Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs Game 7 prediction, odds, pick, and more

The Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs will play game 7 of their first round playoff series on Wednesday, April 11th, at the Air Canada Center in Toronto. The match-up is a best-of-seven series that most hockey fans are calling the “Battle of Ontario”. The Leafs lead the series three games to two, with a victory in game 6 on Monday. The game 7 matchup won’t be a walk in the park for either team, but it will be a game that fans across the country will want to watch.

The Toronto Maple Leafs look to be headed for the playoffs… for the first time in four years. The Maple Leafs have been strong all season, and have now won 11 of their last 13 games. The playoffs may be right around the corner, and the Montreal Canadiens look like they are in for a tough battle. The Habs have won 11 of their last 13 games, but are only 1-4 in their last 5 games.

nothing like a Game 7 in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Those are the conditions for the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs this Monday night Check out the latest NHL odds for this match, as well as our predictions and tips for Canadiens vs Maple Leafs. Here’s how the Canadiens vs Maple Leafs odds were determined by the bettors.

NHL Coefficients: Canadiens – Maple Leafs Odds Game 7

Montreal Canadian +175 Toronto Maple Leafs -195 More than 5.5 goals (+120) Less than 5.5 goals (-132)

Why the Canadians can win game seven

Canadians have come a long way. They were down 3-1 after four games in this series, but thanks to a strong performance from the always reliable Carey Price, the Habs had a great chance to avoid another Toronto blowout in the playoffs. Carey isn’t one of the best guys in front of the net in today’s NHL, but people should respect what he’s done lately. In Game 5, Price stopped 32 of 35 shots. He did more than that in Game 6, stopping 41 of 43 shots for the Maple Leafs in a 3-2 win in overtime over Montreal. Price could use some help from the Habs’ blue line, as Toronto has outshot Montreal in each of its last two games. The Canadiens’ power play also paid off in Game 6, as they scored two power play goals. These were the Habs’ first goals of the series, and it could be a sign that their special teams have a lot to work with in Game 7. Talk about special teams: After the fifth, the Habs penalty kill prevented Toronto from scoring on five power play attempts.

Why the Maple Leafs can win Game 7

Here we go again. That’s probably what most Maple Leafs fans thought after they blew many chances to get out of the first round series against the Canadiens. Even more troubling for the Toronto Rocks is that one of the team’s key players will not play in Game 7. That’s defenseman Jake Muzzin, who suffered a lower-body injury in Game 6. But Toronto could bring back John Tavares. Tavares was seen at Monday morning’s practice. The Maple Leafs’ offense will certainly get a boost if Taveras is chosen, although Toronto has done well in this series in terms of ball possession, even without the center. The Maple Leafs have an SAT% of 52.1 in this series, compared to 47.9 for the Canadiens. Toronto also has a 53.7 winning percentage in the six-game series. The Maple Leafs are getting their shots and dominating the puck possession. It’s just a matter of conversion. Let’s hope Aston Matthews gets a starting spot in Game 7, as he scored just one goal in the first round.

Canadiens vs Maple Leafs Game 7 Prediction and Pick

This is game seven of the NHL stanley cup playoffs You can ignore all the stats you know about both teams, because it could all come down to luck. That said, I prefer the Habs’ chances, especially because of the momentum they are building right now. There is also a lot of pressure on the Maple Leafs, especially with their history of not winning similar games FINAL CHOICE: Montreal Canadiens (+175)

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