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Life is Strange will not be released in an episodic format. Besides, life is weird: Before Storm has been reissued.

Let’s start with a new game. Square Enix and Deck Nine (the developers of Before the Storm) have announced that Life is Strange True Colors which will be available in three different formats. The standard version costs $60, the deluxe version $70 and the ultimate version $80. The deluxe version will include both the base game and the exclusive Wavelength bonus story. Take on the role of Steph, one year before Alex arrives in Haven Springs, in a separate story about the iconic Rocky Mountain Record Traders and radio station KRCT. (It will be released after Life is Strange: True Colors.) There will also be an exclusive Life is Strange hero outfit pack: change Alex’s look with four new outfits inspired by heroes from the past. The pack includes clothing inspired by Chloe’s Skull Misfit, Sean’s Wolf Squad, Daniel’s Space Mission and Max’s Jane Doe outfits, with one outfit available to Alex in each chapter of the main game. The Ultimate Edition will include them all, as will Life is strange remastered and Life is Strange: Before Storm recovers.

Here’s a report on the match: Alex Chen must use his elusive psychic powers of empathy to uncover the truth about his brother’s death.  A bold new era of the award-winning game Life is Strange begins with an all-new playable character and an exciting mystery to solve! Alex Chen has long since suppressed her curse: the supernatural ability to sense, absorb, and manipulate the strong emotions of others, which she sees as colorful, glowing auras. When her brother is killed in an alleged accident, Alex must use her volatile powers to find out the truth – and uncover the dark secrets buried in the small town.

Stop by the booth of Steph, KRCT’s new radio host: Haven’s best and only radio station. Over four seasons, you’ll learn more about Steph’s past and their relationship as she enrolls in a record store, reveals her secrets, and decides on her future. You’re the DJ: Selecting records for the playlist, promoting the Libs in local ads and helping Steph write an original song. Give D20 advice to people with serious or everyday problems, organise a role play and get in touch with an old friend.

Swipe left or right across Steph’s dating app matches and join Steph as she reminisces about the past of the next Pride. Watch as the record store changes over the course of the season as Steph confirms her identity, and discover hidden history and surprising spaces as you travel. Hits from Girl in Red, Alt-J, Portugal, The Man, Foals, Hayley Kiyoko, Maribou State and more set the tone for Steph’s journey, all emotionally charged, writes SQUARE ENIX

Life is strange: True Colors will be released on the 10th. September comes out on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 (PS4>PS5 upgrade will be free), Xbox One and Google Stadia (why?). We’ve already mentioned that Life is Strange Remastered (Steam), and Life is Strange: Before the storm settles down. They will be released later this fall on the same platforms, offline, as the Life is Strange Remastered Collection These games include remastered renderings of characters and environments, greatly improved character animations using Full Face Mucap technology, updated and improved game puzzles, and improvements to the engine and lighting.

Source: Hematsu, Hematsu, AGD.

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