Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable) Season 4 – Review

The fourth season of “Las Chicas del Cable Girls” features comas and kidnappings, prison extensions and divorces, as well as epic love stories and the bad guys and good friends you’ll never find on television. There are several spoilers in my review of this exciting season.

I don’t want you to be disappointed. This season features the return of El Chapo, as a new leader of a drug cartel who is a little more ruthless than the previous one (though he doesn’t have the power to go to war against the Mexicans anymore), but still has the old man’s charm, so we’ll see if he can get the Mexicans to fight him for power instead of him. There is also El Rey de los Cocos, who has the same power but is the most mysterious, and his love interest. They have a very interesting relationship between the two of them.

A lot of things have changed. El Rey is the head of the cartel in Los Angeles LOS ANGELES is a big city now, with huge buildings, but still a tiny city compared to the size of Mexico. LOS ANGELES also has a new president. The Mexican president was a very big man, but he has died. The new president is a little smaller, and seems to lack the charisma that his predecessors had.

He is the one that El Rey is trying to get elected. There are a lot of characters in Los Angeles and a lot of love interest for El Rey. She is a very powerful force in the city, but she is never sure if she is really strong enough to make things happen. She also finds herself in situations that seem difficult for her, like when some guys kidnap El Rey’s son and take the child to El Chapo’s territory. El Rey gets involved with a new man, who is a big guy, and a very big force in the city, and he is the one who she seems to have a lot of problems with. They have a complicated relationship, with El Rey trying to get closer to the man, while El Chapo is trying to get closer to her. There are also two women, a former love interest of El Rey and a love interest of El Chapo, who have a very special connection to their love, the man from Las Americas. The plot of this season is interesting. The new Mexican President does not want El Chapo to win the election. He wants the Mexicans to lose. He is very tough, and he is very smart, and he is very dangerous. He has a new ally in Los Angeles He is a very bad person, and a new president does not like those things.

He wants to do something really nasty, and the Mexicans cannot do that. The last thing I want to talk about is the ending of the series. It was a little slow, and it was a little too predictable, but it did give me some hope, and it was very satisfying to watch the last season.

Let’s start by reminding you of the chic use of this fantastic image of Blanca Suarez on Instagram.

That’s Marga (Nadia de Santiago) hiding behind a band. She was once shy and naive, but now she is. Behind Oscar (Ana Polvorosa) and Carlota (Ana Fernandez). Oscar used to be Sarah, but now she prefers male pronouns. I’ll stick to the male pronouns for Oscar, although sometimes he still has to walk around like Sarah in Madrid. In front of the left front band stands Lydia/Alba (Blanca Suarez), who is considered by most people to be the star of this brilliant ensemble. In the background on the right is Angeles (Maggie Sivantos), currently an enterprising single woman with a daughter who has to support her.

There are only a few new characters in season 4. The return of Francisco (Jon Gonzalez). Yeah, the signal from the spoiler. He didn’t die at the end of the third season as we thought. He spent the first half of season 4 in a coma. A whole year in a coma. When he finally woke up, all he could remember was Alba. You must love telenovella. Francisco spent a day recovering from a year in bed, and then it happened:

Lydia was living with Carlos (Martinho Rivas) at the time, raising their daughter Eve. The triangular relationship between Lydia, Francisco and Carlos never seems to break.

Doña Carmen (Concha Velasco) was released from prison around the same time that Francisco awoke from his coma. She immediately began blackmailing her son Carlos and daughter Elisa (Angela Cremonte) when she tried to kidnap little Eva and bring her to America, where she planned to suck the baby’s blood to cure her own cancer. Doña Carmen is a monumental villain. One of the best on television, and there are some good ones to compete with.
It’s 1931, and the divorce is legal.

Marga and Pablo (Nico Romero) are among the first in the country to divorce. Last season he was not inclined to forget their little mistake with his identical twin brother. Marga was the first woman in the accounting department, so they had to work together. It’s embarrassing.

Carlota’s candidacy for mayor is also very modern. And she wanted to win. Until she was thrown in jail for killing an opponent. Which she obviously didn’t do.

Carlotta’s platform was progressive. She was a candidate, which in itself was revolutionary, but she promoted homosexuality and other modern ideas. All the chicks showed they were progressive. They accepted Oscar as a man and used a male pronoun for him.

I don’t know if the word “transgender” was used at the time, but thanks to “Transparent” I know that many transgender people found their way to Berlin before the Second World War Oscar wasn’t alone.

Yes, there is a reason why we all look like we are in prison. Shall we get the hell out of here?

Yeah, there’s a reason we all look like we’re in prison. Why don’t we leave?
Women became narcissistic pimps to prove Carlota was innocent of murder.

First the girls freed Carlotta, then they had to break out of jail to get somebody else out. Oh, the plot twists are delicious! The women were helped in their illegal attempts to get justice by the long affair between Angeles and Detective Cuevas (Antonio Velasquez).
When the very exciting prison break ended, the women had to flee in all directions because the police were after them. The last words of the season were a promise that Angeles’ daughter and the civil war would bring them all together. The Spanish Civil War started in 1936 and ended in 1939. So the 5th season will be at least 5 years ahead.

The fourth season was not disappointing. It was different enough to feel new. It was an exciting moment of action and touching feedback. But it had the same characters that we know and love in the last few seasons. It’s easy to understand why this Spanish telenovela is so popular in the United States

The “Worthy to be pinned” poster

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