Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Fox Clears the Air About the Reboot…

Buffyverse fans collapsed (or, on the contrary, shouted for joy) at the announcement of the reboot of Buffy Against Vampires. However, Monica Owusu-Breen, the showrunner attached to the project, wanted to temper things, by confirming that her series would never replace the first Slayer, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar from 1997 to 2003. Before we tell you more, why don’t you (re)view the last images from season 5, in which Buffy sacrificed herself to Save The World

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A reboot with a new heroine!

Let the fans rest assured, unlike the reboot of Charmed which seems to copy and paste the original series Monica Owusu-Breen has no intention of doing the same with Buffy. The showrunner, who already has a nice CV (Charmed, Alias, Brothers & Sisters, Lost, Fringe), explained in a Press Release published on Twitter that it will be a brand new team. Under no circumstances will it replace Buffy, Alex, Willow, Angel and the rest of the Scooby-Gang with new players.

For some writers, it’s Star Wars Buffy Against Vampires is my Star Wars Before I became a writer, I was a fan. For seven seasons I watched Buffy Summers grow up, find love, kill that love. I followed her fight, fighting against herself and killing vampires. There will always be one Buffy, one Xander, one Willow, Giles, Cordelia, Oz, Tara, Kendra, Faith, Spike, Angel… They can’t be replaced. Joss Whedon’s sublime and brilliant series cannot be replicated. I wouldn’t even try. But here we are, 20 years later… And the world looks even scarier. Then, perhaps it’s time to meet a new slayer…

And this killer will no longer be the pretty blonde cheerleader we once knew, but a woman of African-American descent. However, don’t wait for this series to begin, it is still in its infancy, as Fox CEO Gary Newman explained during the Television Critics Association press conference.

There is no script at the moment, but we have met with the creators and discussed it. This is an interesting project. It’s still early, we haven’t presented it to any incumbent yet, it has yet to take place.

What do the original actors think?

Monica Owusu-Breen has only just started writing the pilot, but will be supported by Joss Whedon the father of Buffy (and the first two Avengers), who will act as executive producer. As for the original casting, Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz (Angel) have so far remained silent on this reboot, unlike Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) who said he was delighted to see Joss Whedon supervising a new Vampire Slayer. 

Whether it’s a reboot or a spin-off, it’s ultimately something that Joss will oversee, and more importantly, it’s her world. He has developed extraordinary scenarios in Comic Books This series will take viewers far beyond anything they can imagine. Uh… we remember the episode of The Body.

On the side of James Marsters, alias Spike (or William the Bloody for his friends), the actor did not hide his enthusiasm on the social networks concerning the arrival of this new heroine and he would even be happy to come and take a little trip in the reboot if he was offered. Of course, you should be quick and use an excellent make-up because the actor is no longer young. He was in his forties at the time, and today Spike’s interpreter is 55 years old, and vampires are not supposed to grow old. 

I’m open to whatever Joss has in mind. Whether to play Spike or some other character, I told him a long time ago. Joss’ mind is always very surprising, so I’m open to the idea of coming back as long as he stays involved. On the other hand, I think we should use very good lighting to make Spike credible. But they do it more and more today with special effects.

Until we know more, feel free to comment on this reboot.

Buffy Against Vampires: Would you like to see Spike or former characters in the reboot again?

Question 1/1 – Buffy against vampires : would you like to see Spike or former characters in the reboot again ?

 Totally! No, let’s leave these characters alone.

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