Canal, Orange, Free: How to Continue Watching Tf1 Live or Replay on Your Tv

For several months now, TF1 has been wrestling with the operators. While SFR and Bouygues have accepted the conditions of the audiovisual group to continue to offer the TF1 bouquet via their boxes, namely the payment of TV rights, three irreducible : Canal, Orange and Free continue to resist.

During the night of Thursday March 1 to Friday March 2, 2018, Canal+ decided to go further by completely cutting off the broadcasting of the group’s channels, while Orange had already suspended TF1’s replay service. And the situation may not get any better for the audiovisual giant since Orange and Free seem about to imitate Canal by cutting off the flow of channels from the TF1 bouquet.

While the latter was looking for a new source of revenue from operators on the grounds that they offer the group’s “premium services” to their subscribers without ever having remunerated it for this, TF1 now finds itself in a very delicate position. The Canal cut has already had a negative impact on the group’s audiences, but if the other operators follow the fall may have an even greater impact, particularly on TF1’s advertising revenues.

For Canal, Orange and Free subscribers, this means that they will have to do without their box to access the channels of the audiovisual giant. Fortunately, there are several very simple alternatives.

Connect a DTT cable

Nowadays, decoders and boxes all (or almost all) integrate a DTT tuner. If you can no longer access TF1, TMC, TFX, LCI and TF1 Séries-Films via your provider’s Internet TV service, you can still do so via DTT. All you have to do is connect a cable (like this one) between the wall antenna socket in your home and your box/decoder. This is the simplest solution at the moment.

Image credit: Orange

Note that you can also connect the cable to your television set rather than to your box, you will then completely do without it (it is however necessary that your television set is equipped with a TNT HD tuner but if it is recent, it will probably be the case).

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Use a key or streaming box

Another solution is to download the MyTF1 application, which allows access to live broadcasts of all the group’s channels as well as the replay service from your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS). You can then send the displayed content to your TV set (also called “caster”) using a streaming key such as Google Chromecast (or Chromecast Ultra, which handles 4K streams) or Amazon’s Fire TV Stick which you connect to the HDMI port of your TV (by the way, it’s called ONE TV because it’s called ONE TV). They must also have a Wi-Fi connection to work.


Apple also markets the Apple TV, a box that allows you to do exactly the same thing, and even more. Unlike Chromecast, which is only capable of “caster” , Apple TV and Fire TV Stick allow you to run applications without the need for a smartphone or tablet (remote control included). However, MyTF1 is incompatible with these two devices, so another application will have to be used: Molotov TV, which is just as effective, if not more so, since it gives access to other DTT channels.


The smart TV alternative

Finally, if your TV set is new, chances are it’s a smart TV or Smart TV. These devices have an operating system that allows them to run applications such as Android TV from Google, Tizen from Samsung or web OS from LG. In this case, no streaming key or streaming box is needed, you can download the Molotov application (not MyTF1) directly to your TV from its built-in store.

Image credit: Loewe

Also note that the MyTF1 or Molotov applications are both available on Windows 10 computers (Molotov is also available on MacOS or Linux). MyTF1 can also be accessed directly from a web browser and therefore from any PC. This can be a good alternative if you don’t have a smart TV and don’t want to spend money on a streaming key or antenna cable.

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