Can You Speak Geek Properly?

Can You Speak Geek Properly?

The geek – this computer and new technology enthusiast, characterized by a somewhat obsessive side – has entered the Larousse. But all his jargon was left at the door! To fill this gap, Micro Hebdo has cracked a “geektionary”, a kind of modern geek lexicon.

We have deliberately excluded the terms concerning the material, which are nevertheless legion, to retain only the words relating to the Internet, forums, chats, social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and video games. We can see that the geek geek happily draws on the English vocabulary, to season it to his sauce, or even divert it.

Separate language

As in a real dictionary, each word is accompanied by its nature, the register in which it is used (Internet, forums, video games, chats, Twitter), its origin and, of course, its definition illustrated with an example.

Warning, this lexicon will not allow you to consider a parachute drop in WoW (World of Warcraft, the famous online game). Because “speaking wow” is really a language apart, almost a dialect. As proof, this excerpt from a forum: “Personally, I prefer spell power to intell gemmage because the manapool of a pala heal is already more than enough. “ Or: “All of this combined with the libram that reduces the mana cost of Sacred Light, the glyph of the Seal of Wisdom, and the bonus four T7 coins, it totally allows us to let go and no longer pay attention to the over heal. “ You were warned.

So do a lot of pot, it can help you understand “the hip kids”.


Forums, Chats, Video Games

Represents a character with his arms in the air as a sign of intense satisfaction.

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Equals the exclamation “yippee”!

To enter it on the keyboard, press the keys Alt Gr + 8 then 0 and /.

It is a Japanese kao maaku and not a smiley face, since it represents a character from the front and not from the side. Other kao maaku used: ^^ = joy, ^_- = wink, oO = amazement. T_T or ; _; = sadness, crying.

Example: “I have reached level 70 with my dwarf paladin, O/”.



Also known as “plussoyer”.

This means that we agree with what has just been said.


– Robert: “My favourite thing is Gruyère noodles. »

– Raymond: ” +1. “


Video Games

Acronym for Away From Keyboard.

A nolife (see definition below) may be a creature a little apart, but he is still a man. He therefore has natural needs to be satisfied. Thanks to this acronym which basically means “don’t move, guys, I’m going away from my keyboard for three seconds”, the player can sneak away to pee (we call it AKF bio) or make a chorizo sandwich. He can also write BRB (Be Right Back), for “I’ll be right back”.



English word, failure in French.

The fail is to the 2000s what the Régis was to the 1980s and 1990s. The Régis launched by the Dummies – remember: “Régis is a jerk” – was a character known for accumulating dumplings, driving his car into the ditch, breaking his face in all sorts of circumstances. But back to our failures. So these are pictures of embarrassing situations. Your mother falling with her ATV into the inflatable pool is a fail.



English word, wrong in French.

A fake refers to something fake, such as doctored photos or videos circulating on the Net, like the one showing corn turning into popcorn under the influence of mobile phone waves. fakes can be hoax, aimed at conveying false information, or viral marketing campaigns run by brands.

Example: ” Did you see the last video of MJ banging a beef with Elvis?

– Ah no, show me!

– Do you think it’s a fake? »


Forums, chats, video games

English word, flood in French.

On a forum or a mailing list, flooding is flooding with useless messages that drown out information or make the forum unusable.

See also Troll.

Example: ” Stop flooding my topic or I’ll have you kicked off the forum! »



English word, French follower

On Twitter, the followers are those who follow you, who know everything about your life, what time you shower, what you eat and all the deep and inspired thoughts that go through your mind. You can, of course, be a follower yourself. For example, Ashton Kutcher (Mr. Demi Moore) has at least 2,858,937 followers hanging on his messages day and night.

Examples: “What, you’ve only got 15followers on Twitter, the loose…” ; “You follow Ashton Kutcher too? He’s too beautiful! »


Video Games

Acronym for Good Game in English, bon jeu in French.

GG is the expression of one player congratulating another, showing that he enjoyed the game they just played.

Google is your friend



Can be given as an answer to any question. Think of this sentence as “Why don’t you use Google to search for an answer to your question? “(implied, instead of wasting my time).


“Can someone give me the recipe for Crepes Suzette?

