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Brian McGrory: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brian McGrory: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory is accused of sending inappropriate textual content messages to a former Boston Globe editor.

The Boston Globe is investigating public accusations on social media of “an inappropriate text exchange” between Globe editor Brian McGrory and former Boston.com editor Hilary Sargent, in accordance to a private memo despatched to staff of the newsroom Wednesday.

McGrory responded to the allegations in a word to employees on Wednesday, claiming that he didn’t recall the change. Nevertheless, McGrory advised the Globe’s house owners that they need to attempt to retrieve the texts “by whatever means possible,” in accordance to the Boston Globe. He stated he and Sargent had dated a few years in the past, when, he stated, they didn’t work collectively.

“I cannot think of a time, not one, when I treated any female colleague with anything but respect,” McGrory stated within the letter. “I have never faced any sort of complaint, formal or informal, whether as a manager or not.”

Right here’s what you want to know:

1. Sargent Posted a Screenshot of a Textual content Trade, Allegedly from a Superior, Asking Sargent what she Wears when Writing

Hilary Sargent

Twitter/Hilary SargentThe textual content trade posted by Hilary Sargent.

Though Sargent attributed the textual content to McGrory, the screenshot didn’t point out the date the textual content trade befell, the names of the individuals corresponding, or the numbers of the members.

In McGrory’s letter, he stated he has “asked Hilary to provide the date and a more complete version of the exchange. She has not addressed my request.”

It by no means happens to males like @GlobeMcGrory (see textual content) that perhaps we truly *are* on the lookout for recommendation about WRITING, that perhaps we do not need to be requested what we’re sporting whereas we write, that perhaps we would like to work, to be journalists. https://t.co/bpA95Mkp5U

— 𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕒𝕣𝕪 𝕤𝕒𝕣𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕥 (@lilsarg) Might 21, 2018

“I can’t believe I have to write these words, but I have never harassed Hilary Sargent or any other women at the Globe or anywhere else – ever,” his assertion learn. “I don’t believe I have ever acted inappropriately with anyone at this company.”

He addressed the truth that he and Sargent sometimes exchanged textual content messages, however continues to declare that they have been harmless in nature: “Months after Hilary left boston.com, we would sometimes exchange text messages that included the kind of personal banter of two people very familiar with each other. I regret that very much for reasons that go far beyond the Globe.”

2. McGrory Vehemently Denies the Allegations, Defending his Document of Hiring and Selling Ladies within the Newsroom and In search of Equal Pay for Ladies

McGrory denies the allegations, claiming in his letter that he has spent his life hiring and selling ladies within the newsroom, in search of equal pay for ladies and treating each lady he encountered on the Globe with respect and decency. He says he has by no means confronted any kind of grievance, “formal or informal, whether as a manager or not.”

“I have consistently put women in leadership positions, such that newsroom management is split equally by gender, with talented women holding many of the most pivotal jobs – managing editor, news editor, innovations editor, Spotlight editor, just to name a few,” his letter said. “I devoted myself to the issue of gender pay equity from the first months that I took this position, and I’m proud to say that in key categories in the newsroom, we have achieved it.”

McGrory additionally talks about making robust selections which have affected ladies within the newsroom, claiming that he has all the time tried to handle the problems with a “basic sense of decency.”

He ends the letter complimenting Sargent regardless of the allegations towards him, saying that he has all the time been keen on Sargent each personally and professionally.

“I have no desire to argue with Hilary Sargent, publicly or privately. In fact, I very much respect her abilities as a journalist. But I do think that it’s important to have the broader context known.”

three. McGrory, a 27-year Boston Globe Journalist, has gained Quite a few Awards for his Work, was a White Home Correspondent Through the Clinton Administration, and has Authored 4 Books

McGrory has been the editor of The Boston Globe for 27-years. In accordance to his bio on the Boston Globe employees record, he was beforehand a Metro columnist and affiliate editor. McGrory was additionally the Globe’s White Home correspondent in the course of the Clinton administration.

