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Birthday 22nd of February, 2005
Location of Birth Colombia, Valle del Cauca, Cali
Nationality Colombian
Residency Colombia, Valle del Cauca, Cali
Girlfriend / Boyfriend Unknown
Study Unknown
Instagram @linda caicedo11
Height 1.62 meters (5 ft 3.75 in)
Weight 50 kilos (110 lbs)
Tattoos Linda is a tattoo-free woman.
Smoking Never
Brother / Sister Kelly is Linda’s younger sister.
Father & Mother Herlinda Alegria is her mother’s name, while her father’s name is unknown.
Religion Christianity
Color of Hair Black
Eye Color Black
Estimated net worth (approx.) $10,000


Linda Caicedo is the youngest player we’ve ever covered on This sixteen-year-old Colombian has lit a fire under Colombian women’s football, and we’ve taken notice. This young striker plays for Deportivo Cali Femenino in Colombia’s elite women’s football tournament, the Colombian Professional Women’s Soccer League. Linda has inked a contract with the Cali-based squad for the 2020 season. She had previously been contracted with América de Cali. The club, however, communicated with Linda Caicedo’s parents after they won the championship with them. However, owing to her exorbitant financial demands, an agreement could not be reached to extend the attacker’s contract with their institution. She joined with Deportivo Cali after becoming a free agent. Since then, Linda has been with them.

Linda Caicedo Wiki, Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Salary & Net WorthLinda Caicedo, the youngest player ever covered on, may be found on Instagram.

Boyfriend or girlfriend for Linda Caicedo?

Linda Caicedo originally came to prominence as a fourteen-year-old soccer player. She’s come a long way since then. Football is the whole focus of this young woman’s life. Linda isn’t the kind of girl who would give up her talent for the sake of a relationship. But not for the time being, at least. The young lady is dedicated to her trade and is constantly improving her skills. Linda’s next natural step would be to join a European club as soon as possible. We’ve heard that teams around the continent are waiting for her to become eighteen before signing her. If that is the case, we believe she will have to wait another two years to find a suitable spouse. It would also be much more suitable for us to discuss her romantic life at that time.

1635861134_299_Boyfriend-or-Girlfriend-Family-Salary-Net-Worth-BirthdayShe’s found her stride in life’s balancing act. — courtesy of Instagram

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Who is Linda Caicedo dating right now?

Linda Caicedo is now unattached and unattached. She has no relationship history, and we are certain that this adolescent is not married.

Family: Parents & Siblings

Linda Lizeth Caicedo Alegra was born in Cali, Colombia, on February 22, 2005. Her parents are both Colombians, and she has been interested in football since she was a child. Her father enrolled her on a males’ team, where she developed her talents. Linda’s next assignment was with a Cauca Valley-based team. Linda’s skill wasn’t going to keep her there indefinitely. She quickly became a member of América de Cali’s women’s team. Linda Caicedo made her first-team debut earlier than she planned. As they say, the rest is history. Kelly, this footballer’s sister, is also a fan of the game.

1635861135_539_Boyfriend-or-Girlfriend-Family-Salary-Net-Worth-BirthdayLinda has surpassed her family’s expectations. — courtesy of Instagram

Linda Caicedo Salary & Net Worth

Linda Caicedo, an Adidas athlete, switched from her favorite club (América de Cali) to their opponents in search of greater opportunities. She was well aware of her value and didn’t hesitate to ask for it. With her deal, the German sportswear behemoth has a winner on its hands. This enthralling assailant is also active on Social Media and isn’t afraid to put herself out there. Her marketability will most certainly rise as the world learns more about her. Linda’s net worth is at about $10,000.

Linda Caicedo’s net worth is unknown.

1635861136_605_Boyfriend-or-Girlfriend-Family-Salary-Net-Worth-BirthdayLinda is unconcerned about the financial situation. She’s certain it’ll find her. — courtesy of Instagram

When Deportivo Cali was able to sign this young star from one of their rivals, they were ecstatic. They were more than willing to give her the money she desired and deserved. This sixteen-year-old athlete is predicted to earn $12,000 each year, or around $1000 per month. Given her age and playing experience, this is a significant accomplishment.

Linda Caicedo’s Unknown Facts

  • Did you know Linda Caicedo had a fantastic first season as a professional? In her debut season, she tied for the league’s top goal scorer with Cortulua’s Joemar Guarecuco with seven goals.
  • In the second leg of the final, her goal against Independiente Medellin was the game-winner for America de Cali.
  • Linda Caicedo holds the records for being the league’s youngest player, scoring the most goals, and being nominated for best player of the year.

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