Bring in the Battery.

section 14 of the Juvenile Justice Ordinance 1945 :  

 The publication of the record of the proceedings of the juvenile courts in books, press, radio, cinematograph or in any other manner is prohibited.

 The publication, by the same means, of any text or illustration concerning the identity and personality of juvenile offenders is also prohibited. Infringements of these provisions are punishable by a fine of €15,000.

 The judgement shall be handed down in open court, in the presence of the minor. It may be published, but without the name of the minor being indicated, even with an initial, on pain of a fine of €15,000.

 Are you sure he was tried as an adult? (since the text refers to a juvenile offender )

 if not beyond this order, if the production company has requested an itw from the lawyer/client, it is possible that they invoked their privacy/image rights when they contacted them and therefore the show was blurred for safety.

   By the way, it really surprised me, yesterday I saw FELA on Bruno Sulak (nicknamed Arsene Lupin) who has done a lot of crazy robberies.  

 there’s quiet talk:  

 – the accomplice who helped him with his first robbery

– other accomplices ex prison administration

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