“Born and raised in Boston and the region, he has also worked as the Globe’s Metro editor, White House reporter, national reporter, general assignment reporter, and suburban reporter.”

In accordance to Poynter, after being appointed because the editor for the Boston Globe, McGrory launched a press release stating “what I want is more digging, more narrative journalism, more reporting that holds people accountable and more enterprise stories on the front page.”

McGrory was a paperboy for the Globe, in accordance to the New York Occasions, whose mum or dad firm additionally owns the Globe. In accordance to Poynter, Globe writer Chris Mayer praised McGrory’s means to “inspire the talent and attracting and retaining the talent.”

In accordance to Poynter, McGrory stated working at a newspaper is “the only thing I ever wanted to do, and oddly enough the only place I ever wanted to do it was at the Boston Globe.”

McGrory has gained the Scripps-Howard award for commentary and the Sigma Delta Chi award for basic column writing in 2011, in accordance to the bio. McGrory has authored 4 revealed novels and a memoir about his household’s pet rooster.  He went to school at Bates School in Maine and labored for the Patriot Ledger in Quincy, the New Haven Register in Connecticut.

four. The Newsroom was Thought-about a “Boys Club,” Throughout McGrory’s Time Managing, & He Was Additionally Accused of Withholding Names of Globe Staff Suspected of Sexual Harassment

In accordance to WGBH, McGrory was criticized in December 2017 when the paper initially “refused to name one of its own reporters accused of sexual harassment because McGrory said the charges did not rise to a level where naming would be appropriate.”

After the newspaper lastly named the reporter, McGrory launched a press release indicating that he failed to think about the credibility of the Globe.

“While our discussions on the O’Sullivan matter were mostly focused on proof, fairness, and spectrums of misconduct, there’s now a fairly obvious realization that I didn’t focus enough on another very important factor: the Globe’s institutional credibility,” he wrote.

The story, written in December 2017, quoted McGrory as telling the newsroom, “Yes, we’re well aware that by withholding the identity of the reporter involved, we’ll be accused of a double-standard by people and organizations that are not privy to all the facts. I can live with that far more easily than I can live with the thought of sacrificing our values to slake the thirst of this moment.”

Linda Henry, the Globe managing director on the time, stated in that story that the newsroom “had become a boys’ club” and the story studies that administration modifications have been made.

5. McGrory Wrote a Guide About How His Household’s Pet Rooster Buddy Made Him a Man, Though McGrory Claims  that the Rooster Hated His Guts

McGrory isn’t only a seasoned journalist; the writer of 4 novels, considered one of his best-known novels centered round his life after assembly his spouse, her youngsters and her pets – certainly one of which included a really daring rooster that despised McGrory.

“Buddy,” McGrory’s first non-fiction ebook, mixes the comedian aid and familiarity that many pet house owners can relate to with a heartwarming household story. Within the ebook, McGrory’s spouse had Buddy as a chick, who shortly grew into an extremely loud, monstrous, very male rooster. The guide considers Buddy’s perspective of McGrory as a menace to Buddy’s alpha male standing.

“Brian McGrory thought he had it all figured out: a great job, a condo in Back Bay, and his beloved golden retriever Harry by his side,” the books description on Amazon reads. “But after Harry’s death, McGrory’s life as a bachelor takes quite the turn. He falls in love with Harry’s veterinarian Pam, and leaves the city for life in the suburbs with Pam’s family and their two dogs, two cats, two rabbits, and Buddy—the self-assured family rooster who hates Brian’s guts.”

The guide particulars many very lovely descriptions of Boston, the ups and downs of navigating a brand new relationship and household within the suburbs, and the enjoyable however typically hilariously difficult points of being a pet proprietor.

In an interview with the Library Journal, McGrory says that in any case his time acclimating to life with Buddy, he began to take a look at the rooster as a mentor.

“He taught me about patience and satisfaction, and as I learned, he started feeling less threatened. Ultimately, he taught me about transformations and transitions in life.”

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