Buying on the Back Market: Advice & Practical Information

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Technophile broke, lover of clever tricks, or simply looking for a high-tech object or cheap household appliances: Back Market offers you a wide range of refurbished products that will convert or reconcile you with second-hand shopping!

Back Market, what is it?

Launched in 2014, Back Market is a sales platform for refurbished products that has the particularity of putting customers and certified seller-refurbishers in direct contact with each other. This market place offers high-tech products (smartphones, computers, photos, etc.), electrical and household appliances checked and appraised by the French and European reconditioning plants of , partners of the site. The objects are second-hand, but 100% functional and in good condition. And above all, they are sold on average 30 to 50% cheaper than the retail price!

What can be found on the Back Market?

Smartphones, computer, sound, TV, photo, consoles, small and large appliances… Back Market offers a wide range of refurbishedproducts. Already in use, these items were returned for various reasons and then taken to specialized factories where experts put them through a battery of tests. Where necessary, they have been repaired, some parts have been changed. In the end, they are completely refurbished products, available for sale at a price that defies all competition!

Specific search filters, based on the state of the product, are available: shiny, silver, Stallone… “Shiny” refers to an object in perfect condition, like new; in “silver”, your product has slight marks of wear (slight shocks, micro-scratches…) visible on parts that are not very exposed; finally, “Stallone” may not have been made in Vietnam, but their previous use has left some traces. Logically, the prices of the devices vary according to their condition, which is an important selection criterion. Here’s an example: TheiPhone SE 16GB “shiny” version will cost you €299; the “silver” version, €280; and the “Stallone” version is €279.

Payment, delivery, guarantees… It’s your turn to ask

Did you find your dream product? Pay online by credit card only (secure transaction via Secure 3D). Delivery times are systematically indicated on the product sheets. On average, allow 48 hours (2 business days) to receive your product at home. Please note: Depending on the reconditioner, delivery charges may vary!

You have, by law, 14 days to change your mind. If you no longer want your reconditionedproduct, you can return it to the factory. The reconditioner will refund you within 7 working days by transfer to your Bank Account or to your Back Market virtual wallet.

All products are guaranteed for a minimum of 6 months against breakdowns within the framework of the “Trustpack” that the e-merchant includes free of charge for each purchase; a guarantee that can be extended to 12 months if you subscribe to the “Trustpack +” option at €14.99. And many other features are there to reassure you before you crack on Back Market: customer reviews, product check-up content or Trusted Shops certification, granted to trusted merchants.

Buying on the Back Market: what are the advantages?

Of course, value for money remains the primary reason for consumers to buy refurbished products! Back Market nevertheless stands out from the competition with a very wide range of products. A variety made possible by working with more than 70 factories specialized in the reconditioning of high-tech appliances and household appliances in France.

You can also take advantage of the “good deals”: these are the cheapest items in their category, grouped on a specific page (you can’t miss it, it’s marked in red at the top left of the home screen!) to make your search easier. Their low prices are not necessarily synonymous with poor condition: often, they are simply models from previous generations…

No loyalty program for the moment, but the possibility of becoming a player in this circular economy by offering your own products for resale: for the moment, it is the smartphones that are primarily concerned. To do this, go to the bottom of the “All our products” menu on the left side of your screen and click on “Resell an appliance”. You will then be asked to fill out a form describing the object and giving precise information about its specifications and condition. You will then be given an estimate of the repurchase price. If one of the partner reconditioners is interested in the model you offer, you can send it (free of charge), and the factory will validate your description within 5 days. Then you’ll get paid. A simple system that allows you for example to recycle a smartphone even if damaged, since internal components can be interesting to recover by reconditioning factories!

Finally, Back Market’s main strength is its customer service a well-filled FAQ, the possibility to ask your question by e-mail or by phone if it is not addressed there, or the possibility to contact the seller-reconditioner directly.

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