– Google is your friend. »


Video games, forums, Internet

Acronym of In Real Life.

real life, is real life, as opposed to the virtual life we lead on the network, in video games. To meet IRL is to offer an activity in real life to someone you only know through the Internet.

Example: ” See you IRL tomorrow? »


Video Games

Proper name that has become a noun

Rather pejorative term for a young player under 15 years of age, whose somewhat boastful attitude has a knack for annoying older players.

Synonyms: little mickey, ball and chain.

Example: “Listening to the kevins whine, the mages beat the crap out of my level 70 orc warrior.”

Kikou or Kikoo

Forums, chats, video games


Famous way of greeting each other on the chates. Equivalent to “Cuckoo!”. A little ridiculous and, above all, very conniving as a teenager.

Kikoulol or Kikoolol

Forums, chats

Male name

A kikoulol is a kind of kevin (see definition) which punctuates all its SMS language interventions and, in particular, the now well-known kikou and Lol.


Video games, forums

English verb to kick, to kick

Kicking someone is excluding them from a discussion, a forum, an online game. You don’t get kicked by chance, but as a result of an attitude that’s a bit heavy, even downright painful.

Example: ” Not nice, I was telling about my holiday during a survival on L4D and I got kicked. »

Leet Speak

Internet, video games

Derived from English elite speak, langage de l’élite, in French.

Coded language of players and hackers that consists of replacing letters with numbers and punctuation characters. Thus, in leet speak, leet speak is written 1337 5|*34|<. If you are not fluent in leet, go to the online translator


Internet, forums, video games, chats

Acronym of Laughing Out Loud

A great classic of the chat, Lol means “I’m dead laughing”, hence the French equivalent MDR (laughing death), or PTDR (laughing out loud). Use with moderation (see kikoulol).

Godwin’s Law

Internet, forums, real life

Concept enacted in 1990 by a certain Godwin, an American lawyer from his state, who stated that “the longer a Usenet discussion lasts, the closer the probability of finding a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler is to 1”. The discussion is said to reach “Godwin point” when, when one of the protagonists runs out of arguments, one of the protagonists calls the other Nazi or alludes to Hitler. Basically, the more we discuss on a forum, the greater the risk of getting heated. That’s why we call ourselves Nazis. Godwin’s law also applies in real life.


Abbreviation for MMORPG, an acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

In French, it’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. So it’s a video game that is played on the Internet and where players play characters. World of Warcraft is an MMORPG.



English word, null in French

Synonymous with geek, with a slightly pejorative connotation. This fanatic of science, computer science and new technologies is quite stuck, if not downright socially handicapped.


Forums, chats, video games, Internet

English masculine name nickname, French nickname.

On the forums and in the games, you obviously don’t register under your real name, you give a pseudonym, a nickname.

Example: “Give me your nickname. »


Internet, video games

Male name, from English no life, no life in French

The nolife is so immersed in the virtual life of video games that it has no social life outside of it (and doesn’t especially want to).

Example: “I’m decorating, I’m going to reconnect my PC in the dining room to celebrate Christmas with my mother.

– You nolife! »


Video games, forums

Abbreviation for newbie, beginning in English, and derived from leet speak.

While the word newbie designates a beginner, n00b has a rather pejorative connotation. If you get called n00b by playing WoW, is not a compliment. The n00b is indeed the one that, although quite experienced, continues to chain the balls

Synonym: ball and chain.

Example: “No, but what are those full mana healers watching you die in BG, real n00bs. »


Forums, chats, video games, Internet

Acronym for Who cares?

Owned or PNWED

Video Games

English word, possessed in French

Translated as: “Gotcha! »

The PNWED derivative comes from a silly typing mistake, the O being next to the P on the keyboards.

Example: ” Kevin, come down and empty the machine! »

– I’m not here, Mom…

– I’ll see you on MSN.

Owned. »


Information Technology

Acronym of Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.

The problem is between the keyboard and the chair. Basically, the weakest link in IT is the user. There is no need to blame technology and the “mysteries of computing”, very often the error comes from a mistake of manipulation. To check it out, go to which collects some pretty gems like this.

Example: “This damn printer bug to death, couldn’t print anything for an hour.

– Did you hand in some paper?

