Call of Duty Modern Warfare Solo Test: the Best Campaign of the Franchise

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With Call of Duty Modern warfare Infinity War signs a stunning solo campaign. A must.

In 2019, Activision has decided to operate a reboot of its Call of Duty franchise, entrusting Infinity Ward with the complete relaunch of the Modern Warfare chapter (one of the best in the saga). While the brand is known for bringing together millions of players in a variety of online modes, the single-player component, materialized by a campaign, should not be forgotten. Last year, Call of Duty: black ops 4 was private, and the studio had to go all out for this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – available October 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare // Source: Activision

In the past, Call of Duty has often relied on an effective story, lasting less than six hours, to do it quickly and well. In the case of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it is fair to say that Infinity Ward has outdone itself. Classic in its approach, the game of first-person shooter with the efficiency worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. All with a cold realism and real questions about the approach to modern warfare.

The definition of entertainment

As its title indicates, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare deals with modern conflicts – the fight against terrorism. In the plot of relative complexity (it is a pretext more than a fable), it has two faces: an Arab group nicknamed Al-Qatala and an army of Russian dissidents led by a tyrannical general with extremist methods. Faced with this dual threat, a special forces group, led by the charismatic Captain John Price and assisted by Arab resistance fighters, is tasked with preventing a global conflict by recovering chemical weapons.

What limits are to be crossed when the enemy has none left?

Fictional, the story of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is more reminiscent of Zero Dark Thirty or The Kingdom– minusWe Must Save Private Ryan. Without really going to the end of its orientation (because of its official “apolitical position”, which in fact means nothing…), it questions the relationship between those who make war and the ways of making it. “When you take the gloves off, you get blood on your hands,” explains Captain Price, who doesn’t hesitate to get dirty so that the world can stay as clean as possible. Even if it means using questionable methods in some punch sequences that may shock.

Behind the watermark, behind theamerican hero, the question arises: what limits are to be crossed when the enemy has none left? On this subject, collateral casualties seem inevitable and the game has a very particular approach with civilian shootings (from one scene to another, they are either tolerated or prohibited because we do not always know where terrorists hide). Writers clearly want to insist on this thin line between what is Good and what may seem Evil, whereas yesterday’s rules no longer have reason to exist today.

To go further in realism and visceral, Activision had promised important graphic evolutions. There is no deception on the goods as this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offers a visual rendering as shimmering (the quality of the textures, the myriad of effects, the acting) as it is icy. For the eyes, it’s a great show, allowed by closed environments that rhyme with total control. In addition to this, there are breathtaking lighting effects that dress up different atmospheres, day and night. After having relied too long on its technical skills (on console, the framerate at 60 fps is still there), Call of Duty finally gets a facelift and this Modern Warfare can look the last Battlefield in the eyes.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare // Source: Activision

A rhythm lesson

We had no doubt about the gameplay of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward has been developing SPFs for several years now and its latest production is a model of how to get started. Above all, it is a model in the feeling of the weapons. You really feel the impact of each bullet, the time it takes to reload (with a small delay if you are aiming) or the differentiation between the pieces of the arsenal (stability, to name but one). In terms of shooting sensations, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare boxing in the top of the basket, despite the resolute arcade argument of the experiment (the physics engine has its limits).

A revival for a franchise that needed it badly.

Infinity Ward has also worked hard on the rhythm of his FPS, which feels like a real roller coaster. There is the variety of situations, which alternate between calm and frenetic action, and the way in which the different missions are interwoven. There is no downtime or respite, just this feeling of being as close as possible to the different conflicts in which one is involved (in many parts of the world). For immersion, it’s a very, very big plus. And what Call of Duty: Modern Warfare loses life – 5/6 hours maximum -, it gains it in intensity. The highlights follow one after the other, without ever falling into too much (even if there are some passages that can hurt the most sensitive players, a warning message before starting to play is given).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has the best campaign ever seen in a COD? No doubt. It shows a certain know-how when it comes to giving birth to an entertainment calibrated to keep a handful of hours on the edge of your seat. The success is such that you don’t even want it to last any longer. It’s proof that everything is in its place, from A to Z, and the true sign of a renewal for a franchise that was in great need of it.

In brief

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (solo)

Indicative note : 5/5

Activision had not skimped on promises when it officialized the reboot of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. We are delighted to write, a few months later, that they were not in vain. In more ways than one, the COD 2019 solo campaign is a lesson in entertainment.

Graphics, gameplay, rhythm, variety of situations… Call of Duty Modern Warfare ticks absolutely all the boxes of the blockbuster cut to win a maximum of votes. All he would need is a finer handwriting to add a clever argument to his plot, which we would prefer to call a pretext. Beyond the polemics, the FPS is fun.


  • Very, very beautiful
  • The unparalleled rhythm
  • Feeling the weapons


  • Lazy Writing
  • Too short to settle for the solo
  • Okay, Americans often get the right role

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