Bruce Willis Is Quarantining With Demi Moore And Their Kids Instead Of His Wife And People Have Questions

The coronavirus pandemic has placed ninety percent of the American population under house arrest and forced American society to abandon the disease. It has also led to many former celebrities gathering in their homes in California, confusing many ordinary people around the world. Chloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have put aside their differences and isolation (they are celebrating True Thompson’s second birthday and Easter together), and now Bruce Willis and his ex-wife Demi Moore are the next former celebrities to live together during the coronavirus pandemic. No one outside their immediate family seems to know why Demi and Bruce are going through a pandemic together – especially when he is married to Emma Heming and they have two young daughters together.

Many beautiful theories circulate on social networks when people try to understand why Bruce is with Demi, and some even wonder if Bruce and Emma have an open marriage that includes Demi!

Some suspect that a member of the Demi family has been exposed to a deadly coronavirus, making it dangerous for Bruce to spend time with Emma and his daughters (Evelyn (5) and Mabel (8)).  Bruce and Demi have three adult daughters together: Roomer (31), Scout (28) and Tallulah (26).

However, people are surprised that Bruce isolates himself with his first wife, and not with Emma and the girls. Bruce Willis is 65, Demi Moore 57. He’s also at an age when he could get complications if he gets the virus.

The roommate, who also stayed with Bruce and Demi, the Scouts and Tallul, didn’t stand out in the family photo, where they were all dressed in matching green and white striped Leveret pyjamas.

Below you can see the group photo that Demi Moore placed on her official Instagram account. She added family ties to the photo, which has raised even more questions since Bruce Willis was photographed.

How do you feel about the fact that Bruce Willis, in isolation with his ex-wife Demi Moore, is the victim of a coronavirus pandemic?


Do you agree with those who think it sounds strange?


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