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Atascadero School Board met Tuesday evening for a packed meeting of information, including a presentation on the state of the district by Superintendent Tom Butler. Throughout the evening, administrators were joined by several Atascadero Elementary School principals and a student representative from Atascadero high school who also made presentations at their respective locations.

Bella Otter, AHS representative, briefed the administrators on what is happening at the school and shared that the school’s rock/talent show will continue this year, but with one caveat: the video will be filmed outside the school and sent to court. While this changes the old format, it will also give students new and exciting opportunities to showcase their talents that are not covered on stage, such as surfing, skating and other outdoor skills.

Mr. Otter also mentioned that AHS is still hoping to graduate this year. The event will be held at AHS and fundraising is being done to keep the cost to the students as low as possible. The event is a way to at least give seniors in 2020 a break before they enter the next phase of their lives. The district is working with the county health department to organize this event.

Following the scaling session, principals Julie Davies (Monterey Road), Kat Holmes (San Benito) and Merry Reynolds (Carissa Plains and Creston) gave an overview of the year and some updates on how full-time and part-time learning is working at their sites and how they are handling learning disruptions.

Following his presentation, Superintendent Butler made his annual presentation on the state of the district to the board and the public. AUSD’s annual goals have remained the same for the past six years and will continue to be pursued through a three-pronged approach of student success, staff collaboration and community partnerships.

Mr. Butler talked about the average class size in the district’s kindergarten classes, which was described as low. This year the average class size is 24 students, thanks to hard work and declining enrollment.

Atascadero has an enrollment of 4,412 students for the 2020-2021 school year a decrease of 226 students from the previous year and 326 from 2018.

Mr. Butler further informed the audience of the AUSD graduation rate of 94.9% at all schools in the district (including Paloma Creek), which is well above the state average (84.3) and the district average (90.3).

Atascadero remains one of the best areas in the province for professional development through continuing education courses and dual enrollment programs in partnership with local colleges.

For more information on the state of the district or to watch full school board meetings, subscribe to the AUSD YouTube channel.

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