Call of Duty: Mobile February 19 community update patch notes – Season 2 teaser, Battle Royale Blitz, Attack of the Undead 20 and more

has released the latest February community update for Call of Duty Mobile, with details on the upcoming season, modes, events and more. There’s also a calendar for some of the game’s most requested features, as well as some bug fixes to improve gameplay. Here are the full patches for the Call of Duty Mobile community update on February 19.

COD Mobile Community Release Notities (19 feb.)

Season 2 teaser

This weekend the first teasers of season 2 will be released! Even though season 2 still seems far away, with a Release Date in March, there are only a few weekends left before we can share everything with you. Keep an eye on our social channels as we begin sharing details about this content each weekend.

Latest Events

Here is a summary of the latest events and those that will take place next week:

  • 15.02. – 21.02. ~ Mospit Weapons Set (MP)
  • 2/17 – 2/23 ~ Hackney Yard 24/7 (MP)
  • 17.02. – 23.02. ~ Battle Group (BG)
  • 19.02. ~ Final challenges of season 1
  • 19.02. ~ Update on credit activities
    • The BR class of hackers is now for sale
  • 19.02. – 11.03. ~ Signs of the plague
  • February 19 – February 25 ~ return flash mode (BR)
  • 2/19 – 2/28 ~ Attack of the Undead 20 (MP)
    • Check Junior Storm: Swarm of Events
  • 19.02. – 28.02. ~ New BR Class – Desperado Event
  • 2/22 – 2/28 ~ Shipping 24/7 (MP)
  • 24.02. – 02.03. ~ Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Assembly
  • 26.02. – 04.03. ~ Military mode (BR)
  • 26.02. – 04.03. ~ “Nail Bowl” event
    • A task-based event for biosphere reserves and MPs with various awards.
  • 26.02. – 04.03. ~ Home deployment event
    • Enter the game with a mix of stealth and cash prizes.

♪ All dates are in GMT format ♪

Seasonal challenges

The final challenges of season 1 have arrived, and now you can take on all seven of them! During these challenges, you can get an epic weapon plan, 10 of the thousands of Battle Pass XP, a new tactical grenade, dozens of camouflages, and now a new functional weapon, the SKS. It’s the second Marksman rifle to appear in CODM, and it’s a rapid-fire mode (at least compared to the Kilo Bolt action) that can handle medium- and long-range battles.

BR Buffalo

This eight-part seasonal challenge consists, as you might expect, of completing quests in the Battle Royale These quests range from using certain classes of BR to destroying enemies with the Annihilator (only available for Airdrops). Of course, for all this you can earn not only some XP BP, but also the following rewards:

  • Chain Scout.
  • The FHJ-18 is a warp drive.
  • ODS – Trans
  • (Set) New sniper rifle – SKS

New BR Class – Desperado

This is your class if you’ve ever played multiplayer and wanted a shield tower to score goals, but in Battle Royale! Desperado allows you to set up a tower with a fixed shield and unlimited ammo and fire a rain of bullets at your enemies. This tower offers protection, but observant players will quickly find weaknesses in this defensive shield.

However, all classes have a passive bonus, and for Desperado we brought back the classic Last Stand from Call of Duty This old-fashioned bonus was used during the first modern war (2007) to calm people down because they were so often taken by surprise. In Last Stand, you draw a weapon while lying on the ground, and if you manage to take out an enemy in this state, you live again. You will find all of this below:

Battle Royale Lightning

The new Battle Royale mode is back for the final time in Season 1: New Order! Other BR modes like Warfare are coming next week, but if you missed Blitz the first time around, you should check it out now. A recap for anyone who missed it in our first season 1 update, but Blitz is a quick version of your usual Battle Royale classic.

You end up in a smaller area of the map filled with provisions, and you have to keep an eye on not only the enemies, but also the circle that closes much faster than normal. This mode should give you a shorter, faster and more active alternative. Try it now, until February 25!

Attack of the Undead 20

The fan favorite, Attack of the Undead, has been updated! You heard about it at the beginning of the season when we discovered this variant of the game mode, but for those who haven’t heard of it, Attack of the Undead 20 pushes you toward larger maps with more players. Not only do you now have more allies to go up against the swarm together, but you also have (potentially) more undead invading the map.

Image via Activision

This game type goes hand in hand with the Storm of the Undead: Swarm! event. This event is just a pretext to give you various rewards while playing Attack of the Undead 20. If you play the corresponding playlist, you will get rewards like MW11 or M4LMG – numbers via a business card, sticker and a purple XP card. Simple, isn’t it? So get out there and do your best to survive against the swarm!


