recorded the local person who had filmed the video and the person who sent it.

An internet police officer added that there have been cases where information has been misleading and has spread with the motives of the attackers.

For example, the Hadakpada police have recorded all 27. April FPR after the owner of a lamb shop in Kalyan, West, received two phone calls from customers asking if his son and brother tested positive. Shocked, he said it was wrong and asked why the question was asked. To his dismay he was told that they had WhatsApp in front of them, that they had a positive test. The report also states that butchers and sheep traders should not be allowed in this area. The owner of the sheepfold has contacted the police and is registered with the FIR.

In most of these cases, one of the high-ranking officials has stated that although the accused does not intend to cause problems for the individual, he ultimately exposes the victim and his family to the risk of social exclusion. That’s why we take strict measures against those who take such actions and we take the FIR to spread fear among overzealous people who quickly make videos or pass on uncontrolled information.

Mulunda Ravi Sardisay, chief inspector of the police department, said that they had seized the mobile phone of the man who filmed the doctor and that they would arrest him soon. Regarding the Hadakpada incident, a police officer said that the message was sent several times and that we are trying to trace the original sender.

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