– Uh! “



Transitive verb, from English to poke, to push with the elbow, to put the finger in someone’s eye.

On the social network Facebook, poker someone is not sticking his finger in his eye, but sending him a little wink, patting him on the shoulder to say : “Wow, I’m here”, virtually of course. Some will say that this has sexual connotations, perhaps because to poke means in some contexts “poke”, “poke” or even “jump”.

Example: ” Jean-Marc poked me on FB, do you think I have a ticket? »



English word, display in French.

Ticket, note or article on a blog. It can be a text, a photo, a video.

Example: ” Kikoo, I liked your last post on Ashton Kutcher on your skyblog so much. »


Video Games

Transitive verb

Poutrer is a term used by players with little charitable intent and means to kill, to slash someone. This word is mostly used in the field of video games. You can put a bunch of people, zombies, monsters, soldiers from the other side’s army…

Example: “You can be a zombie and still be feminine”, quote from the documentary Suck my geek.



English word, French quote

Doing a quote (or a quote) is quoting someone on a forum. To show that you are quoting someone, you precede the sentence with this word.

Retweeter or RT



It’s the act of re-posting someone else’s message. When quoting someone’s message in a tweet (a message on, which contains a maximum of 140 characters), we then write [email protected], to show that we are quoting the Josyane in question.

Example: [email protected] It’s almost tenhours, shall we have a pastis? »


Information Technology

Acronym of Read The Fucking Manual.

In polite terms, it looks something like: “Please refer to the documentation, dear friend. »


Video Games

Male name.

The expression “it rocks” means something great. By deformation, a rox xor is someone who rocks hard, who rocks hard. We can also say “it roxes”, for “it’s great”.

Example: ” Talk about a rox xor, he’s not even level70 with his wizard. »



No, shmup is not an insult. The evidence, “Shmup species” means nothing at all. This is the acronym for Shoot Them Up, a variety of games that involve shooting at anything that moves, except your friends, if possible. And again! Sometimes they deserve it.


From English, translated by short link into French.

Address replacing a URL that is too long. Sites such as,, provide such services.

Example: mincealors-chaispasquoifairepour-merendreinteressants can thus be easily replaced by an address that is certainly less explicit, but less time-consuming to copy, such as


Forums, Real Life

English word, spoil in French.

Telling the end of a film, a book, a series, and thus spoiling the pleasure of those who have not yet seen or read it. On a forum or in an article, it is polite for the author to indicate that he is about to unveil important elements that might break the suspense a little. The site is a spoiler first.

Example: “At the end of Les Misérables, Jean Valjean, he dies.

– Oh well, okay, thanks for spoiling. What’s the point of me going to see the musical now? »


Forums, chats, Internet, video games

English word, French thread

This is the thread of a discussion on a forum, a whole series of messages on the same theme or topic.


Forums, chats, Internet, video games

English word, French subject.

On a forum, a topic designates the topic being discussed.

OFF Topic or OT: off topic.

Upper a topic: intervene on a forum to raise a topic.

Example of a topic chosen completely at random : “What’s the topic of your post? »


Diminutive of Photoshop

Has nothing to do with shopping, toshop is a term used by users of the famous image editing software.

Example: “Your mother, she’s so redone that it looks like she’s been retouched with Toshop. »


Forums, chats, wiki

Male name.

Nothing to do with the hairy creature of Scandinavian folklore, a troll, on a forum, is a topic that annoys (see definition Godwin’s Law), launched more or less knowingly. If the troll messes up and annoys everyone, it can be the work of a newbie or a clever little guy who tries to do harm by systematically contradicting people on the forum, by not respecting the topic (see definition) or by insulting and attacking others.

Example: Forum posts by, topic : “Lorie’s too beautiful.”

– Lorielov95: “I love Lorie too much, she’s great. »

– LoriTropBel: “Yes, and she’s beautiful too! »

– Loritupu: “Nonsense, Jenifer is the most beautiful. »



Equivalent of the kao maaku �/, but in leet language. Expression of intense joy in a player or chatterer.


Acronym of World Of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG set in a world of heroic fantasy style. Players evolve in a persistent universe and can incarnate all sorts of creatures, orcs, dwarves, mages, paladins, priests, etc…

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