Whenever we release a new gun, such as the SKS or the FR .556, we have the opportunity to get it for free at an event or BP, as well as a premium option available as an epic or legendary model. As described above in the Seasonal Challenges section, today we’re launching the new Marksman rifle, the SKS, and thanks to the plague contest, you can find the world’s first model of this classic rifle!

This legendary SKS plan has been nicknamed Particle Splitter, both for its futuristic design and for the fact that when you destroy enemies, it folds them back into the fabric of existence. If you don’t have a perfect idea of what we mean by this, don’t worry, we have a great video ready to show you this effect! Try it with the new “Witch Doctor – Wrong Medicine”:

Valentine’s Day

In our last community update, we mentioned that we were planning a Valentine’s event on our official Social Media channels and in collaboration with many others. Unfortunately, there have been some last minute issues with organizing and sharing the event.

However, we are determined to find a new and equally appropriate time to launch a similar event in Season 1, and we will let you know as soon as a new plan is ready. Don’t worry, we will always find a way to get articles to all of you 😉 .


Instead of presenting you with new reviews this week, we will highlight and link to information on topics we have covered since the start of the first season. We do this for both reviews and bug reports because we encounter the same issues every week, sometimes even the week we covered the issue in a community update. Instead, here is a list and brief overview of each:

  • (February 12) Don’t bother and don’t hide – This is not news, but a familiar request.
  • (February 5 and 12) Content of the Chinese version – The content of the Chinese version is thoroughly analyzed before being included in the general version.
  • (February 5 and 12) Fraud Notification – Our security and fraud prevention teams monitor and update fraud information as usual to combat new fraudsters. No unusual problems were identified.
  • (February 12) Prestige or extra levels – No news, but we are aware of this request.
  • (February 12) Next round of rankings – Next season and a big update coming soon!
  • (February 5) Voice-over – Many of us are on our way to the next update and we are doing more to call out, share and publicize these releases.
  • (February 5) Master of All Event – Thanks again for the positive response to these awards.
  • (February 5) Season 2 News – As we mentioned earlier, it’s finally going to start this weekend! Almost everything.
  • (January 26) Improvements and Tweaks – Here you will find various balance and weapon changes made at the beginning of the season.

Error Messages

Here is also a list of all the bug reports we have dealt with or that have appeared in the latest community updates. However, there are many other less important issues that we study and address in the background. Our team just tries to capture some of the most discussed issues in the community.

  • Various event-related issues – we also got some fixes in these updates, thanks to quick reports from players about bug tracking. We don’t always highlight them in the community updates, but thank you for reporting them, and often so soon after they are released!
  • (Feb. 19) Account Problems – If you are having problems with your ATVI/COD account, such as loss of access, something not purchased, or anything related to your account, please contact the Activision support team listed below. They are equipped to help.
  • (February 19) Hacking Glitch – We won’t go into details, but we are investigating a new problem with hacking cards.
  • (February 12) Public test release fixes – Some aspects of the public test release are not features, but rather bugs, such as some traffic-related changes.
  • (February 12) ICR-1 – The Sound of Forced Laughter – We know that the lethal effects of this weapon emit false sound effects. Research.
  • (February 12) Peacemaker MK2 – Artifact of Deadly Influence – We are aware of this problem and are working on a solution, hopefully soon.
  • (February 12) Shattered smoke hand grenade in a biosphere reserve – We are still working on reproducing the problem where the smoke is sporadically not working. If you experience this problem, please let our team know.
  • (February 12) Weapons Problems in BZ – We continue to investigate a variety of problems, with some successes so far, and others that are more difficult to replicate. Keep reporting them!
  • (Feb 12) Bug extract in the BR – This is a long-standing problem that we have tried to reproduce several times without success. Please report it, as others have, if you have any information.
  • (February 12) Desynchronization – This is a long-standing problem that we have been trying to improve in various ways, such as upgrading or adding servers.
  • (February 5) Black screen issues – We saw some improvements in this area in S1, but we expect more improvements and bug fixes for season 2, as that is also coming with a major update.
  • (Feb 5) Blitz Mode Performance – We do not have specific fixes to improve these modes with more players, but some general performance improvements coming soon should help and please experiment with adjusting the graphics settings.
  • (February 5) General RHQ bugs – We have observed, reported and investigated a large number of small bugs specific to Battle Royale during the first season. Thanks again to the community members who spent a lot of time reporting these bugs!

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